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  1. I need to make some bridles for the CF Storm 150. I have a pin, Dacron, and many machines. Does anyone have measurements for these bridles? PD is closed right now and I wanna jump tomorrow morning! My OCD prevents me from just making something that will end up being too long to retract... Thanks Ian
  2. Are you tucking it in the bag? I just coil and stick in bag between canopy and bag. Line burns in the top skin or bottom skin tail?
  3. #4's for the bridle exit is fine? I have seen them used, but other use 5's. Why use 5's vs 4's?
  4. Can I use a #4 grommet when manufacturing deployment bags, or is #5 now the gold standard? Also, anyone using the grommet tools sold at Sailrite for SS grommets? I'd love a review of those if your using them. Like these... http://www.sailrite.com/Die-Set-SPUR-5-5-8 I can't tell, but they appear to be CS Osborne tools? Thanks- Ian
  5. 1+ for Mc Master. They ship lightning quick.
  6. Thanks everyone who has given me help over the last few months. Rig 001 is about 90% done. Photos are here: https://m.facebook.com/MoonlightRigging Thanks again Ian moonlight rigging
  7. its listed as "1800 lb. flat woven Spectra." I cannot find this material anywhere. Anyone have a source they'd like to share? Thanks- Ian
  8. Success! New hook, bobbin case and position finger installed. needle bar height set, hook timed. sewed the full bobbin with no skipped stitches, no thread issues. Man, can I get to building stuff now? ;) gotta clean up all the oil and tools, and get to work. Thanks a ton for your help here, that was a bit frustrating. So... anyone want to talk about harness design and construction? I have only build like 3, and I know nothing. Ian
  9. That's what I thought... Parts should arrive this week.
  10. Thank you Mel! Parts are in route already. I will let everyone know when they get here how it goes!
  11. Pulled the trigger on the B/C, hook, and bracket. I hope this works... Thank you everyone for your help! I will let you know if this fixes the problems! Ian Moonlight Rigging
  12. good morning. I have had sufficient coffee and am back on this. I have removed all the parts from the lower half of this machine; hook, position bracket, bobbin case, retaining arm and assembly. gowlerk- I messed with the position bracket,moving it fore and aft, but this will not solve the rotational movement problem. the needle will strike either side of the bobbin case, depending on which position the position bracket is in. there is too much movement of the case in the bracket to constrain the opening within operating range. I have found the hook SN, but is quite difficult to read. its on the inside near the hole the shaft is in. Working on that. So the axial movement may be caused by the hook and bobbin case compatibility. if i hold the case in with my fingers, the top of the case can still move out of the hook... It seems like the hooks too big to retain the case inside. Does the case 'snap in' to the hook somehow, or is it just the flat edge that holds it in there.... the bobbin case retainer is slammed to the right, so much so the point of the hook is catching it on the way around. the axial movement has to be coming from the bobbin case and hook. if case is in hook, you can move it around a little bit, so i think this is what's going on... the 90deg edge of the hook that holds the case in is not retaining the case due to the fact the case is too small... So.... what parts should I order to ensure it will run? 1. New hook assembly (bobbin case and hook) 2. New position bracket man, that's not gonna be cheap, but if that makes it run, it may be worth it. How can I make sure to get the correct bracket/hook assembly? If i bought a refurb machine, should I call the person who sold it to me and ask them what's up with the fact this machine was not in operating condition, or is this normal...? Thanks Ian
  13. Please check this out. http://youtu.be/8DpORXp4lIE This is what I am dealing with. Not sure that much movement is normal. The bobbin case retaining arm is slammed all the way to the right, so much that the hook is hitting the arm on the way around. The position bracket seems to be the wrong size, as I can tilt the bobbin case away from the hook. This is what is causing the movement axially. The rotational movement cannot be fixed by using the position bracket, as you can try to slide it back or forth, and the needle will strike the other side. I don't think the axial movement should be happening, and the rotational movement should be restrained more by the p. bracket. I think its too wide and too far from the bobbin case, which is making all this movement possible. Please help. I really appreciate everyone's help, and the time your taking to get these photos, ect. As I am sure you all know, machines can get frustrating quickly. Ian Moonlight Rigging