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  1. Looking at the race from an interested outsider’s point of view, the race for President is McCain’s to loose. He can now spend the next few months on positive things such as developing an election strategy, picking a solid VP running mate that supports the strategy, and raising the mega-millions that will be needed. Clinton and Obama will spend the same time beating up on each other as that race is looking like it will go down to the wire to the Democratic Convention. The winner will then have to get on with trying to pick a running mate and then get on with running a campaign. While all three have flaws, McCain will have a six month head start on the Democratic Nominee. In that time the public will get used to the idea of McCain being the next President, especially if he looks “Presidential” while Clinton and Obama are still slinging mud at each other. My 2 cents Major Dad CSPA D-579
  2. looks like a 3.0 earthquake 14 km from San Jose Major Dad CSPA D-579
  3. Two ferocious cannibal chiefs sat licking their fingers after a large meal. "Your wife makes a delicious roast," one chief said. "Thanks," his friend said, "I'm gonna miss her!" Major Dad CSPA D-579
  4. Ummmm. No. The AN-2 is a bi-plane. See,RNWE:2006-12,RNWE:en%26sa%3DN for a picture and the information on F-OIJO. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  5. I'd rather be in Cincinnati than Bagdad! (or Edmonton when it is minus 40*)!! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  6. Is it April Fool's already?? Thank heavens I went through the school system long before "Politically Correct" was a term. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  7. Googling the registration "F-OIJO" shows that it is an Air Caraibes Cessna 208B Grand Caravan Major Dad CSPA D-579
  8. Looking at your other posts, you sure do get scammed a lot. Assuming this isnt a troll, you may want to talk to riggers/senior jumpers you know and trust before buying second hand gear. If it is a troll, go on and jump the parachute. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  9. John also needs access to good Scotch, of course. Stay warm John..... it's freezing here in Edmonton! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  10. I knew a baggage handler who skydived. He always carried his rig onto the aircraft with him. 'Nuff said. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  11. Not since GPS Seriously though, I went through standard progression way back when (very limited access to AFF where I was then). Listen and work with your instructors on the ground. You'll get through the sensory overload. As hard as it seems, relax and have fun with it. Good Luck Major Dad CSPA D-579
  12. Remster lives in Tuscon..... If you can put up with a transplanted Canadian (Karen keeps him in line though). If you like dirty old men, there's always Tom! Kimbo's right, a note on the bulletin board is probably safer Major Dad CSPA D-579
  13. Venting is good for the soul, isn't it Major Dad CSPA D-579
  14. MajorDad

    One Year Later

    Congrats on a great return to the game. (from one of the Canadians) Major Dad CSPA D-579
  15. Never say never.... A friend of mine has great footage of him locking his Base Canopy into a spin after aggressivley turning away from another Base Canopy on Opening. Went from a bad situation into a worse one as he helplessly spun towards the boat (Gonna Hit..... Gonna Miss ...... Gonna Hit..... Gonna Miss..... GONNA HIT..... whew, missed). He freely admits that was the closest call he ever had. Neither game is lawnbowling! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  16. Hmmmmm....... No! For so, so many reasons. A deliberate 2-out situation should only be reserved for a final "I'm going to die anyways, so what the hell". Deploying your reserve at 1000 feet while still attached to your main reminds me of that old Clint Eastwood line "Do you feel lucky today". Maybe it's time for this thread to get moved to "Safety and Training"......... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  17. You too, Phil. Back away and just smile. When Amazon was 5, I would have bet on Ma Bear. Now my money would be on Amazon. In fact, wasn't there a Tuna Commercial showing their fight a few years back? Now that was cute Major Dad CSPA D-579
  18. Can you work the Polar Bear attack into it?? That would be really sweet. How about the "Legal Procedure Question, Texas"? It's got to be illegal there..... Major Dad CSPA D-579
