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  1. mutumbo

    Barcelona: "zero-gravity spa"

    Link didnt work
  2. mutumbo

    Ready to jump again.

    it was for me. every jump was the same thing, sweating, nauseous, shaking, sick feeling. ESPECIALLY at the door. i could barely see straight i was so terrified. the second i got out though, all was GREAT. total bliss. id guess its normal. just keep jumping, they(read: damn near everyone) say it goes away eventually, usually after around 150 jumps or so.
  3. sounds like fun! hope i can make it!
  4. mutumbo

    First windtunnel

    not like that but i did think i got hit by a mack truck the next day, lol
  5. mutumbo

    Newbeegirl from California

    grats on your firts jump. glad you enjoyed it! yeah the big student canopies are a pain in the ass to get together without dragging it, but you wont be on one forever and the smaller canopies are much easier to handle :D good luck. and welcome to the forums
  6. mutumbo

    stopping by to say hello

    welcome to the forums!
  7. mutumbo

    where is this ?

    not a clue, but it sure is pretty :)
  8. mutumbo

    Get $$$ for driving me to the DZ..

    Right now i'm in central Florida and could possibly help you out. I'm in easy driving distance from Tampa and Orlando airports, and zhills, lake wales, and Deland (a bit of a drive, depending, but still totally do-able).
  9. mutumbo

    First Jump!

    GRATS MAN!! yeah come to the south, its where all the cool people are anyway lol.
  10. mutumbo

    Set me up!

    Im far from an expert and experienced but from what ive read, skyventure orlando is a good place to go.
  11. mutumbo

    TRYING to do AFF course

    Good luck! :) hope you get to jump.
  12. Congrats! i hope to start my AFF out there within the next few weeks. :)