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  1. Perhaps he's proof that nice guys do *win* afterall
  2. Schnoodle? a mix of schnauzer and a poodle? Cute
  3. Wow! what a beautiful bride and handsome groom
  4. Just for Spence.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nsFHfLYCDo4 _________________________________________
  5. I'd say the anonymous e-mailer is the petty one, not Spence. I agree. Only cowards hide behind anonymity. Chris, don't take it personal. _________________________________________
  6. They closed hwy 98 today due to water washing over the road. 15-20 ft swells. My mom just told me about the road closure this morning and the huge swells they're getting down there. My grandmother is stuck on Dauphin Island because the roads are flooded over. _________________________________________
  7. Is there such a thing as an anonymous email? _________________________________________
  8. Thanks but I got "Error 404. Page not found" I think thats an even funnier responce than the webcams! Said blackhole and flashing lights ate the link _________________________________________
  9. I still vote for "none of the above" but still with the recent lashing it appears that Obama-Biden are lowering themselves and running skeered. _________________________________________
  10. no shit! _________________________________________
  11. Was there a joke with that link? _________________________________________
  12. Thanks but I got "Error 404. Page not found" _________________________________________
  13. That's disgusting _________________________________________
  14. Schweeeeeeeeeet video! I like the music selection as well _________________________________________
  15. Have you seen any results from the "experiment"? If so, please share. _________________________________________
  16. Is this possible? I think not. http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20070018906&ch=7/14/2007+4:02:00+PM _________________________________________
  17. I'll only wash your bike if you brush my hair _________________________________________
  18. "Momma of the Dirty Drunkards MC" _________________________________________
  19. ....we were so cool! _________________________________________
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRa40b1GOMc _________________________________________
  21. Nope. If you're questioning it, it isn't where you need to be...atleast not at this particular point in your life. Not sure if you made a jump yet or not or if your first jump was based upon a bet gone wrong or what...but it seems to me based upon the info given that you aren't pursuing the sport for the right reasons. Just my 2 pennies..... _________________________________________
  22. It's not just here in the US...its everywhere. I had dinner at a really nice restaurant in Switzerland with my husbands parents and the service was TERRIBLE..unfortunately the tip was included in the price, so my fatherinlaw complained. The server had the balls to tell him that "the day the customer is King is OVER"...so my fatherinlaw deducted the 18% and we all walked out as the server chased us and yelled insanities. It is rare to get decent service in the restaurant industry, but when I get good service, I tip big to let the server know how much I really appreciate them. _________________________________________
  23. It's an amazing feeling to be reassured that you are cared about and genuinely loved, isn't it?
  24. mmmmmmmmmmm....I had lemoncello tonight Deeeeeeeelicious!