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  1. Then why haven't you done so? I'll take this to a PM and save everyone else the trouble of reading more bullshit... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  2. BAHAHAHAAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH I wouldve lost it....I bet you loved every minute and slowly kept reliving it, just dying laughing... Nice job...hahaahahaahaha That's why if you gonna have the balls to drop a story like that, you do the research BEFOREHAND and makes sure you have your facts straight....or just get downright embarrased like RkyMtn did to this guy...hahaahahah Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  3. Hahah And thanks for the comment....that means alot...not an instructor yet but working my way up and hopefully soon, so once you get a chance to visit, maybe i'll be at that point... I know I came on strong, but I pick on and treat these kids as if they're in my own family....and when someone has a problem or says something negative about my friends (who are nothing more than extended family to me) doesn't go over well with me. I agree with Rehmwa 1000% as well not trying to play the tough guy role but trying to be real and let people know how I felt about it and how ridiculous some of the talk was.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  4. I've refused to jump in at this point because it wasn't too bad of a conversation until, like Tunnelmom said, people started generalizing. 1. Don't put unfair rationalizations and generalizations on these kids who have tunnel time and can fly HD and do all this other. They are are picking on children. Does saying "what will their impact on the ground be" make you feel like a better person or skydiver? 2. 95% of the people who post on these boards probably haven't worked with some of these kids. I interact with the kids in kid's league here in CO AND Tunnelmom's kids on a weekly, if not almost daily basis. You have not met them and therefore can't say shit about them. As Hooknswoop posted MUCH earlier in a different thread, THESE KIDS LISTEN FAR BETTER AND WORK MUCH HARDER than most skydivers I know personally and have come across. With some of the attitudes on this board, I wouldn't want Justin or Kayla flying with any of you. That's the problem with the sport. People make judgements about shit they have no fucking clue about and its starting to piss me the fuck off. If ANYONE has anything negative to say about these kids or how they will be when they turn 18, keep it to yourself or you can bring it to me. At SVCO, ALL the kids (including tunnelmom's) have an interest in going further in the sport. They have met great skydivers who have had a positive impact on them and they watch the tunnel staff (who the majority are skydivers/instructors) and I think they do look up to us for guidance and such... The last thing we should be doing is tearing down other people, kids or anyone else. Support them or honestly shut up. I'm sorry but I'm just sick of people bashing these kids for no reasons when they don't even know them or their personalities. They're just JEALOUS (yes i said it....JEALOUS) because these kids are great tunnel flyers and have the ability to become great skydivers. You will have a problem with me if I hear these kids getting bad-mouthed, but in essence I hope it makes your skydiving egos feel better about bashing 11 year olds. They aren't claiming to know everything about skydiving or anything at all, unlike some people I know on these boards. They are kids. Period. Either cheer them on and support them and come fly with them if you have a chance, or don't say anything at all. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  5. Just a view from the opposite side of someone who bought (and is still in the process of paying for) a new rig. I wanted to get used gear at first and took everyone's advice, but also you have to look at yourself and what you want. Everyone says "you'll only use it for the first 200 or so jumps...etc" and that may be true, but just because everyone else did it that way, doesn't mean you have to do so. I chose to buy new gear because I'm huge and couldn't find used gear to fit me and I looked for at least a good year and half or two....and didn't find anything I liked. However I like the idea of my gear fitting me and me wanting to use it for a long time. I also didn't just go out and jump on the most popular rig choice. I talked to 3 or 4 of my friends who are riggers and had them help me with my decision. I have a new Pilot canopy and will have my new Wings container soon. They are letting me make payments because of financial troubles i was having a being a new grad w/ loans and crap to pay off, which is awesome of them.... Nothing wrong with used gear at all, but getting new gear isn't the devil either....ultimately its up to you...IMO, the choice b/w used or new won't make or break your skydiving...a bad choice in size or something along those lines might though... Just make sure you do EXTENSIVE research whichever route you go....if I biff my landing and my rig gets what....its part of the sport. It's gonna happen sooner or later.... And for anyone who wants to flame me for saying buying new gear isn't that bad....I am 6'5, 250 lbs (not exit weight) Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  6. Oh yeah I forgot legs. On days when i have cardio, I try to go easy on legs, but I usually do at least 2 leg workouts every session too. As far as cardio is, the reason for the 3 min. rest is because your with that type of stride, it gets my heartrate up to about 93% and if you were to keep going at that pace, oxygen det would come sooner rather than later... I should also clarify, when I say 3 min rest, I don't mean stepping off the elliptical and getting back on. During the 3 minutes i put the level from 10 back down to 4 and keep going at a normal pace and then once the 3 min. is up, i crank it up back up to level 10 and put my strides back at 220+ again.....sorry i shouldve made that more clear. I'm reading these two training books and one is all about high intensity workouts and at least for bulk, the 30 sec. between sets and the 2-3 min. b/w machines is optimal for me. It gives your muscles enough time to come back down with overworking them. