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  1. On my very first AFF jump, I forgot to flare when i came in to land, but I PLF'ed and my AFFI's came running over because they thought I had at least broken one leg or something. I got up, brushed myself off and said "son of a bitch, I forgot to flare didnt I...", laughed and then walked to the trailer as they stood there and looked and couldn't help but laugh too.. I def. used it after that, not too many times, but it definitely comes in handy when things don't pan it the way you intend them to upon landing
  2. I personally think that you're making an over-generalization about the sport and the social aspect and that just because people fly in tunnels means that they aren't social. Maybe i'm incorrect in what you're trying to say and don't seem to understand.... This is my opinion and my reply to you, take it however you want. I went through AFF when there wasn't a tunnel here in Colorado. I still went and flew in the Vegas tunnel to improve my skills. The idea of having a tunnel for training is awesome. Had I not gone to Vegas, I would've spent EVEN MORE money re-doing levels to try to diagnose a problem for 45 sec. - 1 minute of every jump. I'm in skydiving because I like it, I like the challenge of the sport, and most importantly the friends that I've made, IN SKYDIVING AND THE TUNNEL. Everyone has their own reasons as previously said. Am I looking to compete at some point in the future, quite possibly. So why not supplement that and increase my skills by going to fly in something that simulates freefall and that will make me that much sharper and more precise in my movements? That's like criticizing a commercial airline pilot in training for using the flight simulator instead of just going out and flying the real thing in different situations. If you actually gave it a chance, you'd see that the same friends you can make at the DZ, you can make at the tunnel as well. I have MANY friends who jump and work at the tunnel with me, we do both. So I disagree with you when you say this: And for myself, I personally have never and probably won't jump during the winter. I already don't like the cold as it is (even though I've lived in the north all my life). So having a wind tunnel around so I can still socialize and fly and keep my skills up to par is definitely better than sitting on my ass doing nothing and not seeing my friends for 6 months. A windtunnel (at least ours and few others that I know) is nothing more than a DZ indoors. Except no plane and no rigs. Give it a chance at least and then if you don't like it, criticize it all you want. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  3. I agree unless you are speaking about the use of the code... in that case keep in mind that she is speaking about a time before text messaging... Oh I know that, i'm talking about using it period instead of doing to a persons face. The fact that txt messaging wasn't used at that time makes her particular case even worse.. Same thing as breaking up via text msg, but even more spineless because he wrote it on some paper in code and gave it to her. Still no excuse in my opinion. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  4. only friends.... it's a code basically... each number can represent 3 or 4 and generally the letters can only combine to form a few or one word... it's how the iTap or T9 works to speed up typing using a numberpad on a mobile phone... That is one of the lamest and dumbest things I've ever seen...seriously...anyone who uses that to send a message needs to be drug out into the street and shot... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  5. You have every right to be pissed off. My last girlfriend of 10 months did that. She claimed that "she couldn't hear the voice of someone she was hurting." Are you fucking kidding me?? You're better off, and its her loss man. Count your blessings and go out and play the single scene for awhile.... For that reason is why i'm not currently looking for any type of relationship here in Colorado. i wanted to start with a clean slate in a new city with new women. I'm not in a rush to be in a relationship, I have the rest of my life for i'm enjoying being single It sucks and it'll suck for a little longer, not gonna lie, but you'll move on. Just don't dwell on her. Any girl who doesn't have the guts to come say it to your face or at LEAST call you, doesn't deserve your time or thoughts or feelings... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  6. Well it depends on your personal preference. I'm biased towards Xbox because its what I have. The graphics, the games and everything about it are phenomenal. I've also found a new game that is better than HALO in its own way - Assassin's Creed. Just get'll thank me later. PS3, i've played a few times and its cool, but I just happen to like xbox better. Nothing wrong with it, but like i said, biased towards xbox. I've played Wii extensively as my friends have one and I LOVE IT. It's a new type of game play and its always fun to play in a group (Mario Party 8 is the tits!) and its just something new because its motion sensored. I'm def. gonna get that system as well. I'd say, if you like Mario on 64, then you're gonna love the Wii. I'd say get the Wii (as its cheapest out of the bunch) and it has sick, amazing games...then get a 360. Just my .02 - let us know what you get...maybe i'll try to come over and play too haha Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  7. Yeah my cell phone does that, just found that out after i called in an accident for my friend. it goes into "Network GPS mode" and makes this cool little sound and shows a map of where they are relative to my location...never knew my phone did that...ha Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  8. Yeah I play on poker stars as well....but never had the chance to play w/ the other dz.comers yet Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  9. Hey!! I am too laid just depends on what your definition of laid back is and what the situation i'm not that big Hmmm the sushi place that you me burge and laura went to? I could ask him, we were talking about it the other day. I dont really think it had a name, I just remember it was next to an Amish Furniture Store and to that weird cult store where there was a triangle on the wall with an eye and people sitting around the table with no emotion. Ha Definitely not high strung....borderline crazy probably though. I get pretty excited about stuff and just overall, so high energy and enthusiastic is a perfect way of describing it
  10. And if you end up hanging out with me, you don't have to get long as everyone is havin' a good time, that's what matters...but excuse me i'm downin' shots However, if you end up comin to hang with me and Jewels and the rest of the tunnel staff and the other "extended family"....well, that is a WHOLE different story haha Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  11. Dude, Colorado is fucking sick. It's no Vegas, but its also completely different experience. You'll love it here. I know tons of peeps in the springs and the tunnel is here too (remember?
