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  1. A number of us who live in Colorado and have MHS as our home DZ made several comments during the trial that derogatory comments about Kim, people threatening fly by's, etc. on were not helping our case. This latest rant is about "bullies" threatening these sorts of things, false claims of it happening, etc. These sorts of comments are counter productive and feed right into her story. For those of us who live in Colorado, please refrain from these sorts of statements. First amendment aside, such comments do more harm than good. I don't know if it's still active but the "Citizens Against Citizens For Quiet Skies" facebook page is full of exactly what you're talking about and doesn't help the cause at all. Just a bunch of people talking trash and calling Kim a bitch/cunt/etc (at least when I left it couple years ago).
  2. artard

    Aerodium open tunnel in St Louis

    Wow, more expensive than iFly...
  3. artard

    Denver iFly Timeshare

    Have you looked into one of the kids/family leagues? It's a good way to fly regularly for a decent rate.
  4. artard

    Tunnel instructor level 1 course

    You're way better off getting a job at a wind tunnel and having them pay for the training if you are looking to go that route. If you want to teach in the wind tunnel without working for one directly you can get a coach rating which can be done in one evening and doesn't cost $10,000. The skills you will work on over the course of getting an instructor rating will be focused around keeping flyers safe and preventing them from injuring themselves, especially first-timers. Are you interesting in working for a tunnel or do you want to progress your own flying ability? If it's the latter you should spend that money on 1 on 1 coaching. edit: This information applies to IBA/Skyventure tunnels
  5. Damnit I thought Orlando was hiring instructors and was about to ask where to send my resume
  6. artard

    Cameras that aren't go-pros

    I was just about to post a thread asking the same thing. In light of recent events I'm no longer interested in buying a gopro and was wondering if there are any competitors to the gopro 3 black yet? I'm mainly interested in filming 720p at 120fps.
  7. artard


    I use plugfones (the yellows): They cost $14 and work amazingly.
  8. artard

    Stupid question.

    Hour packages must be flown all at once (you can't buy an hour and then fly it in 10 minute increments). Also the $675 rate is for un-coached time.
  9. artard

    Skyventure Colorado is kicks ass!

    Skyventure Colorado does indeed kick ass!
  10. artard

    AFF COURSE - Where to take it?

    Lodi is not a USPA drop zone and therefore the last place you would want to do your student training (among other reasons). You can get certified here in Colorado, but since you are willing to travel I would suggest looking at the A license packages at Skydive the Farm and Skydance Skydiving, they appear to be some of the best deals you can get starting out.
  11. artard

    Requirements to freefly?

    Facial piercings are optional but you won't be able to fly head down for shit until your ear gauges are at least 00
  12. Did she also smoke some marijuana that was laced with PCP? And maybe she had a friend who took so much LSD he thought he was a glass of orange juice.
  13. If you just got your A license and are already working on 4way exits you are way ahead of the curve. Just keep working on belly and take a canopy course or two.
  14. So you have never skydived before and think you have an idea that will revolutionize the sport? How would you even know if it's a good or feasible idea or that it's never been thought of or tried before? Read this article then get back to me about how it's possibly relevant to your situation.