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  1. We just use our Vigils to track jump numbers.
  2. Rdutch

    Start Skydiving

    I have jumped all over the country, Start has a great facility. I'm impressed with the way they don't mind doing go arounds, and will fly loads even if there isn't enough people to fill the plane. Also they really cater to the fun jumper even though they do a lot of AFF and Tandems. Start is a great dropzone.
  3. The shore was twenty feet to far away for these wind conditions.
  4. I have one on my Vector 304
  5. Rdutch

    What's your 270 set up

    Deep brakes, almost to stall. Then let the brakes up and listen, when the recovery is at its fastest point slow start to turn, carry it through slowly almost to 180, then with all the strength I have finish the last 90. This style starts with very little riser pressure, so you have to be carefull not to put too much input in and turn fast. Then end of it has a lot of riser pressure, it takes a lot of strength to finish the turn while maintaining the dive. I dont use any harness. The key to my style is to not turn too fast. Blus SkiEs Ray
  6. Rdutch

    2005 Florida swoop schedule

    Dammit, April 2 first meet, I get back in the USA from Iceland on the 3rd . That means Im going to have to wait until the 2nd meet to show you how good I can vert.
  7. Rdutch

    4-way video

    There's new rules about video, but Im not sure exactly what they mean but basically with Nationals if the judges cant see it, it diddn't happen. As far as coaching for cameramen Im sure any experienced 4way videographer can offer tips that will help out a lot. Go to the local meets and look at the video of other teams and take notes. Its a lot easier when you have a reference.
  8. Rdutch

    Skydive DeLand

    Skydive Deland is open 365 days a year, they have 3 awesome planes, a very good restaurant (new cook/management). Extra special attention to teams so if your on a team this is the place to go. Freefly coaching from some of the best in the world with the freedom of flight school. I reccomend the winter if you visit. Planes fly all summer long all day, but you will have a much more rememberable experience in the winter when Deland is at its peak.
  9. Rdutch

    Vector 3

    This Rig was stolen from skydive Deland. It was a rig used by Relative for an ad. One of a kind if you see one like it, its probably it.