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  1. A number of us who live in Colorado and have MHS as our home DZ made several comments during the trial that derogatory comments about Kim, people threatening fly by's, etc. on were not helping our case. This latest rant is about "bullies" threatening these sorts of things, false claims of it happening, etc. These sorts of comments are counter productive and feed right into her story. For those of us who live in Colorado, please refrain from these sorts of statements. First amendment aside, such comments do more harm than good. I don't know if it's still active but the "Citizens Against Citizens For Quiet Skies" facebook page is full of exactly what you're talking about and doesn't help the cause at all. Just a bunch of people talking trash and calling Kim a bitch/cunt/etc (at least when I left it couple years ago).
  2. Setting aside the fact that this woman is a charlatan and psychics don't exist... it is in incredibly poor taste that you guys would put up pictures of specific dead skydivers for her to "channel." Holy shit that is so shameless and offensive, and I would wager you didn't ask permission from any of their families before using their deceased loved ones to peddle your goods and services. I always knew you were into weird quasi-spiritual motivational stuff but overlooked it because you seemed like a decent guy otherwise, but this really is beyond the pale. My copy of Parachute And Its Pilot is going in the dumpster when I get home tonight.
  3. Anyone know when this thing is actually coming out in the US? Hopefully in time for the holiday season?
  4. Does this mean the X1000 already has BOSS for 1080/720? And for all framerates?
  5. The IBA draw generator includes the 8 way pool
  6. Wow, more expensive than iFly...
  7. What's a split rig?
  8. Have you looked into one of the kids/family leagues? It's a good way to fly regularly for a decent rate.
  9. I couldn't agree more, thanks for saying this. That "Citizens Against Citizens for Quiet Skies" facebook page has done more damage to our cause than anything else with the derisive and sexist comments they allow on every posting and I would encourage people to unlike it and distance themselves from those opinions.
  10. I thought it was going to be that new video of the 300 jump velo guy
  11. First of all, don't fly with other beginners unless you guys are under the direct supervision/spotting from an experienced coach (most tunnels will require this anyway). Also have a plan and stick to it and try to do a minimum of improvisation. Even if you are playing follow the leader or something similar, have a rough idea of what you will be doing before entering the tunnel. The worst tunnel accidents I've seen are when multiple people are "messing around" without a plan and end up in each other's airspace at high speeds. If someone falls into your burble it's probably too late to do anything honestly but by taking proper precautions (e.g. not flying too high off the net) it shouldn't be a big deal and you will laugh about it. The reason the (now deleted) video ends in an injury is because they get way off level with each other which is a no-no. Also being able to fly extremely close to someone without falling into their burble (or hold your position while people are pushing/pulling on you) is a different skill that you will pick up as you gain experience.
  12. You guys both appear to be pretty inexperienced and somebody fucked up. Is it really necessary to air dirty laundry by calling your partner an idiot on a public forum? Also I agree with cocik that you guys were too high, you should be turning points close to the net so there's less height to fall on each other when somebody burbles
  13. I know at least a couple experienced jumpers who never got over this phase and always want about skydiving when we hang out around whuffos because they think it's impressive. It's obnoxious as fuck
  14. Not really, employers will still be free to drug test their employees if they want. There's no law saying you can't fire someone for pissing hot. Much like jobs that do alcohol tests despite it being perfect legal to drink.
  15. A boogie at mile hi? Yeah that's never going to happen
  16. Neat, thanks for the info!
  17. Can someone please explain to me what the deal is with the camera guy's "slider?"
  18. This is the dumbest, most childish thing I've seen in the 4.5 years I've been in the sport. I don't know Simon well, only met him a couple times when he used to come to the SVCO tunnel but I just lost any respect I had for him. It seems like he quite enjoys traveling between boogies, doing load organizing, being on state/world head down records. What does he think is going to happen to his reputation and future coaching/organizing gigs as a result of this? I hope it was worth it.
  19. You're way better off getting a job at a wind tunnel and having them pay for the training if you are looking to go that route. If you want to teach in the wind tunnel without working for one directly you can get a coach rating which can be done in one evening and doesn't cost $10,000. The skills you will work on over the course of getting an instructor rating will be focused around keeping flyers safe and preventing them from injuring themselves, especially first-timers. Are you interesting in working for a tunnel or do you want to progress your own flying ability? If it's the latter you should spend that money on 1 on 1 coaching. edit: This information applies to IBA/Skyventure tunnels
  20. In America women don't go to prison for pre-martial sex when they get raped Edit: Or take your pick from: institutionalized human rights violations, institutionalized discrimination against the poor, censored internet/media, ridiculous costs of living, 120 degree heat, some of the unsafest drivers in the world, ugly architecture. To imply that the only reason people would dislike Dubai is because of racism or jealousy is frankly, idiotic.
  21. So I just saw on the Sony website that they are no longer selling the cheaper (non wifi) version of the action cam. Does anyone know if it's going to be replaced with another camera or are they only going to sell the wifi one now?
  22. Looks like the same type as the tunnel in vegas. Those rates seem really high, have you tried asking someone at your drop zone if there are better rates you can get if you book directly through an instructor? Skyventure tunnels charge much higher rates for non-skydivers and first timers who book their "first time package" but I have no idea if it's similar at this place.
  23. Does your friend post online using the screen name -Joey- or ledballoon by any chance?