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  1. Forgot to mention that buttons come in different lengths too.
  2. And be cognizant of the two types of snap sockets. There are "regular" sockets and "hard action" sockets. Obviously, "hard action "sockets are much harder to pull open. Their common application is to attach a headsail to the forestay on a smaller boat, and other applications where a more secure snap junction is desired.. Be specific when you buy in bulk. They look exactly alike, so buy wisely for your needs. Also, sockets come in different lengths. (as do eyelets), so once again, buy the correct length ones to accommodate the thickness of the material. The studs are always the same. No diff.
  3. Asparagus. My mother boiled it forever in some kind of cream sauce until the stalks separated into stings. It was a slimy mess more like soup with slimy strings. It actually stunk up the kitchen, and tasted awful. I hated it so badly I kept mowing it down "by accident" when I mowed the lawn until the whole asparagus patch died. Now: just boil it lightly or grill it and it's very good. (Someone mentioned boiled peanuts? Never heard of that one. Sounds weird)
  4. Gunsmokex It is a 21 year old uncomfortable rig. I have one, same year, and my second objection is that the harness kept falling off my shoulders. The "Y" on the yoke design was too wide. I am a master rigger, so I modified mine, but when you get it try it on and see if that's the case for you. My opinion: 1. It is uncomfortable 2. "Y" /yoke is too wide so it keeps slipping off, or almost off, your shoulders. In short, I wouldn't buy it
  5. Berge. My opinion: You won't find anything close to your club atmosphere at any commercial dropzone. You just won't. Those days are gone. Maybe for the better? As the old club setups, with bonfires, drinking and a place to meet and keep friends only had Cessna 182's and 206's etc. So, it is just the price we all paid when the skydiving world went commercial. Good? Bad? Heck, I don't know. I love jumping out of our Otter (and KingAir not so much), and it is wonderful to get to 12000+ in a few minutes for a reasonable cost, and have the opportunity to have bigger numbers on a dive. Unfortunately, at commercial dropzones it is a reality that when the planes shut down, unless you are in a tight knit staff environment, the "fun" jumpers just go home, as there is nothing for them to do at the DZ. My suggestion? Go to a DZ with an 'after jumping' restaurant, and camping, where the fun jumpers actually go after to eat and drink and tell lies. That would be Skydive Arizona and Perris Calif., just to start the list. There are more, I just don't know them. My opinion: MUST have an evening/night restaurant and bar where the fun jumpers go to after. Otherwise you'll just be sitting there and suddenly everyone has gone home and your vibe will tank lower than whale poop at the bottom of the ocean. I'd start there.
  6. Did a paid night demo into a tight rodeo arena displaying the Mexican flag,(very high roofs overhanging the arena) and landed perfectly. Thought I was so cool. The Mexican flag was because it was "Mexican Rodeo Night". After landing I held it up and displayed it, and turned around so everyone got a good look. Only later was I told I was holding it upside down.
  7. Increasing the diameter of the pin will require a higher pull force to extract it.
  8. Agreed. Samual Jackson ruined the movie. It had potential, but every time he would appear, with stupid dialog( I mean really stupid) with his gang banger ball cap cocked sideways, ghettotalk and his yelling voice style, the movie took another nose dive interval. The fantasy parts were good, but he dragged down what could have been a good movie. The skydiving is good. That's why I saw it. Then it ends with a girl wanting it "up her ass". Direct quote. This is not a spoiler comment, just a clue about the playwright's choice of dialog. Samual Jackson should stick to credit card ads with his ill-fitting girlie suits with his pant legs always above his ankles.
  9. dpreguy


    Doesn't look misleading to me. One report: Hands on her for over 20 seconds. And, look at his left hand way over. He must simply believe in his own self belief that he is such a "star' that women will appreciate this. He was an arrogant prick before, and remains one. Nothing new. His sole function is to be Obama's insurance policy.
  10. Thanks for the info. Doubt I'll be urging him to buy it; instead I'll urge him to go to Parachute Manuals.com, as the info will be up to date. Even though it is dated, it is still a useful tool. See you at PIA. (I'm still trying to get a room share to halve the cost of the hotel if you know anybody)
  11. Thanks for the reference to ParaGear source. It isn't in their printed catalog.
  12. Harleys? The ones with 2/7 of a radial engine?
  13. There is a ROM(I think that's what it is called) rigger info disc for sale anymore? ParaGear used to have it listed but I can't find it. It has the packing instructions illustrated for most rigs. I have it and can't remember where I bought it. Outdated in some respects now, but, one of my students want to buy it. Or is there a better comprehensive library of this stuff on the market?
