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  1. Ooh, nice, looks great! Deland seems a bit… big. I think we want to go slightly smaller than that.
  2. My girlfriend and I are considering travelling from our not exactly warm home country, Norway, to the US for a vacation of mostly skydiving in March. We'd love some dropzone recommendations! The perfect dropzone would have decent capacity (turbine aircraft), friendly staff and good facilities, but most importantly, a great vibe. Our home DZ (the absolutely non-obscure Skydive Oppdal!) is owned and operated by our club, completely on a volunteer basis, so we love dropzones with that home-away-from-home feeling. (We wouldn't mind helping out on the DZ as guests as well!) Dropzones should also operate in a safe manner – sane exit order, clearly communicated air space planning for tracking groups, people actually flying landing patterns and so on. I spent two weeks at Skydive Elsinore in March 2012, which was great. We may want to visit Florida this time. Or perhaps some other relatively warm state. Suggestions? (-:
  3. PD explains their measuring method for canopies (part I). Keep in mind that actual size, even when measured with the same method, isn't the complete story, neither on canopy performance nor pack volume.
  4. My Facebook using friends provided me with Too bad the clip in question is only a few seconds short. Looks just like a Skyhook demo to me: The main is connected to the reserve pilot bridle. The reserve pilot just hangs on, basically, while the main pulls the freebag. I'm looking forwarding to more details on DRX (-: