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  1. After Plan A, then Plan B, then Plan C, etc. If all else fails, assume that someone on the ground has video on you - smile and wave to the camera. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  2. Lord knows how we will miss Perry and his trademark laugh. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. From the neighbors next door in Alberta Phil and Aud
  3. MajorDad

    Hockey Fights

    The Vancouver Police are investigating the fight to see if charges will be laid. In addition the Canadian Papers have been full of interviews with the hockey "Enforcers" who all agree that the attack was well over the line. I would not be surprised if both the NHL and the police throw the book at him. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  4. I had about 500 jumps before I went to a Stilleto 150. I agree with the advice from others in you have a heart to heart with the senior instructors and the better canopy pilots who know you as to what would be an appropriate canopy for your style and ablilities. Most people on the list can quickly list off 5-10 names of people who went too quickly to too small of a canopy and ended up seriously/permanently hurt out of the deal. Regards. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  5. I set mine the same way. Between the internal time clock and the Mark I Eyeball, the Protrack is just another backup device that I dont rely on, nor am surprised when it goes off, but it is there. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  6. Inflatable Alligator? Not enough real ones in Z-Hills? (I love DZ Orientations in Florida) Major Dad CSPA D-579
  7. I got six and my wife keeps telling me I have Alzheimers! Or was it to pick up milk? Major Dad CSPA D-579
  8. Been there. Done That. Although it was most annoying at the time, I ended up finding a new opportunity with a different company with more potential and job satisfaction than the old one. Good Luck! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  9. There is no such thing as a stupid question - especially in skydiving. If you are not sure, you probably should. I have seen enough cases over the years where a helmet has prevented serious injuries. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  10. It is normally best if the owner of the plane is the one driving when it goes off the runway. Ask Larry Hill's Pilots!! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  11. Is there a way to get access to a salary survey for your occupation in your area? I am a Professional Engineer in Alberta and when I do the annual song and dance with my company, I review the survey that my provincial association publishes. It indicates the salary band that someone with my experience and responsibility gets. The government also has a survey but I find it is normally behind a few years. I also talk to peers in other companies to see what the going rate is. Regardless, remember that your company wants to keep the payroll as low as possible. Why give a 6% raise when people will accept 3%? Remember, the more you get paid, the more you can skydive! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  12. Congratulations. Wait till the free flyers invite you on the Hybrid Dives Have Fun Major Dad CSPA D-579
  13. Got to love a little blood in the old caffine system. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  14. Some things should stay in the 80's. Someone told me last week that Boy George is still touring. Must be trying to find the 2 people who bought his last record. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  15. You must have friends who skydive! Buy another case and see what happens. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  16. When you stop being a Pretender you become a Skydiver. Some take longer than others. How long it takes to become a Safe Skydiver, now that's another question. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  17. I didn't eat any Kraft Dinner so I must not be skydiving enough. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  18. Nice Post Bill, It made me think about my first rig many moons ago. I did abour 200 jumps on my DC-5 before I got my PD-210 for a good price. It sure taught me how to spot. Only one more month of snow until the Stilleto flies again. Major Dad CSPA D-579