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  1. We lost an absolutely incredible guy today. It's never easy but it's so shocking when it's someone like this. In this picture he fell victim to my famous Black Russians. I assumed he was passing the drink around when the first one I poured him was gone so fast. When I saw him with an empty glass the second time, and I hadn't seem him sharing I said "Ahmed! It's a sipping drink! He just giggled away and said "I don't sip!" The photo was taken on my cell so you can't really see how red he was but he had all of us in stitches with his giggling! This is just too sad
  2. Wow...... ....... ....another beautiful one leaves us.... a beautiful way...... ..............really...... BSBD
  3. I'm thinking of going to the Empuriabrava boogie for Christmas. Since I'm going it alone, only speak English and have never been to Europe, I would love some traveling tips. Their website gives lots of directions but seeing it written down and doing it are two different things. Girona, Perrignan and Barcelona are the three closest airports but I can’t tell by reading their website which one I should look into flying to. Price is usually a factor but if it’s 10% more money to save 30% more hassle – well I’d rather pay the money so that’s the kind of stuff I need to find out. Any North Americans out there with recent first hand experience who can help? Thanks Rhonda
  4. I'm sure if Guy and his recruiting team lowered their standards they could've been doing 200-way attempts. Like most experienced big-way jumpers, I would way rather be on a successful sub-200 sequential and have fun doing it than be on a frustrating 200-way gong show. And I'm sure as these organizers continue to prove their track record of inviting only top quality big-way jumpers there will be a snowball effect and the jumps will grow in size much faster in the long run. I know longevity isn't a concept many skydivers are familiar with though so I understand why you might be frustrated....
  5. Great conversations have been had over that very shirt
  6. Since I drive a diesel pick-up, I am the most qualified one in our company to go truck the same way one is qualified to edit a fashion magazine after sewing a button on a shirt. Hope someone can steer me in the right direction. Here's what we're looking for: Dock height Carry 8-10 skids (40x48x60) each skid 1600lbs (12,000 - 16,000 gross total) short haul going between 2 locations in town only Am I likely to find something that can handle that load but not need more than a regular license to drive it? Any little tidbits of info would help
  7. My brother and I have have a company which sells a product geared largely to kids and we're paying $100,000 for a gaming company to do up a video game/website for us as a marketing tool. The characters and story line they've come up with are pathetic & I was very vocal (to my brother) in my disapproval. So, long story short: I have until Monday to come up with something better than the 5 "experts" did or he's going to go ahead with it. I've got an idea for the story but I'm a total blank for characters that would work for it. I've been doing the Google thing, hoping to get some ideas but I'm having a hell of a time finding me way around! I'm looking for animated images of characters that don't look like anything real.... How do you type that one in to Google?! If you have no idea what I mean check out these guys: Chia Jub Jub Kiko at Please! Somebody help! Rhonda
  8. Weird in the city To wear my snowmobile suit But I stargaze warm
  9. Lawyer? His fucking lawyer Holy shit! When I think of all the stupid stuff I've done that could've turned out bad if everything that isn't ever likely to go wrong does go wrong....... Well....I better smarten the fuck up quick or I'm going to be spending a fortune on lawyers! It must really work though, this lawsuit business. I mean, what could be better to kill that spur-of-the-moment-adrenaline-filled-urge to do something crazy that you thought would be fun for everyone, than having the word "Lawsuit" pop into your head? Then, when you get time later you can contemplate all possible consequences of such an action - get some other feedback, even (for those rare times when it's not obvious what stupid-head idea you had) and should everyone agree it's perfectly (and I mean perfectly) safe, you can always seize the moment the next time!
  10. No, you're right. You can't help it if some jump the gun. But it was sweet of you to try!
  11. I was kinda thinking the same thing. As I kid it never occured to me but now that I'm mature, I'd prefer to climb over ...not that I ever did the lock-the-door-and-crawl-out prank....or plan to...
  12. Does anyone know the technique for climbing over a toilet stall divider with grace? Saw someone do it recently. Very impressive. Thought it might be a good skill to have.....
  13. I've gotta ask why you think she'd like the bear. How many women out there over the age of 16 like getting stuffed animals? How many men out there have bought or would buy a stuffed animal for someone they like/love/want to impress?