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  1. RopeaDope

    Rigging app for repack tracking

    I just put the customer in my outlook calendar and set an alert to go out to them and me 2 weeks out. If I haven't heard back after the first week, I'll call and make sure they are tracking.
  2. RopeaDope

    Bumpers or tacking for reserve hard links?

    Good question. I've only had two come to me with Rapide links so far. I recommend an upgrade and both customers agreed so I upgraded them. I personally think Rapides should be phased out.
  3. RopeaDope


  4. RopeaDope

    First time jumpsuit buy

    *forgot, read this first;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread Www.rockskymart Those are a few places to start, but talk to your instructor and rigger. Lot of different options out there to make skinny people fall faster and fat people to fall slower. Also you'll need to figure out if you are going to end up being more into RW or FS. Different strokes for different folks. As a beginner you should look for something used, or get a nice comfy lighter weight set of mechanics coveralls and have your rigger add an extra layer of material to the butt, knees, and elbows. (Maybe even put some thin foam pad in those areas until you are standing up your landings consistently. You'll be upset if you jump your $400 suit for the first time and skid it in on the tarmac, or baseball slide for about 20 yards on nice fresh green grass.
  5. RopeaDope

    Need help withTANGLED LINES!!

    Take it to he DZ with a $5 bill, and ask a packer to pack it for you.
  6. RopeaDope

    Find A rigger by seal letters

    Pull out the packing data card and cross reference