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  1. I'll vouch for that. I was one of Allison's Tracking Teammates at one point. My thought on breakoff was "Damn! That girl has a flat track!" If I only had a drouge..... Blue Ones, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  2. Pasty white bald guy from Alberta, Canada. Things I learned: -Discipline and attention to the small details is so important for bigways -ALWAYS look at the center -Big Ways are fun and looking forward to September already -Skydiving is such a small community. Met old Friends from long ago, put some faces to names of ones I had heard of but hadn't met, and made a lot of new ones -Americans can't drink Canadians under the table (knew that one already but always good to confirm) Thanks again to the P3 Crew and all the team mates for a wonderful time and sending good vibes for those still down south for good weather and big blots! Blue Ones Major Dad CSPA D-579
  3. Talk with the instructors at your drop zone who know you and your skills and can give you feedback. Blue Ones Major Dad CSPA D-579
  4. "Stupid Hurts" (one of my favorite T-Shirts) Major Dad CSPA D-579
  5. Done like dinner. Obama's to lose now. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  6. Yea. The person didn't have much of a chance to see the Stealth Devil and dropped a good 4 or 5 feet. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  7. This was the first time I have jumped in Perris (was there for the P3 Big Way Camp) and stuck well to the middle of the dirt field Saturday so I would have a chance to see the Dust Devils coming. No issues on any landings but saw one person get dropped by a Stealth Devil rolling through the grass landing area. Made me nostalgic for Lost Prairie! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  8. The skydiving tent is big enough for everyone! Just got back from the P3 Big Way Camp myself and had a blast. As others have said they will be doing a 100 way camp starting in a couple of days with 200 people. At my home DZ, belly flying is very much alive and well as is Freefly and CRW. What are you doing to get Belly RW going at your home Drop Zone? Too easy to play the victim and let life pass by. Grab it by the nuts and make something happen! Blue ones, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  9. Day 3 of the camp has ended. 15 Jumps so far and 3 more for tommorrow. Great experience so far and tommorow is 50+ ways from 16.5 Life is good Major Dad CSPA D-579
  10. The assault rifle I had had a little lever. One setting was for "Automatic", one setting was for "Semi-Automatic" and one setting was for "Safe". That being said I didnt call it a Semi Fully-Automatic. I called it "Michelle" Blue Ones, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  11. A friend of mine got busted a year ago under similar circumstances (except his was a 282' Attenna). His comment after was he should have told the cop he was practicing ground launching (in a field at 3 am next to a tower....). However as it was his first bust, he had other things on his mind. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  12. Depends on who owns the land, what their rules are and the culture of the Dropzone. Some Dropzones are on Airports that wont even allow a firepit let alone overnight camping. My home dropzone is located on a farmers field with the usual Skydiver Trailer Park that keeps getting bigger and bigger. The bonfire is quite active after jumping is done and people are encouraged to come and stay out for the weekend. However, there is the understanding that there are neighbors that live close and we want good relations with them (even Farmer McNasty to the north). Skydiving is pretty self policing and more than a few people wear out their welcomes and asked to pack up their stuff and move on. Especially if they are parasites or are a danger to themselves or others. Blue ones Major Dad CSPA D-579
  13. Sweet Picture Major Dad CSPA D-579
  14. Being in the Base on a 22 way-zoo load with a Frappe Hat. Bowling for Buddies...... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  15. Hmmmmm..... I recall hearing that before....... I'll be the pasty white bald guy in a Lost Prairie T-Shirt showing up at 11 PM or so. I will be thirsty!! Look forward to meeting you. Blue Ones Major Dad CSPA D-579
  16. Haven't you been warned about drinking with Canadians? You are on, though....... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  17. Of course they can. Remember the Industry that sprung up during the OJ Trial? It isn't about news anymore. It is all about feeding the 24-hours a day news cycle and have something new to say every 15 minutes. Will Wright only have 15 minutes of fame, or will he be milked by various interests for the duration (the latter I think...) Major Dad CSPA D-579
  18. Rig in date. Check Jumpsuits. Check Weight Belt. Check Passport. Check Logbook. Check US Money. Check Credit Card. Check Plane Ticket. Check Good to go. Looking forward to that 11 PM Ale in the Bomb Shelter tomorrow night and blowing off some rust in the sun Thursday. Oh yea - plus there is forecast for MORE snow here in Edmonton tomorrow (this spring has been stupid!) so the California Sun will be even sweeter. Blue Ones, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  19. B.S. There are plenty of racists in all communities. No race or religion has a monopoply on it. The media certainly fans the flames because it is good for ratings and sales. For every Wright there is a Pat Robertson. Sizzle sells and it looks like Wright is loving the forum the media is giving him to preach his message to the world. It is looking like Race and Racism will become an issue in this year's U.S. Election and that may not be a bad thing. Certainly it will be emotional since racism is based on emotions not logic. Blue ones, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  20. LMFAO!! This sum's up Dion and the Liberal's brilliantly! Harper must still be thanking his lucky stars that Dion won the leadership as the compromise candidate. I am surprised that the minority government has lasted this long, but not in a hurry for an election. Kinda shows that less government is better since they spend all their time beating each other up. Blue ones Major Dad CSPA D-579
  21. Well said. Especially the part about the crap Jerry Falwell has said over the years which gets a "pass" from the Religious Right. It is sad that much of this is being driven by Election Year Politics where the Republicans would rather go toe-to-toe with Clinton and all her baggage and flaws. Thanks for posting the vid. Have a good one. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  22. Someone has to pay the freight, just like the Students pay for ours Major Dad CSPA D-579
  23. The Adrenaline Rush Imax film is out in DVD and did a great job telling how Adrian prepared and did the jump. He never intended to land it since the 80-some pounds of wood above him probably would have left a mark. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  24. The Story.... ----------------------------------------------------- Swiss jumps using Leonardo da Vinci-designed parachute 1 day ago PAYERNE, Switzerland (AFP) — A 36-year-old Swiss amateur parachutist made a successful 650-metre (2,130-foot) drop Saturday using a replica of a parachute designed more than 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci. "I came down... smack in the middle of the tarmac at Payerne military airport," said Olivier Vietti-Teppa. "A perfect jump." Vietti-Teppa is the first person to have made it safely to the ground with the Leonardo model. In 2000, Britain's Adrian Nicholas tried it but had to pull the ripcord on a modern backup parachute to complete his descent safely. Vietti-Teppa jumped from a hovering helicopter and the Leonardo parachute opened at 600 metres, he reported. The parachute he used was made using modern fabric along lines designed by the Renaissance genius. The specifications were found in a text dating from 1485. The parachute consists of four equilateral triangles, seven metres on each side, made of parachute fabric, Vietti-Teppa explained. The base of the pyramid is a square of mosquito net, which enables the parachute to open. A wooden frame originally conceived by da Vinci was not used on the model in action on Saturday. One drawback: it is impossible to manoeuvre or steer the Leonardo parachute. "You come down at the whim of the wind," said Vietti-Teppa, who carried out advance tests using a scale dummy model launched from a remote-controlled model helicopter. Major Dad CSPA D-579