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  1. Time Left: 6 days and 13 hours

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    Selling this closet queen Katana 150 with 200 to 300 jumps. Bought it as part of a full rig from the first owner but I have never flown it as it's too aggressive for my skills. Still very crispy, no patches and no holes. DOM 2008. Located in Skydive Dubai or Skydive Abu Dhabi. I will ship worldwide the same day. The canopy is in mint condition and the lines have some life left as you can see in the pictures. It has been recently inspected by the rigger in Skydive Dubai and I have not taken it out of the bag since. Rigger's video inspection can be shared upon request. I would consider exchanging it for a less aggressive 150 canopy.



  2. Thank you for the information. The fact that they scratch is quite a bummer but I guess they all do eventually
  3. Protection, durability, weight and design. In that order. In Europe they are becoming more and more popular and people seem to love them, therefore looking for someone that already owns one. Unfortunately their lead time is 2 months
  4. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad helmet. It’s german manufacturing, therefore quite normal you have not heard of it in the US. it’s the only helmet I know with a carbon fiber shell (considering the G2 is not built anymore). you should check it out
  5. Hi, question to those out there with a Skyhelmet Fujin. How is the helmet for skydiving in terms of visibility, weight, comfort, etc. Does it have audible pockets? Planning on getting one due to the carbon fiber shell but there is not much information on the internet.