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  7. Wow Jenn, Your post couldn't come at a more perfect time. I've never really understood how people can be depressed around the holidays. I mean, I just never could grasp how its possible.....until this year. My parents are worried but my dad told me to make sure I go out and spend money on myself or do something fun. Being on my own for the first time and with money being tight right now due me still adjusting and getting settled, I'm not able to fly home this christmas/holiday to spend it with my family. I have a few family members here in CO, but I've never met them and to me that's just awkward to me to spend christmas with them when I know nothing about them, even if they are family. My family being in PA, it costs about $700 for a plane ticket right now which is not doable whatsoever. This is the first time I won't be home for christmas and it sucks. I finally understood this year why depression abounds during the holiday season, because you guys are right. You look around and see everyone else with their family and you long for that same feeling and happiness. But my goal is not to focus on it too much and just think about it as another day. I'm going to go buy a charlie brown christmas tree and make my apartment a little more christmas-like. Thanks for posting that though....definitely puts things in perspective. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  8. My workouts are still going as scheduled. Even with work getting crazy the past few weeks/month, I find that being able to find a routine is much easier than trying to do so in college. I've been working out consistently for about 5 months now and its starting to show alot more. I've started to add more intensity to my workouts as I do my cardio (which is now strictly the elliptical trainer, more on that later). Usually, today, M and W, I'll do chest, bi's, tri's and lats and then T, Thu, F, I'll do back, lats, traps, shoulders, and bi's I will usually mix some of it up too and may do more workouts from one group than another. Also I don't do six days but my workouts change during the week depending on the day/work schedule, but I always get at least 4 days in....I also don't workout on set days so my body doesn't get used to a routine and I start to plateau, but when I change it up, I always make sure I get enough rest as well. During my workouts I've set up a program on my iPod where I give myself 30 sec. of rest in between each set. When that 30 sec. is up, the music changes. In between machines, I give myself 2-3 min. rest. This usually keeps me working pretty hard. As for cardio, i'm still getting into the same high intensity workout my trainer showed me. 10 min warmup (quick start) 1 min. on level 10-11 with my strides staying above 220 strides/minutes 3 minute rest 1 minute on level 10 w/ strides at 220 3 minute rest 1 minute on level 10 w/ strides at 220 3 min. rest 1 minute on level 10 w/ strides at 220 3 min. rest 1 minute on level 10 w/ strides at 220 5 min cool down It fucking sucks....not gonna lie. It helps with music though and once you start, you're motivated to the finish. I mainly stick to this because I get a great workout and its gets my heartrate up and down which is awesome. I was doing the upright bike, but my trainer said its not the most effective workout becuase its only made for people who are below 6'1. Big surprise, i'm too big for something.... So that's how my stuff is going now. I'm gonna check out the winter class selection once the list comes out and will probably join some kind of class. Don't know which one yet as my gym has over 200 of them. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  9. I actually think it looks fun too....Peter i'm down to do it with ya
  10. Mine's a fox....that actually works on many different levels for me Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  11. I want to see it and it sounds like people enjoyed i'll def. go see it this week In the meantime, here's mine: Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  12. Fell off a bit with cardio for about a month because someone stole my iPod and going to the gym w/o my iPod is incredibly difficult as i do everything to music....especially working out. BUT, i stayed with the gym part of it at least. Work has also gotten way busier, but i've switched my workouts to the afternoon now instead of the morning because of a switch-up in the work schedule. However, my strength has started to increase in a much greater proportion, particularly in the areas of my chest, lats, traps, and upper back. I'm squatting about 320 lbs right now as well too...which isn't much but a step up from where I was. I also bought a brand new iPod classic yesterday and will be starting back with cardio tomorrow
