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  1. What is a SF-10a canopy? How big? Is it the new "muffin" airborne round/square combo with the slider? US or foreign? (OK I guess I could google it)
  2. Listened to a few minutes of it, at various time intervals. First time, as far as I know, I've ever listened to that guy. Music? Not even close. Sounds like a bunch of chimpanzees in a ball bearing factory. People actually paid to hear that crap?
  3. One potato... Then there is the Elvis exit: One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready then go cat go. (it doesn't work)
  4. Lincoln Sport Parachute Club, Weeping Water, Nebraska still offers static line FJC and progression. Cessna 182's
  5. Got a green blank screen so couldn't watch the video, but googled the plane to see pictures. Looks like the old Helio Stallion, Wow - 26 skydivers. Doesn't look that big, but hey, it sure looks like a nice skydiving plane.
  6. If you are repurposing a canopy for base, I suggest a Pursuit 230. The last of the spanwise construction era. They have a tail pocket type design for the lines, the lines are tough and they open very fast. I know of a couple that have been mothballed and are nearly new. I'm guessing they are not hard to find. Unfortunately, they land like shit.
  7. Careful grump. The excalibers had tiny thin lines. Might break under a "snap open" base jump.
  8. It isn't a hurricane. It's a tropical storm. Ooo my weatherman says in his most frightening voice, "Sustained winds up to 80 mph". Big f deal. You East Coast pussies. Happens every year there and suddenly it's a calamity, not just another day that should have been prepared for. At the lake, Winter, lake frozen, winds of 111 miles/hr. No one noticed. We get winds here over 80 a bunch of times a year. Sometimes 90. Don't even notice them. Buck up a bit.
  9. You are right about the shipping on small orders. Way too much. Notwithstanding... I usually get big orders. I regard them as a great company.
  10. leap d: "long shank "O" stainless steel grommet = Para Gear
  11. The big three - qualify as "cult' movies: 1. Rocky Horror Picture show 2. Buckaroo Banzai "No matter where you go, there you are" 3. Tank Girl Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Priceless
  12. The major/minor quoted section is just "wordsmithing". Bunch of words that go nowhere. I didn't recall the major/minor discussion being in the first edition, but even if it is/was, it's appearance in a handbook is kind of gratuitous; as that issue is best left to the FAA's Advisory Circular process. '105 2E' etc.
  13. Chrysler is now owned by Fiat/Italy. Doubt they bought Chrysler to put money in American hands.
  14. Peek. Good design! Flies from your feet because of the leader line that let's it fly from a lower position. I've also jumped the Liberty streamers and imagined a better release system than their curved pins- yellow cutaway cable - long enough to never allow an accidental pull; or, in your case, a zipper, which is about as secure as you can get. Although I prefer a leg mount, your design that allows a foot level origin is just as good, and probably less of a design task. I'm guessing you didn't need anyone to tell you to put a strip of cloth or webbing under that zipper!
  15. Very much agree with Monk on use of 'horse collar' loop on foot. Safety on release, and it flies from the foot.
  16. I totally agree with the horse collar ski uses. Safety in release, and the streamer flies from the foot.
  17. I you are jumping alone, a "mid section" streamer pouch may be OK; but if jump with others, and you ever have to go into a hard spiral, such as you do when you have to gain vertical separation between canopies so you aren't landing at the same time in a small area, you will be in for a nasty surprise. If you spiral hard, the belly band location of the zipper bag streamers becomes dangerous. Here's what happens: The streamers will begin to spiral around your body, then around your risers, then spiral around your lines too. It happened to me and one of the 3 streamers actually went over the top of the canopy. I'd say there were about 5 spirals - all told. I invented a leg streamer pouch because of the safety factor. You can spiral as aggressively as you want and they will never wrap around your body. Belly location for streamers is a bad idea.
  18. I have invented a good one and it has been used 4 times here. Very safe and leaves a sphere of ashes easily seen for those on the ground. It goes on your left wrist. I don't know how to take pictures and send, so I will try to get help from someone who has that skill.
  19. Everyone (well almost everyone) thinks it's: "Don't throw your love out on the pavement".
  20. What Hookenswoop said; that's why it's called a "dry lubricant". (Cypres loops are pulled thru the silicone pad, and the lube is considered fine for 6 months.) When a yellow cable is pulled at repack time it is still slick to the touch. Silicone works. Spraying it with the Ace Hardware silicone or pull it thru the Cypres lube pad. I much prefer the spray now.
  21. Other mountains. I have no idea. I wasn't any great shakes - just an 'average joe' rock climber, and ice and snow guy that got around a lot. Big mountains have a certain magic. Canada, Mexico (high volcanos there), Tetons, Wind Rivers, loved the ice and snow world. I'd love to go to Robson again, (not the Cain Wall though), and have had dreams about Assiniboine-the "Matterhorn" of Canada. Have a look at it. Wow! Maybe I'm getting too old for that one.
  22. Agree with muff528. ANY president who pulls off such a political stunt.. I like Denali because the Alaskans like it, and because they have been wanting to change it for a long time. Everyone knows that. Did not name any mountains. Large rock monoliths/spires. First ascents. Placed a register on them with the naming. For the Canadians: Robson; stopped at base of Conrad Cain Wall, (not my decision), then on to the summit of Mount Athabasca. Athabasca: "The mountain was named in 1898 by J Norman Collie, the person who made the first ascent on August 18th", so the tradition dates back to at least 1898- even for mountains. Athabasca is the Cree Indian name for "Where there are reeds".... Robert Service stated, ".. no water more pure then that which flows in the runnels of the Athabasca glacier". Loved Alberta and BC; the mountains and the Canadian people.
  23. Climbed for 20 years+. Rock climber and ice and snow. US, Canada, Mexico. Named 2. Placed the registers. A climber can name more than just a route. Now the political correctness infection is spreading. Probably beyond mountains too. Mt Evans, named after a governor, is now targeted as inappropriate because he was governor when there was an indian massacre. Now a move to rename it mount Black Kettle. If only "the great one" would visit and rename it. Let' see, Columbus enslaved Indians. Rename Columbus Day too........ If Alaskans want Denali, that's cool. I actually prefer it. But lobby Congress or an agency or whatever to get the change. Using executive authority and political correctness as a cover for a cutesy political stunt is what this is all about.
  24. Obvious you are not a climber. The person who climbs it names it.