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  1. Thanks for your feedback. My 5 senses have always been really strong. Sense of smell is the strongest, but I'm very in tune to how my body responds to my environment, which I guess could be good with skydiving. _________________________________________
  2. I haven't ever been much of a soda pop person..so nope, no diet drinks. I agree about the artificial sweetners. _________________________________________
  3. I've done 3 tandems (2 at Skydive Chicago) and the other at Mile Hi Skydiving in Longmont,CO.."they" have both said that you shouldn't feel the acceleration of the freefall. ie: plane is at 100 mph, and ff at 120 mph...I Feel the acceleration, as if I'm being sucked into a tunnel. I'm now in the AFF program and my coach said it's probably vertigo. Anyone else experience this and is there anything I can do to reduce the sensation? or "just deal with it?".... Thanks! _________________________________________