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  1. woady

    Hey Der, Hi Der, Ho Der

    Nice to have you. Where do you jump?
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    AFF1 Chute

  4. woady

    Skydive The Farm

    I wanted to start my Advanced Freefall training but haven't been to many DZ around GA. I have heard a lot of good things about STF but I'm the type that needs to find out for myself and so yeah, everyone was right. It really is an awesome DZ which I will continue to get my jumps from. When I arrived at STF the DZ was Freakin' HUGE. They have two large Swoop ponds, the DZ was well kept, very clean, and did I mention it was huge? The staff was very personable, friendly, and knowledgeable. They really made it seem like the most important thing, other than safety, was that everyone was having fun. Everyone seemed like they wanted to be there, not like they were at work and had to be there. They were very accommodating and when I left I felt like I made some awesome friends. I look forward to returning and continue jumping with them.
  5. woady

    Woady's first tandem

  6. woady

    Atlanta Skydiving Center

    I really researched different DZ's in the area and despite a few experienced jumpers complaints I felt like I needed to find out for myself. ASC seemed well put together and organized. The staff was very friendly and informative (talked to me on the phone for about 10 minutes while I drilled them with questions). Other places seemed eager to answer a couple questions and get off the phone so I went with ASC. The day we were suppose to go there was bad weather so we rescheduled for a few days later. We did go a couple days later to the DZ and weather was still bad, but enjoyed the company of the people and staff. Two days later I called the DZ on a moments notice to jump and within the hour I was on a plane. I paid the extra $10 to go to 14 (which I watched the ALT to make sure we did and we jumped @ 14). Some jumpers said they didn't get to 14 and got excuses. I never had a problem with that. It was my first jump and of course, I got the video (and I look like a complete goober but that's not hard :) They rushed to make my video and I had it in my hands in about 5 minutes. I really couldn't be happier. Granted, I did jump on a weekday on the last group out, but they were still helpful and friendly. The facility was walking distance to the runway and very convenient. Overall, the facility, crew, environment, and experience were great. I would definitely recommend it and Preacher Man's Baby Jesus Burgers (and I asked, its not make from ground up baby Jesus although if it was I'm sure it'd be Kosher). Only bad factor was the weather which bummed us for a few days but I'm sure it was the same everywhere else. Any questions or concerns feel free to hit me up. Woady