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  1. PC Chapman and linestretch: I have an original GQ Security 350 manual. Not a photocopy. It states 15 years. And regardless if it is British manual or a US manual, it does state clearly what the service life is. The FAA letter states that (paraphrasing) if the mfg hasn't put a service life in the manual when it was sold, then the rigger may use discretion on it's being packed. Implicit in the statement in that letter, is the validation of a service life of a parachute sold with the manufacturer's manual stating that service life. The service life or what ever term was used in the manual is 15 years. I am not at my loft to quote the term, but it is not a qualified statement (based on condition or something like that). It is a direct statement of the 'end of life' for the GQ 350. 15 years. Packing it after is your legal risk. Para phernalia has now published a 20 year in their manuals. In my opinion, it is now a valid service life for those assemblies sold after that manual was published; but not applicable to those assemblies sold before. For those sold before, use the FAA letter. My opinion. My further opinion; (for those rigs sold before their manuals stated a service life), is that there wouldn't even be a controversy if the mfg's would issue a service bulletin (as stated in the FAA letter) saying that their rigs are not airworthy after a certain number of years. Instead, they issue weasel worded vague statements they hope will be accepted as retroactive. What a gutless approach. We riggers in the field are now in the unenviable position to try to explain the nuances of the conflict between the applicability of the attempts of manufacturers' to retroactively impose their 20 year positions and the FAA letter. I sometimes challenge customers to call the mfg to get their position, but so far no one has opted to do so. When the topic is brought up at PIA meetings there is a deafening silence from the mfgs.. A manufacturer's service bulletin would be the definitive option, but don't hold your breath.
  2. 1. Consider the Singer 188K. The same machine Rags Raganti uses when h demos for PIA Seminars. Smoothest machine for light to medium work I have ever used. 2. Highly consider scrapping the clutch motor and replacing it with an electronic one.
  3. fca summary is correct. And; with half of the lines in the diaper 'choice #2' - tight rubber bands on the diaper lines=per Strong. For a while they even recommended a double wrap on them.
  4. You have kinda described a flat pack. Good advice. I'll try it.
  5. I could be incorrect on this but...it is my understanding that no manufacturer other than Jump Shack makes their own ripcords. Yes it is on a Mirage rig, but I don't think it is a "Mirage" ripcord. Same on *every other rig but jump shack. I think Capewell mfg's most others. And they make great ripcords. If this one is defective then they or Mirage should promptly replace it. (Not to be "captain obvious" but not on UPT products with an RSL or Skyhook because they don't use a single pin ripcord) Not that it makes the ripcord OK or anything, but if it was OK when inspected, then the cable end popped out, then it's not on Mirage, and yes they should replace it. So, if they do replace it then the beginning of this thread is a "single occurrence" event. My experience with Mirage has been great. I have ordered parts, etc and gotten them promptly. They have a great product.
  6. Where to get this "coupon code" for Para Gear? Betzilla
  7. Steveorino 1. Listen to Airtwardo 2. Streamers create a magical and graceful appearance to canopy flight. I have invented a safe setup. Please contact me in a PM 3. I have some of Byron Dormire's Demo Details books and will send you one if you give me an address. 4. I also have a repeatable demo program that is so patriotically powerful that some of the audience tears up. Yes, I have video. If you would like, you can contact me for my bits of advice.
  8. E Rach. Good attitude. You'll make it if you want it bad enough. You'll be fine, sounds like you'll be a good rigger! Keep going for it. Need more like you.
  9. Your pack jobs are pretty meaningless. If they were the deciding factor/skill then everyone with a 1000 jumps would nearly be FAA riggers. Not. Packing is not the main preparation for obtaining a rigger certificate. Although I couldn't put a exact percentage on it, in my opinion, while packing is an important skill, it is only a "small" percentage of the of the rigger training requirement. Please access the "So you want to be a Rigger" article at the beginning of Gear and Rigging, and check out the Poynter Schlatter Parachute Rigger Course to confirm. About 19 chapters; and only one about packing. And in the Practical Test System Oral and Practical test only one Area of Operation, (of six) concerns packing. A serious attitude is the key, and I encourage anyone to look, in depth, about the rigger training requirements.
  10. "Flat sheet with 3 or 4", Wow, would like to see it. I am looking for a/the proven setup for keeping the risers in stasis so they can be reattached/reunited with the rig without error.