  13. I saw that, haven't used it, have you? Is it any good? I signed on the other day...its kind of weird to get used to because your entire buddy list is there now, but its cool. I use Gchat all the time, and I love it...I talk on here with a certain other dz.comer quite often Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  14. I just bought a Black 80 GB classic to replace my U2 edition that got stolen 4 weeks ago... Yeah I bought it about 30 sec. ago and i'm pretty excited for it.... Depends on how many songs and stuff you have...i have 3000+ songs and growing, so I need the space.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  15. That's an awesome picture and very cute... How YOU doin??? Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  16. 1. People who take the elevator to the 2nd floor in ANY building...i mean seriously...come on 2. SHORT people who take the exit row in airlines, which then forces my 6'5" ass to try to fit in a normal seat and then the person in front of me decides they want to recline their seat the entire time and can't because the seatback is at my knees. 3. People who are too gutless and spineless to break up to your face and resort to the "text message breakup" 4. People who whine and bitch about their situations but sit there and don't do anything to help themselves or to find help 5. Girls who go to the club to "hang out with their girls or their friends" dressed in mini-skirts, tank tops, halter tops, knee high boots and 4 lbs of makeup on.. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  17. Quite a few, more from recent months though.. The first is of a 4-way sit fly from this past summer here in CO, my f**** 4-way sit at that too... The second is of a sunset behind my apartment one day in october...I took a bunch like these The third is of my friends and I in Cancun this past summer having a great time and sweating my ass off in the club from dancing.... The 4th is my first business trip in California to launch Worldview and the last one is our entire group pregaming in the hotel room playing a game called "Humper" (similar to Thumper if you've seen Beer Fest)...we all decided to do random sexual poses... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  18. Just how often do the blankets and pillows get cleaned anyway? I always bring my own because I don't trust that they are clean and you just never know what people do under those blankets. i got a hand job under one of those blankets once. That's definitely the last time I use a blanket on any plane.....but good for you ::thumbs up:: Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  19. To be home with my family instead of missing my first christmas with them in 23 years because plane tickets back to pittsburgh are $700 Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  20. psipike02

    What do you do?

    I was born in Lansing, Michigan. Then moved to North Carolina, South Carolina, and then to Texas where I lived until I was 8 and the moved to Pennsylvania. I went to school in Michigan and just graduated in April 07 and I now live in Colorado. Hopefully I'll be going to Grad school at CU Boulder and getting a master's (possible PhD) in aerospace engineering and an MBA. I work as a Systems Integration and Test Engineer for Ball Aerospace and also work the front counter at Skyventure Colorado. My ultimate goal in life is to be accepted into the astronaut candidacy program and work for NASA. I also have a few side aspirations of becoming an AFF instructor at some point, opening my own nightclub and getting into modeling and/or acting. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  21. There's at least 4 from the first two sections that I can do and get away with and probably 3 from the last... Now at the tunnel, I'm probably gonna try all of these... Let the games begin Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  22. Damnit...I got so excited when I read the title. That is false advertising and its bullshit. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  23. 160...not too bad Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  24. Don't worry, they actually didn't make the changes. I'm studying for it as well and they decided not to go through with the changes, so no worries there. They did say they are adding ONE new question to verbal and quantitative for each student, so thats all you should see. As for the test itself: Verbal Reasoning — The skills measured include the test taker's ability to * analyze and evaluate written material and synthesize information obtained from it * analyze relationships among component parts of sentences * recognize relationships between words and concepts Quantitative Reasoning — The skills measured include the test taker's ability to * understand basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis * reason quantitatively * solve problems in a quantitative setting Analytical Writing — The skills measured include the test taker's ability to write essays basically. There will be one argumentative essay and one general essay where you will have to talk about your opinion but not agree or disagree with it. Your score starts out average (at 500). Each question you get right, your score goes up and the questions get harder. Each question you get wrong, the question goes back down and gets easier, but your score falls as well. The questions are usually broken into thirds (score-wise), the first third of the questions in each section are worth more than the second 1/3 and so on for the third part as well. Obviously keep scratch paper and use it. There are no calculators or anything, so bring lots of it. Make sure you spell check your essay and that it makes sense. Hopefully that wasn't too much info...if you have more questions, just PM me. GOOD LUCK!!! I haven't taken it officially but have taken practice tests. Its WAY easier than the SAT, but they ask questions in a fucked up careful, go slow (but not too slow), and double check everything...
  25. So my friends and I are considering going to Vegas for NYE. Has anyone ever been or anyone live in that area make recommendations based on clubs or parties or what its like in general? Is it true they turn the streets into a huge block party after midnight??? Any help is appreciated if anyone knows... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----