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  1. DougH

    Cessna shhhhhh!

    I kinda like the noise, ever since I started skydiving I haven't had to listen to my SO as much. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat??? What did you say honey, I can't hear you.
  2. DougH

    VISO is here???

    Is it still going to be both an audible and a visual. Obviously it can't function as an audible while in free fall, and still be viewable, but I wonder if it will do canopy alarms like the optima?
  3. DougH


    I have one, although I didn't buy the jump track software. Kinda bugs me that it isn't included, like selling a printer without ink or a cable. The backlight is nice for night jumps. The device does a really good job at logging the time, speed, and altitude each second. It is pretty cool to play back the jump in real time and see where you gained speed, or slowed down. You can watch the canopy deploy and snivel during the play back. It is super comfortable, and fits super well on your hand. The offset numbers make it a cinch to read. What I dont like: The wrist strap is way too long. It also makes me uneasy that is "zeros itself", the manual is very unclear about how it self zeros, for example how long do you have to be at a given alt for it to zero. I wish it had an audible feature for canopy alerts, I also wish there was more precise marking from 1000 -0, you can eyeball it but i like the way the galaxy altimeters I used before were marked 1000, 900, 800, 700, etc. Otherwise I am very happy with it at 5 jumps, I will update if I change my mind down the road.
  4. Looks like a f111 canopy that was abused by students like me, sans lines to me.
  5. DougH

    Cat Pee?

    Were you eating cooked cat by diner time? I would have been!!!!!!!!
  6. DougH


    Because jumping out of airplanes, and the people that I have met who do the same, together are the one thing that has really been missing my whole life. I have never met better people, and I have never been as happy in life as I am now that I am jumping!!!!