  12. Sorry, when i say the majority, its mostly the students and a few adults. The general populace is cool. I have no problem with trash talking at all, and I feed off of it with you guys. I just feel like I've met the group that has the assholes in it mostly. Thanks. I don't generalize and try not to, its just my experience with OSU fans has never been positive or "just in good fun." It's resulted in full cans of beer getting throw at me and my friends when we go there, my dad getting hit in the head walking down the street w/ me there, getting spit on, having our Bo Schembechler ribbons torn off of us last year there and so on... I'm sure there are more fans like yourself (and I hope there is). You're one of the people that gives OSU fans a positive spin and isn't the asshole. But i do enjoy the rivarly side of it and trash talking Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  13. Knock yourself out. Tomorrow I go back to my classy and elegant Michigan logo, and deposit this OSU crap in the toilet, where it belongs. Don PLFKING, my hats off to you bro. I wouldve vomited repeatedly if I had to change my avatar to that garbage. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit for you after looking at it again... I also had an experience this past weekend back in Michigan for the game that makes me further believe that OSU fans have no class. Anyone who gets the nerve to drop the n-bomb to me or any other racial slur is trash in my book. I broke the kids nose...and by good reason Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  14. What a perfect world. I got excited just reading that.... 27. Steak and Blowjob day (March 14th for those who didn't know) would be an actual National Holiday. And it would be celebrated every month. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  15. I can't WAIT for the 24 hour Christmas Story Marathon on TBS they show every year....I've seen it 1000 times but I end up watching it over and over and over and over and over again... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  16. I wanted to see what everyone else might be thankful for.. I'm thankful for more than a few things: 1. God for putting me here in CO and waking me up everyday. 2. My job. I still can't believe i'm in the real world working and having actual responsibility. I like what I do, and I feel like my life is heading in the right direction. Even though I hate paying bills, having the ability and money to pay them, still amazes me. 3. My family. They're amazing and even though I have no family in Colorado whatsoever, they still make the effort to make sure I feel loved and they haven't forgotten about me. Without their support, I wouldn't be here. 4a. My Colorado friends. They've made me feel more than welcomed and have helped me get acclimated to living out here, esp. with no family. 4b. My Michigan/Graduating friends. Even though we are now miles apart, when we meet, its as if we never skipped a beat. Especially this past weekend back in Michigan when an OSU fan decided to call me the n-word and having 10 of my friends back me up and defend me. 5. My health and those I've taken advice from personally and on here as well too.
  17. All of this is ridiculous.... If your toilet paper goes under, you hate children, America and like terrorists. That's right... My TP is always over....just like Mr. T Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  18. DAMNIT How did I miss this thread....let me get my popcorn and grab a seat... *runs to grab popcorn* you were
  19. Flying back to Michigan tomorrow until Sunday to see all my friends and everything and then go to the Michigan - Ohio State game in the student section in the front row... HELL YEAH Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  20. Sweet! Thanks to everyone who has given input so far, I really appreciate it, seriously... I do have some more questions though... 1. Do I need a reptile vet or is a regular vet good too? Should I have him checked out the minute I get him and how expensive will that be? 2. Peregrine, if there are no local rescues, what should I look for? And this is for everyone too, not just Peregrine. I addressed it to her because she originally stated it... Anyways, if there are no rescues, isn't a dealer who breeds them captively the next best thing? Awesome idea about swimming too, i'll be sure to try that when I get him. As far as light fixtures, is there one that's better than another?? And Jewels, you'll have to get used to it, because he/she will become my new little buddy and if the weather is good enough, I'll probably take them around with me. Including the tunnel... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  21. So I thought I remember hearing a few people say that they've owned one before. I am getting one from a dealer (I know not to get it from the pet store) and trying to prepare before I actually get him. Is there anything any previous owner's recommend? Any snake owners, not just ball python owners, advice is welcomed.. Also can any suggest a good escape proof tank and heating pad? Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  22. Getting some sleep is such a pain in the butt! HEY! Where are the Halloween pics?!
  23. Then don't read her posts and ignore it. Problem solved. Anyways, I LIKE THE WAY YOUR POSTS ARE ACME!!! My week has been crazy busy so I haven't been to the gym much this week. But I try to do small workouts at home when i'm there. I've been traveling as well, so that is not making it any easier. Trying to stay motivated, but its tough right now with everyone on my plate and 1 million things going on.... Next week will be long as I can go to sleep at a decent time as well too Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  24. Dude find your happy place. Mine is very similar to that of Happy Gilmore with midgets on tricycles and girls lacey panties and bras from victorias secret with pitchers of beer on hand that never ends......while skydiving...ha Seriously though there's nothing wrong with hating the human race at times...sometimes the stupidity of people amazes me as well, so i feel ya... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  25. Second that... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----