  11. At boogies I remember the PD booth where you could try out a PD canopy. Your bagged main canopy would be detached from your rig and placed in a bag with a flap that had: Snaps? or Loops or Velcro?? etc to hold the risers in stasis in perfect order. The prepacked and prebagged demo canopy came out of a similar bag, was placed on your harness rings, etc. You jumped it, it was taken off, and then your own packed and bagged canopy was reattached. Other mfgs have probably done the same thing. Anyone have the details of the riser-holding features of these temp storage bags? Or a picture of the whole bag and a detailed picture of the riser-holding parts on the flap?
  12. Like the "...two bit tart..." comment. Haven't heard that one before.
  13. ..."if the base price changes the end price will change"?....possibly in a perfect world, and logical, and don't we wish; but not necessarily true, as the local distributor will charge to make a profit. Asked the DZ 'almost manager' today. She has been there a long time supervising stuff, she knows 100 LL "hasn't gone down at all". She didn't know about Jet A price. Your assumption that delivery prices will fall if the fuel price falls is completely unfounded, as the local company will charge what ever they want to deliver. I'm not saying there has been no change. Just asking you to do your homework before you indict DZ owners of raking in unwarranted profits based upon your assumptions about what they pay/paid for fuel, then and now. Clicking around on a keyboard, applying your logic and guessing amounts to accusation by innuendo.
  14. transmitter: You can go to your internet commodity price sources all day, but you still haven't researched the delivered price to your dropzone. (Or anyone else's dropzone) Airlines get it by pipeline, dropzones by little tanker trucks sold by petroleum companies. Get off the keyboard and query the DZ owners on what they actually pay for delivered fuel. Then, and only then are your assumptions valid. Fuel is sold by distributors, with a delivery charge. Prices vary. Until you get the actual delivered prices, then and now, you are still operating on an assumption. You may be correct, but until you get off your keyboard and get actual facts - no one will give you credibility. Take your own advice.
  15. You are talking about the price of raw/crude oil. If you would post the price of 100LL and Jet A, delivered, I would listen. So far I'm not. Oil has to be refined to gasoline and Jet A, and delivered in over the road little semi tankers to the DZ owner, etc.. If you'd do your homework and generate accurate, "before" and "now" prices. Then I'll listen. Without that info your post query has little value, as it is based upon an assumption that the price of these two aviation fuels has dropped the same as crude. I don't know the answer to that, and your post implies you don't either. Suggest you come back with the 'delivered fuel' prices info and then post again if you find a significant difference between the "then" and "now. That would make your query valid.
  16. It was so cold...that when we pissed it knocked us over backwards.
  17. Googled up the stunts and tried to figure out if the motorcycle jump onto the top of the pinnacle was real. The stunt info source I read didn't mention the mototcycle stunt. Was it a real jump?
  18. Was friends of Jim Hall, skydiver/Air force officer/military ejection seat tester, project coordinator for the famous Col. Stapp rocket sled ride - (you know - the one where Stapp's mouth is forced open and his eyeballs exposed because eyelids forced open, probably highest survived deceleration G force ever recorded...), co producer and skydiver for "RIPCORD" TV series...etc. He spoke very highly of Carl Boenish and I think was there when on the tragic ocean landing. He talked a lot about Carl. I was jumping back then and was fascinated when he would tell Boenish stories. (Jim had routine surgery and the goddam hospital infected him with MERSA-superbug. Had both feet amputated and died soon after. Died earlier this year.) I'd love to see the movie! May 28 Denver. I'd like to see it earlier. Maybe DVD?
  19. Except no rigger has 12 packing weights anymore, unless he's a collector. (Although I do have two packing tables.) "Two packing tables" = works better phonetically
  20. No. Contempt is not an available remedy for a failure to pay civil judgments. Child support, etc, yes. (OK, maybe there could be if there is some conduct of concealment or other unusual avoidance conduct or something), but not for just money judgments. Since jail is a possible penalty for contempt, and we don't have imprisonment for debt, it isn't available for a simple failure to pay. The judgment creditor is on his own to go thru civil collection means. On the bright side for the judgment creditor the costs of collection are added to the amount owed. Also keep in mind, most civil debts are dischargeable in bankruptcy The judge's order is first reduced("converted") to a judgment. Then the civil collection remedies are pursued.
  21. Purpose of Velcro: Postage stamp size pile/loop Velcro on bridle marries with postage stamp sized hook Velcro on top flap.