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  1. I agree.....and not gonna lie, I still thinks she's attractive (to a certain point) and I'd still hit it if I had the chance.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  2. Where do I suit up at? And good luck trying to get me to come back... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  3. I noticed this when I went onto the Verizon site this morning to look at new phones. I know its no iPhone, but it still looks like a pretty nice phone. I think they tried their best to make it not look like the iPhone since it flips open to the keyboard, but the front screen seems like a dead giveaway. Still looks like a really nice phone and its going on my list of considerations... Check it out: Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  4. I consider myself in the Outgoing category, but have had some of my friends and others call me a Freak.... I think Freak fits...ha Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  5. Pssshhhhh..... Speak for yourself there Ms. New Booty ......Obviously kidding....we'd be glad to have you down, as long as Jewels is willing to LEAVE the tunnel for a bit to let others enjoy it too Jewels, you know I heart you.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  6. I believe you . . . this once! Okay, yes, I know you would. I still don't believe it. I have yet to see. But I see how it is, you'll come to tunnel to see Jewels, but you won't come to see me....didn't those hours of Adult League last year mean anything to you? Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  7. Come to the tunnel, I'll be working there friday...i'm sure we can "coax" Jewels into making an appearance there too Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  8. HAHAHA annnnddd Diablo is my new favorite person Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  9. These past few weeks have been tough as I am trying to adjust to a new work schedule and trying to balance my part-time job with it. Missed about 6 days of working out, but went back last thursday (which was the 6th day) and hit it hard that day and friday. I was in chicago this weekend until yesterday. I won't be able to go for long today, but will go before having to go work at the tunnel. Tomorrow should be back to normal.....hoping that I haven't lost anything Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  10. That's your bad for taking theory. I took Advanced math for engineers, Partial Diff Eq, and Differential Geometry...ha... Those were bad, and that was the end of me taking any more math in college. Yeah I stayed away from theory crap to be comp sci haa Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  11. Unfortunately that doesn't tell me how to determine the probability that I'm going to kill at least 1 person if the average person kills two people assuming a standard deviation of .5 and a sample population of 50 people. SEE!! You've obviously learned something, when you can apply mathematical formulas to how you're gonna kill something, you're better off than you thought... Math isn't that bad, with the exception of Calc 4 - Diff Eq. I hate that shit and felt the same way you did while taking I feel your pain, just in a different way and different class
  12. Oh wow. Blue Skies Tonto, thanks for your PM's and your help when I needed it. You're in a better, happier place now. Losing one of your own in this sport is ALWAYS hard, regardless if you ever had the chance to meet them in person Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  13. I agree....if you look hot in them....COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Yeah well they keep the skeet out of my eyes too. Hahaha see they're hot on you AND they serve a purpose!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  14. I agree....if you look hot in them....COMPLETELY DIFFERENT We mostly used our term for the girls who were 5'4 and wore Uggs (dont even get me started on those) and had the big sunglasses in the middle of winter... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  15. Well, here I am, a little after or almost a year later since you left. I want you to know that I miss you buddy. I almost didn't come to colorado just because I thought it would be harder because I knew everytime anything related to Colorado would come up, all the memories would come flooding back. The remaining semester at school was incredibly difficult to deal with, especially the fact that the last time I talked to you as Kristen held the phone to your ear, was the day before my flight was supposed to leave to come out to see you. You are a great friend and I know you're watching out for me every single day, but sometimes I still can't believe that you're actually gone. I've taken everything you taught me last summer and locked it away. Every now and then I get this voice that tells me when I'm doing something stupid and ironically it sounds like you...but I also hear it when something awesome happens too... Time has helped, but some days are harder than others. I can't be more thankful for the friends I gained not only through jumping but by knowing you as well. Every now and then you'll cross my thoughts and I'll look up at the sky wherever I am and a smile will come across my face because I know you're better off now and you're just waiting for the rest of us to get there an manifest with you. I talk to your mom and Kristen as much as I can, and even found your Victoria's email and your dad's and passed on my thoughts and photos to them. Anyways, just wanted to say that even though you're my boy and its tough to think about you being gone, I know that you're right beside, watching, and helping me get through everything. I miss you buddy.... Carl Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  16. Most of the sorority girls I'm friends with from school or in general wear them. My fraternity bros and I dubbed a name for them: Skeet Shields If you need clarification on what skeet means, let me know.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  17. I like to throw out "the shocker" as a pose in pictures and even was caught by my parents on tv at a michigan football game doing it on tv. My step-mom didn't know what it was, but Dad knew Anyways, mine is me giving the shocker underwater in a pool this past summer in Cancun with a bunch of my was my facebook photo for a while and I really like it... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  18. That is so awesome....I envy the fact that you are at the SSPF watching it and seeing the node 2 module along with the cargo bay.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  19. It's a new project called Orion and the vehicle is called the "CEV" or "Crew Exploration Vehicle." It is very similar to the old apollo module, but bigger and also with half the controls of the space shuttle but can do twice as more. It will launch on top of one of the staged rockets. Here is the article about Orion: And on The CEV: I really want the chance to fly on the CEV.....or even go back to the moon or space station Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  20. psipike02

    Red Sox

    Maybe psipike can borrow a Cleveland's fans white flag HA HA we'll see who has the last laugh.... Bring it.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
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    Post yourself

    Agreeing with J does not put you at teh top of the moral pyramid But you're probably gonna have a lot of fun Hahah it's ok, I've fallen off the moral, dignity, and self-respect pyramids many times during college and continue to do so now... So yeah don't have any high expectations from me as far as those are concerned Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  22. psipike02

    Post yourself

    I'm glad someone else was thinking it too... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  23. psipike02

    Red Sox

    GO ROCKIES!!!!! ROCKTOBER BITCHES!!!!!! GOOOOOOOOOO ROCKIES!!!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  24. 0:0:1 Got my first official canopy...a Pilot from Aerodyne. Haven't had my rigger hook it up yet as I'm waiting for my new container from Wings too.... Woooo for new gear
  25. Why would you want to watch Notre Dame this year?? They FUCKING SUCK! Still gotta cheer for our Irish...>sigh