  14. Estimate the life of a small business- a gun shop. 5 yrs? 10 years, 20 years? (seriously doubt that very many gun shops will stay in business 20 years, and most will probably die or be sold within 10 years.) The life cycle of such a small business can be debated, but whatever it is; it is a cycle. It is obvious that the form 4473 is de facto registration of all firearms sold since the Brady legislation. Why do I say it is de facto, and eventually actual registration? Because when a gun shop goes out of business or is transferred, either by sale, gift, family transfer, such as in a will, the 4473's must be turned over to the BATF. Is this a delayed registration? Yes, but it is still universal registration, as the BATF only has to wait out the business life cycles of all of the stores to get those records. Hire cheap min wage data enterers to enter all of the info in a program, put it on a database and voila! There you have it! Universal registration of all firearms legally sold in all of the gun shops since the Brady law that didn't last 20 years. Mid 70's as I recall. OK I guess some, (very few) gun shops will stay in business a long long time, and won't "cycle" in 10 or 20 years, and you would be OK, but it only takes some congressional do gooder to extend the 20 years to 50 years. Even at this point, the 20 year waiting game will probably result in most business failing or be transferred in less than 20 years, and away the 4473's pour into the BATF's lap, only awaiting the data to be entered so a searchable database can be created. If you don't want your firearm to be eventually registered by the government, never ever buy any firearm from any business or individual if the 4463 is required. Never buy from a gun shop, because, unless your purchase is dated more than 20 years, eventually it will be in a universal database, and when another Katrina occurs, the local police will come to your door and know exactly, by description and serial number all of your guns. And yup, just like in the Katrina aftermath, they will confiscate them and you will have to beg to get them back, if ever you will. Even if it isn't a Katrina scenario the locals or the feds will be knocking if they have some excuse, semi legitimate or manufactured, and will confiscate. And if it isn't the local police, bad guys (think hackers, who could sell the info) can find you and hunt you down to get your guns - Red Dawn style.
  15. I get that an object with a lower terminal velocity will reach that terminal velocity faster than a higher one. Duh. You are assuming you know the terminal velocity of a falling cat. Reread your own post. And, while you are at it, reread mine and see if you can figure out why you missed the point.
  16. Uh...how was the terminal velocity of "a cat" determined? Might a fat and heavy one fall faster than a skinny one? Unless it is explained, how a "cat" (all cats) have the same descent rate, and how the 60 mph terminal velocity figure was determined, the article is just a bunch of speculative bullshit, pretending to be something else. And, I even wonder if any living thing can reach terminal velocity in such a short distance. Humans can't reach terminal velocity in fewer than about 12 seconds. Can a cat? Bunch of silliness.
  17. PIA 2015 Rigging Conference in Daytona: Have rented a 2 bed hotel room, interested in someone to room share. PM me
  18. The "bends"? Not exactly the best description.
  19. Yes, let's meet in Daytona. I'd live to see it!
  20. Your's is the 4th iteration of this tool. It is very nice and has some nice features. Being an inventor myself, I like it's features and it is a cool device. Even though you are 4th in line, it is great to see inventions that work. I look forward to seeing it at PIA 2015 Daytona. 1st one is Allen Silver's. Yours is similar, but has improvements 2d one was displayed by a couple of really cool Japanese guys, who displayed their product at their booth at the last Reno PIA. It also used a ratchet wrench. 3rd is the Dominator pictured by hooknswoop. It has been used in my loft by hooknswoop and works like a charm. Yours is the 4th version. New in design, size etc Can't wait to see it.
  21. Agreed, S Jackson is a total dud. Can a Shorts SkyVan even get up to 28,000?
  22. Triple feed is mighty nice, but ,"no teeth on feed dog" ? Guess with triple feed teeth may not be necessary, but it seems like a leather oriented product. Needle feed usually advances nicely when the needle is that big, and this needle must be big = 6 cord. But, gotta admit, triple feed is mighty cool (Typical on leather specific machines, no teeth on feed dog to prevent scratching the under side of a leather product.) No prices seen. I couldn't afford a new anything anyway
  23. ?"...Fortunately I have a Vector 1"? There comes a time....