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  1. Yes a great weekend indeed.... Those who were laughing at Michigan early on, don't seem to be laughing or snickering anymore... Paybacks a motherfucker aint it.... I love college football Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  2. HUGE fan of Linkin Park and they were sick in concert a few weeks ago That's the "band" I like the most, mostly everyone else is individuals and such Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  3. I'M IN First black guy to space dive bitches Just once i would like to see a black guy do something and then refuse to care if he was the first black guy to do it and say "I'm just a man. I did it. What does being black have to do with anything?" Break the chain Bro. Nothing personal man, but its not that I wouldn't say "I'm first man to do it." That would be included bro. What you don't understand is that it would be a personal victory for me. Not to turn this into SC or anything, but I have aspirations of being an astronaut and I will make it there. But in case you haven't noticed, there aren't many black people in my field and to be honest, I have to work 3x as hard as everyone else in order to prove myself because of that fact. If you don't believe me, take a walk in my shoes and PM me and i'll tell what i've been through. People telling me that I'm not gonna make it because I'm black and that I'm not smart enough and that they'd never hire a black astronaut to get into space (even though there have been many) and all I am is another n***** who's looking for a handout. Yeah, that's the kind of stuff that's been said to me and it does still exist. So i'm sorry if you feel like I'm not "breaking the chain." I know what it would mean to me and it would be a personal victory for me and another victory for not only America as well, but yes, black people too.... When's the last time you heard something positive about black people in the media bro? That's all I'm saying man....thats why I say "first black man" IN ADDITION to being the first man.... Sorry man, but that would be the first thought in my head. When it comes to friends, I don't see colors. However, when it comes to my heritage and being a role model and the anti-stereotype, I try my hardest everyday to do just that and prove those stereotypes wrong. Not trying to preach, just giving the facts as I see them. I don't want to hijack the post, so that's just my me if you want to talk. I'm not angry and would love to talk about it... It's cool nothin but love for ya cocheese Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  4. I feel ya worries, we've all been there. Bitch all you want until you feel better... I'll probably be entering grad school and working next year, so i'll be right up there with you... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  5. I'M IN First black guy to space dive bitches Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  6. Wow.....this was probably the funniest but most perplexing post i've seen on hahahahahaahaha Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  7. Screw that......pre-ordered my copy. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  8. Eww what the fuck spider is that?!?! I hate spiders.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  9. I feel your pain bro.....still renting here too... Being a big guy, it was tough to find used gear that fit me and I didn't want to chance it not fitting, so I had some friends of mine order new gear. My gear is ready but can't pay for it yet because of some unforeseen circumstances involving my family... So sucks but hey, a skydive is a skydive in my opinion Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  10. oh you're too good from the DZ gang eh.... Hahaha well by the time I joined I forgotten what the name of the gang was and this guy busted me out of prison and recruited me, so I was like why not... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  11. Ahh...i'm only level 7 But my gang is awesome and i have shitload of money in the bank. I try to do crimes and training when I can.... I'm Black Thunder, so holla!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  12. Is it about her quitting smoking??? Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  13. I've got the song on my iPod and I like yeah that's about all I got on them.. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  14. P worries Yes you're right they're all amazing rappers...I have albums from all 3 of them Anyways, Kanye's album and 50's album both came out at the same time on the same day. The bet was to see who would sell the most albums during that time. They announced that Kanye won. I think his album "Graduation" sold 940,000 copies while 50's album "Curtis: only sold like 600 or 700,000 which is still good... Oh and i've seen all 3 of them in concert and those were probably the best concerts I've been to...and Kayne West is actually his real name. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  15. Random quick story, I had a psycho girl obsessed with me during my senior year of high school and she would call my house and hang up, ring my door bell and run and stalk me online....then her friends would do it and they woudl call me at 2 am and hang up. My parents were not happy... I had done nothing with or to this girl, she just had a really sick crush... Anyways, I knew several of the police in my town so I told the chief and he set it up to where everytime she called and hung up, I would basically do some combo like *69 (but it wasn't that) and it automatically registered the call at the station so they could keep track. It was used later for a RO. I'm sure not every town or city can do this, but wouldn't hurt to try... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  16. So during my past 3 summers as an intern before I started working full-time here in July, I got to work on 2 main projects. One being Worldview 1, a commercial digital imaging satellite. It launches today between 11:35 am pdt - 11:49 am pdt, so adjust your time zones accordingly... Just thought it would be cool to share... It will work in conjunction with one of our other satellites called Quickbird, which does all of Google Earth, Mapquest, Google Maps stuff.... Go here and you can login to the live webcast and watch and also see all the photos and stuff as well as the info about it: So excited!!! I was in charge of the Attitude Determination and Controls Subsystem!!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  17. I have the same problem, but its getting better..... And we're about the same size. I'm an inch shorter and 20 lbs lighter.. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  18. psipike02

    Empuria brava

    I've been looking for another reason to come to Spain, other than living there and practicing my spanish of course... Now this does it.....I gotta get there now... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  19. stalk stalk. Guess who has tickets to the Av's game when they come to town????? I have one more thing to add to the actual topic. How high is the fireplace. I have a friend who did this in his apartment and the tv is wayyyyyyy to high. If you are going to be say 8 to 10 feet back it really should not be but a few feet above sit down eye level, that is middle of screen I believe. Well, its a regular standard gas fireplace. I haven't measured the fire place, but from the mantle to the ceiling is about 53" If I couldn't mount it to the fire place, I could place it to the left or right of the fireplace, but it's off center and that would bug the hell out of me. Also I thought about just going the entertainment center route, but there's no where to put it. My living/dining room is a square/rectangle if you will, with the fire place in the center and a big window at the right end of the room. I didn't want to put the tv on the opposite wall because then the couch won't be facing the fireplace. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  20. Not necessarily....especially if you have a gas fireplace where the vent leads outside away from the interior wall. I've seen it done with little to no problems w/ the fireplace Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  21. OOOOOOOO I DO!!!!! Remember we're facebook friends....and that is more important than anything else. Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  22. What is it about his music that you dislike? All you've done is call him fat and young. Attack the art, not the artist. BLING BLING!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  23. Does anyone either personally or know anyone that has successfully mounted a tv over their fireplace?? Being 3 months into the real world, i'm starting to get ideas for what I want to do with my apartment down the road. My fireplace is central in my living room and if I want to get a flat-screen tv for it, the most obvious place for it would be over the fireplace. I've done the measurements and everything and one will fit there, but what do I need to know about the process? It's a gas fireplace, so is escaping heat an issue behind the wall? Any advice is appreciated..
  24. I dont even know what that means nor am I gonna waste the time trying to understand what this is nor do I care... Next.... Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----
  25. Damn you kai, you've made me more anxious for me to get my Pilot now...hahah I can't wait to get mine!!!! Puttin' some stank on it. ----Hellfish #707----