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  1. AMEN!!!! Whoa whoa......some of us are just taking precautions as our jobs might monitor that kind of stuff. Some of us might appreciate someone trying to help me *err I mean some of us being anonymous Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  2. Well thank you very much and I'll also respond to your PM later. I'm flying as NFO, so I actually haven't landed on the boat yet. My job is to control the war basically and do all the black magic that we do in coordinating our fighters and putting warheads on foreheads. The E-2 NFO Rag is by far one of the most difficult pieces of flight training I've been through so far. But i'm still honored and proud to have made it this far. I can speak on behalf of the pilots (because I have a ton of buds who fly w/ me as pilot studs) and say that yes, they are the best of the best. The Jets can basically land themselves on the boat. The Hawkeye cannot do that and along w/ that, there is about 4 ft of clearance for error on either side when we land. One mistake could be catastrophic for the crew and those on the flight deck and/or end up with a crew in the water. I DO love my aircraft though....especially since we are critical in every strike group. If our plane is down for maintenance, the entire strike group mission will be cancelled. I'm looking forward to getting on deployment with whatever squadron selects me after this part. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  3. Haha oh no sir. A run on columbus is absolutely doable. The main job of the Hawkeye is Airborne Early Warning/Command and Control.....which means I can have fighters do a "simulated bombing run" of hostile targets smack over the horseshoe with my direction. Done and Done. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  4. Hey everyone, So its been almost 3 years since I asked for advice here and let me say I now understand every single post and piece of advice you guys gave me. And needless to say, all of you were right and I've followed and took to heart everything you've all said. Things are going well, I'm flying the E-2 Hawkeye and yes will be landing on carriers. I'm in my final phase of flight training and will hopefully be headed to Cali or Japan for my first sea tour and deployment(s). Just wanted to come on here and say thanks again to you all. I'll hopefully be around a bit more now that flight training isn't sucking away ALL of my life (just 95% of it). I also can't wait to be done with training so I can start skyjumping again.
  5. Wow, thank you all very much for taking the time to pass along your words of wisdom so far. I definitely intend to heed this advice at all costs. Even though it'll be awhile before I get to my first squadron, I'll try to save all the responses to this and stash them on my laptop. I am definitely looking forward to it and can't wait to start this new path for me. If anyone else has more to add, please by all means do so or you can send me a PM as well. Thanks again to all of you who have responded thus far! It is really greatly appreciated! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  6. Hey everyone, so I haven't been on here in a long time, since I had to stop jumping after losing my job blah blah blah other shit happened blah. Anyways, after that I wanted a new challenge and skipped one of my grad classes to go to a career fair a year ago. Long story short, I pursued a commission with a US Navy and was accepted in August to become a Student Naval Aviator (Pilot) and I will be classing up for Officer Candidate School on 24 January with Class 13-10. What I am looking for is advice from anyone in any branch as far as do and don'ts, whatever. Even though I'm going to be an Officer, I intend to learn alot from my senior and junior enlisted sailors that I will be the division officer for at some point. So please hit me up with the good and bad. Both my parents were military as well (Mom - Marines, Dad - Army), so this isn't entirely new, but new enough. P.S. - I know this isn't a military forum, but I wanted to get words from people outside of that type of forum whether retired or still active duty. Thanks in advance! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  7. Wow, those girls are taller than you. And very pretty. Ya got some nice lookin' friends.
  8. Here are a few of mine.... 1. 2 good friends of mine here at the Univ. of Colorado 2. At my best friends wedding a month ago Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  9. Second that. They usually remember you if you do it consistently. I always tip mine, because my haircut is pretty specific and they always wash my hair and give me a scalp massage too Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  10. I had my birthday this past weekend and pretty much drank from Thursday to Sunday. I made it for though by eating less calories during the day. I did end up actually losing 3 lbs. So far I am down 13 lbs in 7 weeks. Starting to see bigger changes. Stomach is getting smaller and flatter and when i did my BF assessment, my BF has gone down everywhere all around my body. I've been working really hard this week so I haven't done cardio in a few days. But I'll be getting back to it tomorrow AND i start scuba certification training next monday as well
  11. Nope I'm still working out consistently as well.... Just entered my 5th week at the Antigym and since I began, I have lost 11 lbs. Getting up at 4 am to workout isn't that bad anymore and it gives me energy to last the day....or at least until 4 or 5... Cardio is up too. I had a physical the other day as required since I am getting my scuba certification in 2 weeks and am starting a program to become a Master Scuba Diver. Anyways, I don't want to give out all the stats the doctor gave, but he said I was in great shape. I told him there was still room for improvement and he laughed as well... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  12. To answer galvar's question too, I tried, but my DZ already has packers and I can't afford to give up my weekends right now due to these two exams i'm studying for.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  13. Wow, first thanks to everyone so far who has responded. I never would have guessed that this many people had/shared similar experiences. It makes me feel like I am making the right decision for now. As far as livendive's question, I consider a break to be any period of time in which you aren't skydiving due to some personal/life issue that you need to resolve or that is of more importance. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  14. Or is one but argues til they're blue in the face on something they're wrong about. Ha Ha. I thought we called a truce? And you have to admit it was a fun argument....looking back on it at least.... Oh and my face doesn't turn there Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  15. So, I was kind of wondering if anyone else has gone through this at some point.... I decided to take a break from skydiving for a few reasons: 1. Money is tight enough right now, and I just can't find a reason to go and use it on jumping when I know I need it for bills, to live, groceries, gas, etc. 2. Gas. Enough said. 3. Me being the size that I am, it was impossible for me to find used gear. I was SO sick of jumping student gear that i'd rather just not jump after awhile. I am still in the process of getting it together piece by piece. All I need is a reserve and cypres. Some people don't understand why its taking me so long, but I barely have money from week to week, let alone using it for a rig. 4. Career. I am in the process of studying for the GRE (already in grad school, but have to take it anyways....formalities) and the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (which by the way if ANYONE has taken, any advice you can give would be awesome). The GRE won't be hard at all. The FE exam is an 8 hour test on basically everything from my undergrad. It is the first step to becoming a professionally licensed engineer. Anyways, long story short, due to these things that we can sum up into one category as "Trying to get my life in order", I feel that skydiving needs to move to the backburner for awhile. I absolutely hate that, but its a reality. Has anyone else ever had to do something similar? It really sucks but I'm trying to keep my priorities straight and right now, skydiving can't be at the top of that list. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----