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  1. psipike02

    some first time info

    I'm sure every tunnel has subtle differences as well as similarities, so I can only speak of the tunnel I work at here in Colorado. At our tunnel as a first timer, you'll have the intro flight class which will teach basic body position and hand signals that you'll use in the tunnel. After the class you'll get geared up with everyone else, where you will receive a jumpsuit, goggles, helmet, ear plugs, knee pads and elbow pads. The time you're there is dependent mostly on how much time you get during the flight, but here the entire process could take anywhere from 1:15 mins to 2 hours, depending on how busy we are and how the day is going. Everyone here jumps in street clothes as you just put the jumpsuit on over your clothes. You'd probably be better off making a reservation too... Hope that answers your questions...have fun and let us know how it goes
  2. Nice man!! Welcome to the sport, although it sounds like you were welcomed a long time ago!! Have fun going through AFF and keep us updated with your progress!
  3. psipike02

    Skydiving in the winter?

    It depends on what part of the country you're in. In Colorado, California and Florida, and other "warmer/not as severe winters" - Yes. For places like Michigan, as long as the temp. on the ground is above 40 degrees and its not a blizzard, yes... Otherwise no. I can only speak for those places cause i've only jumped in those places. It may be different for other DZ
  4. psipike02

    Josh Nahum

    Josh, I will never forget anything you taught me. Thank you for being one of my best friends in and out of the sport. I will always hold on to the time we were able to spend hanging out and jumping and such. We will jump together again one day and I can't wait for it buddy. I'm gonna miss you man, but I know you're always here with me...right beside me, watching over what I do. I said it to you before, but you'll always be a brother to me. I love you man. I'll never forget you. Thank you again for everything you've helped me with, skydiving wise and in my own personal life. I'm a better person for having known you. I will become an instructor and will do my best to live up to everything that you did.....I won't let you down... Twin brother Darknesses!!! I love you buddy...
  5. psipike02

    Saying Hello

    Hahaha your skills are fine. Just do one tandem, they'll probably give you a little more control and everything since you do have X amount of tunnel time. At least with one, once it comes time for AFF, you'll know what to expect once you get in the door. I think one should be fine. If you do two tandems, you might as well just do the one and pay for the ground school of AFF and jump right in to it. I'm not sure if Chris Gray will be there tuesday (he should be though) but when you call to make your reservation, you can request to go with him and they'll try to set it up as best they can. As far as Brad Cole, he doesn't work there anymore, he just comes down to jump. There's a lot of inner politics that are keeping alot of good people like him and Russ from working there. But thats neither here nor there. Lastly, I recommend doing your tandem on Sunday when it won't be as crowded. This past saturday, we had 120 tandems and that was ridiculous. Not to mention if it were like that, the tandems are put in the king air and fun jumpers on the otter, so I wouldn't get to see you. Just my recommendations though
  6. psipike02

    MINDWARP "Pimp Daddy" Helmet

    After asking around and inquiring about the type of helmet I should purchase, the pimpdaddy came up several times. After using a friends XL a few times on some jumps, i knew it was what I wanted. Compared to protec or student helmets, there is a huge difference. I have a huge head (24.7" to be exact) so Linda at Bonehead wasn't even sure if it would fit and gave me an option just in case it didn't. Well, the box arrived and I tried it on and it fit perfectly. Slightly tight at one point on my forehead, but I can live with it. There's room in there for audibles and its EXTREMELY quiet in freefall....and comfortable as well. Definately a great helmet and worth the purchase.
  7. psipike02

    Skydive Tecumseh

    This is the DZ I jump at during the school year. My first time there, they accepted me as part of the group and I began to hang out there more and became very comfortable. They were always helping me with jumps and getting me towards my 'A' License. After the jumping is done, everyone hangs out and there is always room to crash. You can learn so much from everyone there. They're all down to earth and are willing to teach you anything as long as you're willing to listen, learn, and have a good time. They still jump in the winter, but winter itself in michigan blows...
  8. psipike02

    Mile-Hi Skydiving Center

    This place is incredible. I've been doing my AFF here and I also did my tandem here. Everyone is down to earth and truly loves skydiving. Everyone is so helpful with my training (fun jumpers and instructors too) and always encouraging me and giving me advice and just plain ol' BSing most of the time. Update: Still a good place to go, but sometimes a little too much drama for my taste. But thats only a few people, so don't let it ruin your time. Still has great people to hang around with and jump with. Still love being there and jumping with the people and friends I have there
  9. psipike02


    I'm kind of going through it now. After I got my A a few weeks ago, I had did about 5 jumps during the weekend. Well I moved to colorado to do an internship and currently do not have the money to jump. So I find myself at work during the day figity like yourself and i start to sweat and my hands shake a little when I start to think about it. Its weird. Its only when I get a chance to go to the DZ and hang out, that it goes away temporarily, jumping or not. It's a drug....maybe I'm just weird like that, but glad you' feel somewhat the same stuff
  10. psipike02

    AFF 3 review

    Joe, First off, congrats on passing your level 3!!! You sound like me when I was on Level 3 a few weeks ago. "Potato chipping" was something that happened to myself also on that level and it is common. Just remember, for you level 4 and 5, to RELAX and not think about your jump too much. It took me 3x to get past 4 and then 5 was fine. My JM came in front of me during freefall and once he did that, i remained completely stable and still, perfect. Its because i stopped thinking about it and just looked at him and my body naturally just did it. So when you do it, don't lose your head. I was spinning out of control on my secondtime at level 4 and still had to pull while spinning. It happens, just don't tense up, chin up, arch more and do some toe taps. You sound like you're doing the right things and theres no reason why you shouldn't pass 4 and 5 with flying colors. I'm sure there are way more experienced people here to give you advice, but i knew i could relate. Remember, just relax and look straight and actually choose a heading (i used to say i would, but honestly i dont think i ever did). It doesnt take much to start an unintentional turn. If your body is straight and good position, but your heading is looking off the left, you'll start to turn that way....and if you get in a spin, dont panic, don't tense up. Relax, toe tap, arch....otherwise you'll be fine.... Good luck man, let us know how it goes....i'll be doing my level 6 and 7 this week too....
  11. psipike02

    Third jump this weekend

    Well what do you do for a living???
  12. psipike02

    first jump

    Relax and enjoy the jump!!! Let us know how it goes...and then let us know when you start AFF. You're getting into an awesome sport with awesome people...
  13. ________________________________________ No it shouldnt change it, i think you're getting an early start which is cool. I'm only 21 myself and its cool to have jumpers who are older be able to kind of mentor you in the ways of jumping. Most of them will be excited that you're starting early.... So have fun and good luck in your AFF course....let us know how it goes!