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  1. ah how you seem to delight in posting these so you can sit on your high horse and say "I told you so... look at the traumatized kid I'm using to make my point!" asshole. Not sure why this is upsetting you so much. It is simply the price you have to pay for your freedom to have a gun. You should be sending flowers to the family thanking them for paying their 2nd Amendment dues. oh look... another asshole. I just see lots of people here who need to be called assholes. I haven't been banned in a while, so I figured it was time. -- Rob
  2. ah how you seem to delight in posting these so you can sit on your high horse and say "I told you so... look at the traumatized kid I'm using to make my point!" asshole. -- Rob
  3. try this then http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2014/10/14/world/middleeast/us-casualties-of-iraq-chemical-weapons.html?_r=0 That contains much of the same story. -- Rob
  4. I expect dead horse beatings. I was just a little (only a little) bit surprised by how circular the arguments are. on one side of the argument it seems there are religious (to varying degrees) people who want to be able to defend themselves. On the other side there are people mocking christian beliefs saying that the first group shouldn't need to defend themselves in a church because their god should do it for them. When the first group is only citing a list of rights enumerated by founding fathers that are described in the enumerating document as endowed by our creator. so what it comes down to is the second group being whiney bitches complaining about the first group carrying guns (or wanting to) into some place the second group isn't likely to be anyway. This thread is even MORE petty than I'm used to here. -- Rob
  5. I thought you statists respected the NY Times? -- Rob
  6. dear god. this thread is on page 4 and the dead horse beatings continue. -- Rob
  7. well no. Not everyone. But what am I doing correcting you. You know all. -- Rob
  8. Sure you are. I'm sure not all who carry are as well trained, but I know I and the people I shoot with have had more hours of formal firearms training than most TX peace officers. I also know we get more practice time than most TX peace officers. So snort and laugh... just know your perception is not universal truth. -- Rob
  9. How would god choose to stop bad humans? Strike them down with lightning? Make them vanish? Maybe place good humans with weapons where they can stop the bad humans and inspire them to act in defense of worshipers? Who is to say how god would respond. I wouldn't guess how you would respond much less god. -- Rob
  10. Shame about all the other people who'd get shot with all the misses. I'd wager they'd do as well or better than NYPD -- Rob
  11. Ya think? http://www.syracuse.com/us-news/index.ssf/2016/04/georgia_lawmaker_gets_dui_with_kids_gun_in_car.html 72 in a 45 zone. BAC 0.225%. 4 juveniles in the car (doesn't say if they were kids or teenagers). And carrying a gun. Care to guess which party before you open the link? scumbag yes.... hypocritical scumbag? Did he get elected on his tough on drunk drivers campaign? No? So just a run of the mill scumbag. -- Rob
  12. As a matter of fact, I have. Republicans are better, though, because they espouse "law and order", "personal responsibility" and "family values" so loudly that when their hypocrisy is exposed it makes it so much more interesting. He has, but he tends to point out the scumbags in concert with their hypocrisy. As he notes, there's less of that with the other party (pick your reasons why... we won't agree) so it's not as fun to point out. And this is all about fun (and inciting internet riots) -- Rob
  13. Yes, getting belief in supernatural beings out of government will be hard work, but necessary. And reversing the shift in assets to those who are already the wealthiest will also require work. 1) big corporate taxes, no corporate subsidies... force corps to invest in themselves to avoid taxes. This leads to more productivity, more jobs more cash flow on the streets, more confidence in the economy. A) simple consumption based taxes for the populous with non-taxed goods for basic needs... tax avoidance becomes simple, don't buy taxed goods. (similar to the TX sales tax system) -- Rob
  14. You mean like - Oh - Idunno - refusing to prosecute and uphold immigration law? OK, enough about G.W. Bush. thank you for reinforcing the point. It's been going on so long that even the "blame bush" crowd think it's normal and ok. "bush did it, so it's ok for obama to do it too" -- Rob
  15. While I'm all for saying that they need to hold the hearing and either confirm or deny an appointee, declaring they need to be bypassed is taking it a bit far. Sure... something isn't being done the way you want? Bypass it! (uh... no) Remember who did what and ensure you don't vote for them again? Yup! Do that. -- Rob