  19. Typical media........ sensationalizing things to sell papers! Who cares? It's cute.
  20. Typical media........ sensationalizing things to sell papers! Major Dad CSPA D-579
  21. Proceeding on the basis that this is not a troll but is a novice jumper who just had his first reserve ride - If this is your "take-a-way" lesson from your error, then you didn't take away the right "key" lesson. Some may have been covered by the Skydive AZ Staff, but in case they were not: Lesson 1 - Most emergencies under canopy are caused by pilot error. You caused yours by initiating a manuever at an unsafe altitude and left yourself no other outs. You started the chain of events. As per others, your job at the altitude you caused your own malfunction was to get into the landing pattern and land safely, not f&*%ing around. If you disagree with this, then you are not accepting responsibility for your own actions (and that would be a separate issue). Lesson 2 - The Emergency Procedures Drill for someone with your experience is the one you were taught on your first jump course ("Look-Locate-Punch Right-Punch Left-Arch" or whatever variation is taught in your neck of the woods). You do not have the experience to judge when to deviate from this drill. You should be mentally rehearsing the drill on your way to the plane and prior to exit so that it will always be that - a drill. As others have pointed out, back into the harness with you until this is a drill. Lesson 3 - RSL's, like AAD's, are mechanical devices which are not to be relied upon to save your life. They operate within their paramaters and have their limitations. I have had a number of reserve rides over the years and never, on any of them, did I even think about the Cypress or RSL as I dealt with the situation and deply my reserve. The Drill is simple and effective. There are a number of good articles on canopy control in the Safety Section and there are a number of people putting on excellent seminars out there (especially if Eloy is your home DZ). Educate yourself and get some good good training. You dont have to give guys like CSpenceFLY the benefit of the doubt. Remember that guys like him have had to clean up the carnage from accidents. They dont like seeing anyone getting hurt. I also get a little preachy about safety, but I will tell you from first hand experience that it SUCKS to give Mouth-to-Mouth to a friend who ends up dying before he made it to the operating table. You are new in this game. If you want to stay in the game, learn and apply the training you been given and learn and apply new training after you have mastered the more basic skills. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  22. Talk to the other jumpers at Lodi as to the Boogies in your area that are good to go to (some are fine for low-timers, others are not). There is also some good write-ups in the safety section of on how to survive at Boogies. Definately travel. I've been to a number of boogies over the years and always meet old friends and meet new ones. Part of the fun of this game. Major Dad CSPA D-579
  23. I also noticed a lot more people biffing in at Eloy than usual. I normally jump at a higher elevation than Eloy (2250 feet at Eden North) and certainly see a lot of sea-level'ish jumpers at Lost Prairie (4000 feet) and have not seen the number of people with poor flares as I saw during the boogie. We have been putting on a number of canopy seminars in Alberta this past year and will continue this year. I know that here we do spend time with people off student status if they have "issues" landing their canopies. All in all it was a good boogie and hats off to the Skydive AZ Staff. P.S. Happiness was a open Beer Trailer on Christmas Day surrounded by three Canadians! Too windy to jump and we had the trailer to ourselves for a couple of hours!!! Thanks Brian
  24. Glad to hear things went a lot smoother this year. I didn't go because of the carnage I witnessed last year. I just wanted to see if people got their shit together before going back. Anyway, how was the boogie this year? Were there a lot of people? The Boogie was a lot of fun. I have been to a number of boogies over the years and this one was the best of the bunch. I normally landed in the main landing area and for the most part the patterns were fine. The Staff talked to those few who didnt follow the pattern, but for the most part there were very few issues. I had a great time and plan on going back next year for more fun in the sun Major Dad CSPA D-579
  25. Just got home from the Boogie (and a couple of fun days in Vegas for kicks). Many thanks to Skydive AZ for a wonderful time and to Airspeed for the 30 plus jumps during the boogie (especially the formation loads). Met a lot of old friends and made some new ones. Only 50 weeks until the 2008 Holiday Boogie!! Major Dad CSPA D-579