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  1. OH OH OH!!!! Lindsay Lohan, Jessica Simpson, and Nicole Richey and Brittney Spears are so credible that I want to follow whoever THEY choose to vote for!!!! Those bitches are as dumb as fkn doorknobs and need to STFU!!!! and lay low...their only place on the planet is to look cute in pics in magazines. _________________________________________
  2. Dont worry about it. "enola" is a sick individual that's banned now anyway. _________________________________________
  3. Ghost Town will be out this Friday, the 19th. It looks really funny. I like the scene with the dog at the end of the trailer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86BHA24-XwE _________________________________________
  4. I hope you get power back soon. I've been without for 15 days or so after Hurricane Wilma when I lived in West Palm Beach and I didnt have a charged laptop or WIFI..only a battery operated radio. I totally understand how boring it is without power, but the warm I don't understand _________________________________________
  5. If you ever have insomnia, go to Skydiving History and Trivia Forum and take a gander at the DB Cooper thread. I guarantee you that if you have trouble sleeping, that thread will induce drowsiness. Snnnnnnnnnnnnnnoooooooooorrrrrrrrre....zzzzzzzzzz I'm grateful for the benefits of that thread because my other option was to listen to Harry Potter reruns. _________________________________________
  6. Nice video _________________________________________
  7. Cool _________________________________________
  8. Just trying to get to know a newbie, sweetpea. That's what we skydivers do. We're a tight knit group. Welcome
  9. I find your "story" entertaining. BTW, who's your BASE mentor? _________________________________________
  10. ....but Peggs, she HAS done a BASE jump, so why not let her be a child prodigy and be the first 15 year old AFF Wingsuiter? That'd be a lot of !! Oh wait... _________________________________________
  11. RkyMtnHigh

    Cool kites

    That's really tacky, Jeff Grow up! _________________________________________
  12. ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHUCK!!!***** I hope you have a great Birthday weekend and have fun, but... Don't show your ass and I mean that literally...I think I've seen it enough over the past 4 years _________________________________________
  13. This makes me think of a high school friend who lost her 16 year old daughter to a solo auto accident, crashed into a telephone pole, from being distracted from text messaging while driving. Her passenger survived the accident and is traumatized for life. Very sad _________________________________________
  14. So "heelarious" that they'll be laughing all the way to the bank. I can't blame anyone for creating such a thing, just those that buy it! I don't see that they're a good idea for the baby's development. _________________________________________
  15. I don't find those "heelarious" at all. _________________________________________
  16. "the dog wasn't impressed" Not sure I could shit or pee during a hurricane either Thanks for checking in with the update. Glad you guys are okay. _________________________________________
  17. Are you all replying to what is most UNlikely or likely? You really can NOT see me being a fluffer? Most unlikely, with that girl next door look. So does that mean you could see me as a snake wrangler or a truck driver? _________________________________________
  18. MacGyver...not only was he *hot*, he could start a fire with two toothpicks...I dig resourceful and creative guys http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uxEq7dy3-Ok _________________________________________
  19. Advice isn't for the person but for YOU to stop pressuring people to conform to your agenda. Wouldn't you feel like shit if you pressure the person to jump before they are ready and they get injured? Think about it. _________________________________________
  20. Are you all replying to what is most UNlikely or likely? You really can NOT see me being a fluffer? _________________________________________
  21. I'm saying prayers for your safety as well as all Texans affected. Hang tough Wendy! _________________________________________
  22. Wellllllll...what do ya think? _________________________________________
  23. http://www.funnyordie.com/videos/61410aa4ff _________________________________________
  24. Be Safe down there. _________________________________________
  25. It's awesome to see Luke Russert walk in his father, Tim's, footsteps. He had such a pleasant demeanor and fair balance when he interviewed both McCain and Obama. His mannerisms are so similar to his dad's. I miss Tim Russert. _________________________________________