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  1. But the majority of Trump supporters don't see that as a bad thing, and you'll never convince them otherwise. True. But the "majority of Trump supporters" represents a minority of the American Electorate. If the rest of the Electorate isn't shocked and appalled by what has been happening and actually gets out and vote next month, then the USA is truly on the decline... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  2. "US not invited to Canada's "Save the WTO Summit" of 13 'Like-Minded' Countries" An isolationist approach to Foreign Policy will result in less influence by the US around the world. And other countries will fill that vacuum. America Alone, indeed ... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  3. Yep. NAFTA 2.0 rearranges the deck chairs a little but Trump can claim a victory by changing the name. In the process destroys the relationship. The US may find that "America First" means "America Alone" Good luck with that... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  4. Word. The Republican Party is morally bankrupt. Any organization is a reflection of it's hiring practices. A talented asshole is still an asshole and will lead to a toxic environment. Hopefully this is a pyrric victory for the Republicans and they are just a distant, bad memory in 10-20 years. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  5. I first met John over 20 years ago and our paths crossed many times over the years. He considered Eden North and SD Arizona home, even though he was from Vernon, British Columbia. He was well known on the national and international stage as a videographer for the Canadian Plaid Jackets (National CF Team) and the Tropical Fish (National FS Team). By the end of his skydiving career he had just under 5000 jumps and 50 hours of FF time. He will be missed by many as one of the true characters of the sport. BSBD, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  6. MajorDad


    This is a very Passive Aggressive way to govern. The Republicans control all the levers of power in the US (President, Senate and Congress). They have to F'n GOVERN! This is like moving into a house and not doing any maintenance on a house for year after year after year. Then blaming the former owner of the house for the sad shape the house is in... Elections have consequences and the vacuum being created by the US navel gazing and infighting will be filled by others. Good luck! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  7. At first I thought this was the advance wave of Americans fleeing the coming Post-2016 US Election chaos.... You cant make this stuff up Walls? We dont need no stinking walls!! Especially when you bring your own alcohol!!! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  8. Ontario has had a run of bad luck lately. It seriously sucks to lose friends and people you know. It is time to walk away from skydiving when you no longer respect that it can kill you. It is time to walk away when it is no longer fun and it is just a job. It is only skydiving, we are not curing cancer. However, I have met so many wonderful people over the last 25 years, I would not change a thing. You just have to remember what is it about skydiving that you enjoy and just keep doing it. Blue skies Major Dad CSPA D-579
  9. If so who and how is it working? Thx, Major Dad CSPA D-579
  10. Word, John. Additional pipelines will be/ are being built to both the West Coast and East Coast.. Meanwhile, Oil-by-Rail is increasing at an ever increasing pace despite the reality it is more risky than by modern pipeline. Until the US starts to get serious about their own Carbon emissions (i.e. Coal) then this is all political dithering. If they don't want the oil, the Law of Supply and Demand will take care of it... People seem to forget that the World is going from 7+ Billion people to 9+ Billion over the next 25 years and the Chinese and Indians (original, not American) have been increasing their presence in the resource areas around the world... Just saying.... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  11. Good thing the current US Politicians weren't in charge during WW2. Pathetic that a bunch of supposedly smart people cant make a decision in less time than WW2 took... Cant make a decision that goes against the polls or interest groups... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  12. MajorDad

    Safety Brief

    thanks, John! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  13. Certainly made my Monday..... Check your training aids before class.... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  14. Dr. Dave was an active Canadian Skydiver / Base Jumper who passed away Friday on a Base Wingsuit Jump into the Grand Canyon. Words fail me on what a great guy he was. BSBD Link to the CBC Story... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  15. a little early for April Fools... Major Dad CSPA D-579