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  1. Also most tandem canopies sliders are not collapsed, the flapping of the slider damages the slinks. I worked at a Dz that had slinks on all of their tandem mains, and on a slow day did an inspection and every one of their slinks had serious burns in them, some to more than 50%. We changed every slink that day. I really like the sacrificial line on the sigma canopy, its the one thing I think that every tandem canopy manufacturer would copy. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  2. Time to start the ban on knives debate Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  3. I have a swift plus, make an offer Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  4. Hello "insert town name here" look at all the people here tonight! You know what I love about "insert town name here" the girls have legs that go all the way up to their necks! Yep, Ive seen DLR live a few times, and he always says the same exact things. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  5. Yeah but can he cut a 2 percent grade within a 10th of a foot and do it flat across, or pull a pond slope at a 4 to 1 or 5 to 1 from just a top grade stake? Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  6. We just use our Vigils to track jump numbers. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  7. That is interesting. Why only the team gear? It was because the only gear at the dz was team gear. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  8. Rdutch

    Vector 3

    The gear is Team Fastrax demo team rigs. They range from 150 mains to 293 mains. 6 rigs were stolen in all. They were stolen from our Ohio location.
  9. Late december, I dont have the exact dates. I hope they find the guy. Im sure that cutting active runway lights has a stiff penalty. Oh yeah I forgot to post, there is a reward for the return, or information leading to the return, and/or capture of the person(s) involved. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  10. 6 of our Team Fastrax demo team rigs were stolen. Someone tried to cut the alarm wires, but instead cut the lines for the airport lights, and awoss. They broke into the team room, and stole 6 rigs. They are all Vector 3 containers. Black with a Red, White and Blue center flap. The rigs say team fastrax all over them. And the mains all are white and say Selection.com. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  11. Im 50/50 Iran is flaunting and testing us every day. Its not like we have a right to make rules for them, we dont with India, Pakistan and other nuke countries. But they are clearly not on the same page as the rest of the world. Do I think WE should do something? No but I think someone nearby, that they can effect should. Maybe Israel should just drop a bomb or two, well maybe "Israel" ie: the U.S. like the last time "Israel" bombed them. We have all found out through history, that war is good for the economy, we will all be better off, except for the soldiers that go over there. And we will end up placing and supporting someone that will love us, until we cant help them anymore and turn on us, just like almost everyone the first poster mentioned as dead and an enemy of the us. The one thing that has changed, now we can bomb them with drones, so do I support a drone attack, well no! But wtf, why not, it will earn ratings for our elected officials. BTW im being 100% sarcastic, or not. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  12. *** We used to have a ink twin otter stamp, and a skydiver stamp. Before we went on a jumping holiday we used to stamp our money so the locals would know how much business the DZ is bringing into town. Skyding Dollars Eventually some of the locals in longmont could end up with some "skydiving dollars" when they get change from the local business's . Maybe even Mcnasty. The DZ is bringing in a lot more money to Longmont than the rental fee on the hangers and the cost of fuel. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  13. I agree, one of my best friends has been doing A/C and appliance repair over twenty years, he is has all the certifications, and in many states. When he was 18, we were hanging out at a movie theater parking lot after it was closed with about 50 kids from school. Cops came, found beer in some cars, and make everyone call their parents for a ride, and made us leave our cars. My mom picked us up, let us drop her off and let me use her car to pick my car up, because neither of us were drinking and it was bullshit. Upon returning to the theater, we were arrested for tresspass after warning. My mom came to the jail, and the cops said we were arrested because they knew we were drinking before. Mom insisted I was breath alyzed. We both were and passed, they said I was stoned then. I was released to mom, my friend to his. The next day I was piss tested by mom after I offered, and passed. We were offered a plea, I declined and said Ill take court, my friends mom wouldnt let him and took the plea. They dropped my case, and he got probation. Now every time he applies for a job, they do a background check on him. Because of a bullshit tresspass charge when he was 18, he gets denied for every job. That is something I find rediculous! Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  14. I love my evo, you can carry two batteries, or even buy a larger one, but my battery lasts all day. The 4g is hard to find. Its easy to use and has tons of open market apps. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!
  15. Are you really comparing a Nova to the velocity? Velocities have a long history of being a good canopy, and yes I have seen many canopies collapse, most of them high enough to reinflate, I see Tandem mains do it all the time, precision, PD and Icarus models. There was a crossfire 1 fatality at the pond national at the ranch where the canopy completely collapsed, yet crossfires continue to safely land skydivers every day. Ill take that challenge, I have a long history of doing video, big ways and 4way, I always made it a priority to have everyone I filmed land before me. Bring your pilot 150 and lets have a lift contest, Ill stay with you all day. Ray Small and fast what every girl dreams of!