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  1. I have always wanted to attend one of these classes. http://www.wilderness-medicine.com/Default.asp Sadly i never got around to it and maybe never will. things change once the family comes into play! I was reading the thread, good point about the long transport times. here in the city we are 7min any direction from nearest hosp. while working out in county I enjoyed less call volume but more pt contact time as the nearest facility could be easily 30min drive time.. so from house-cot-rig-hosp time you could easily have 45 min contact time.. last week while in a very, very rural setting i worked a car accident that took 45min for a rig to show up (not my coverage area, I rolled up on a sheriff car vs truck) and they where only 1st responders! anyway you go, enjoy it all for as long as you can! Joe www.greenboxphotography.com
  2. Seriously??? Yep, serious.. see Matt Clines replay in this thread.. but they don't work. they set you off, get you to react and then sue you.. easy money for them. www.greenboxphotography.com
  3. these westboro people are smart and nut bags at the same time. The reaon they picket is not based on thier religious views but they do so for a source of income. they hope that you will react to them and you will of course assult oneof them so they can sue you and get cash out of the deal. Its thier job! they need the shock value.. if people dont pay attention and leave them alone they will have to move on to something else. whats the saying about feeding the trolls? www.greenboxphotography.com
  4. No, but I would like at least 2 heavier than normal ones to help control the crown of a round reserve ~ just a personal preference... hey sexy man, I have afew packing weights that you can have. Next time you are in KC stop by the house and take home some of this extra rigging stuff that i have in the basement. xoxo and tell your wife to stop being jealous about us ;) www.greenboxphotography.com
  5. After reading the story it reminds me of the list of reasons I have left EMS. I miss the job on occassion but don't miss BS calls and dealing with humanity at 3am. I was just abou to buy myself a bullet proff vest before I left as my service would have never purcahsed one for us. At that time I set back and said if I need a vest for my protection I don't need this job! Best of luck to you guys still out there taking the 911 calls. www.greenboxphotography.com
  6. No. He couldn't. It actually takes a modicum of skill to do that. It takes NO skill whatsoever to buy a gun and bullets. It takes no skill to use the gun at close range either. None. A suicide vest is orders of magnitude harder to construct than simply buying a gun and pulling a trigger. are you kidding me? I think just about every bored boy scout knows how to blow something up, thats what summer camp was about right? simple things like placing BB's, gun powder and strike on anything match heads in a ping pong ball make a neat little explsoive device, we also found that if you spill your coke in a bucket of chlorine poweder a fire will insue shortly after.. enterprising young scouts found if said in contents are placed in a tightly sealed metal contaier the thing will explode and damage can be very impressive, the list goes on and those where simple 7th grade tricks. I am guessing the AZ shooter could have come up with something simple and destructive. www.greenboxphotography.com
  7. I don't think by any means I am a nutter, but we are preparing for a loss of service to our home. This has happend to the area we are moving to soon. Power loss for more then 1 week 2 yrs ago and a power loss of 5 days last yr. We plan to have a back up genarator and since we will use well water for our source this is crucial for the powering of the pump. we also have land, lost of land that will support our food needs with canning process for winter consumption and wildlife for meat consumption. the firearms that we have are to keep whats ours at bay from those that are desprate and without the means of survival. so firearms serve dual purpose of hunting game and defending the home. we don't have a written plan for stuff, that seems a bit crazy but who am I to say whats crazy.. the guy who wrote out all thos plans could say skydiving is crazy. www.greenboxphotography.com
  8. If I continue to use the postal service for shipping I will use the automated machine and make my life simple. www.greenboxphotography.com
  9. Ok, so each time you ship a package the post office workers run through thier questions of any thing breakable, frgile, perishable and like most americans I lie and say no just to go on with life. Today the grilling of questions came and as the worker picked up the box it was "what is in here?" Normally I would say none of your business but I guess it is thier business, but do they have to know everything really? I said magazines, a book and some left over christmas stuff. pretty much covered it but I got the impression the worker was not buying it. So my deal is, why? do they really need to know what my business is and what i am shipping.. next time i am going to say anal beads, cock rings and butt plugs to see what the reaction is, but i doubt it because i will just use UPS or fed ex next time for my packages. www.greenboxphotography.com
  10. I am not sure how to combine scuba with urban explore but I have done many urban outings for photography and if you do a flickr search for urban, or graffitti or photo groups in your area you will find others that explore and that could lead you to an area exploers forum that shows many areas around you. Be aware that urban buildings are often safer to explore then urban houses, crack heads like to cook and live in abonded houses and homeless tend to live in the buildings. safety in numbers for you and always have a plan for a quick exit!!! www.greenboxphotography.com
  11. They had three, they were actually $29 each and I bought 2 complete rigs today, there was one left (but it's 2 hours away). I was digging through the box of crap they have, and I found a bag marked "Recovery Parachute, 15'" and noticed safety stoes through the plastic. I opened it, and instead of a recovery chute, it was a full sleeve with the same markings, so I put one and two together and, hey, full rig! The only markings I can discern (I don't speak chinese) were "1991" which I assume is the DOM. I have them in my car, tomorrow I'm going to put up lots of photos. Jerk, when you come to KC you go all old school and call me.. let me know you are coming and i will go with you to mickeys and play with parachutes with you.. oh speaking of i have some stuff here in my rigging room for you! xoxox Joe www.greenboxphotography.com
  12. Thats what i was thinking as well.. www.greenboxphotography.com
  13. wow, really? I have ben out of school just 20 yrs, have things changed that much? A horse at a rural Kansas school would have almost been expected at least once per year! They are still a transportation mode here! Now a skayeboard on the other hand, I could see where that would land you with a suspension! www.greenboxphotography.com
  14. I am off to Arches natl park on Friday, going to be on a photo hiking trip and have prowled the photo forums of a canon camera users site.. now I am asking the dz.com people.. what is your favorite hike in Arches/Moab area? Thanks Joe www.greenboxphotography.com
  15. Dennis was an awsome guy, it hurts to hear this news. Dennis was always to be found with a smile on his face. he loved to skydive, loved to teach skydiving and just loved everything avation. I was lucky enough to jump with him on many occassions and at many DZ's, Dennis taught my tandem course and I had a great time learning from him. I think back to his storys and one of them sticks out and that was when he went to school at Pitt State (Pittsburg, Ks) he and Jim Sours formed a skydive club with the school, got some cash and spent it all on beer and jumps. I guess the school found out about the beer and that was the end of that club, he just smiled as he told the story. little Joe www.greenboxphotography.com