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  1. I can't find it in the thread titles...so sorry if this a repeat. Can someone please explain grip switching?
  2. Looks like SDC will be my new home for the 09 season! Thanks for all of your support and help! Blues K~
  3. katzg08

    Katie 2

  4. Thanks guys! It looks like Skydive Chicago is closed for the season but I'll certainly check it out when it warms up again.
  5. I currently jump at IVPC in Illinois. And no, I have not been told of any issues regarding my exits, tracking, awareness. The only issues I had in training were going forwards and backwards and then flips, but I passed my check dive on the first try. Anyone know of a good central IL DZ?
  6. Well, needless to say I am a bit frustrated. It took me 33 jumps to get my A license because of some repeat jumps. I now have 52 jumps and every jump between 33 and 52 have been solos. I jump at a smaller drop zone and am the only newer jumper, they next lowest jumper has about 400 jumps. Since we are a Cesna Drop Zone they get their 4 or 6 ways together and I'm always "stuck" by myself. I have asked people if they would do a 2 or 3 way with me, but they always say they are "working on something" with a group already. I have offered to buy jumps for up jumpers so that I would get some training, but they too have turned me down. My only hope to jump is if a 4 way gets out of the 206 so I can squeeze in as well. I have talked to the DZO about this but he just blew me off. Is it time to throw in the towel? I love skydiving, but I don't even want to go to the DZ anymore because I hate all the rejection. (Did I note, I'm a super cute blonde, so it's not the looks...lol) I feel like I'm never going to learn anything! Suggestions?