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  1. Maybe you're on the "no fry list". You'd think by my age that my "turn" would come around by now. _________________________________________
  2. I wonder why my name never comes up for jury duty and others have been summoned numerous times _________________________________________
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjnvSQuv-H4&feature=related
  4. This was hilarious from last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GliQjmuf8_s _________________________________________
  5. THAT coming from YOU? _________________________________________
  6. Do you know about the yodeling pickle? I bought it when I moved back to CO...sent it to PsychoBob for the Memorial Day Beach Boogie at ECSC...then Bolas took it on a jump. The pickle was popular (so I hear) throughout the entire weekend _________________________________________
  7. Vinny (the Anvil) has given me a lot of suggestions of where we should visit...I'm getting sooo excited!!! _________________________________________
  8. If it isn't captured on video..it didn't happen...I'm still awaiting video. _________________________________________
  9. Where's his gator thong? or other funny ones? WHERE'S MY YODELING PICKLE????? _________________________________________
  10. They are wrestling over her thongs _________________________________________
  11. My sigline(s) are just me being randomly philosophical. _________________________________________
  12. Congrats! _________________________________________
  13. Just saw this on the nightly news...sad _________________________________________
  14. That's some MAAAAAAADDD SKILLLLLZZZZ _________________________________________
  15. RkyMtnHigh


    This is the recipe I made tonight. It was soooo delicious! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvBmq8k2o-0 _________________________________________
  16. Awesome News! _________________________________________
  17. Because he's an overachiever? _________________________________________
  18. Nice pics _________________________________________
  19. Did any of your sources say WHY? _________________________________________
  20. Happy Birthday! Have a great weekend!
  21. Just visualize Margaret Thatcher in a thong _________________________________________
  22. Here's what I got of AggieDave yesterday. I have more from today as well. _________________________________________
  23. _________________________________________