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  1. :( I just noticed this...terribly heartbroken. We've had so much fun over the years. He truly was an awesome friend. I'll cherish the memories in my heart forever. _________________________________________
  2. Wishing you all comfort. Hang in there. _________________________________________
  3. That's what I thought. Not much has changed _________________________________________
  4. 111k threads and double that in posts just in Bonfire alone since I was here last...Can anyone give the Cliff Notes version of what I missed? ;) Are the same "characters" on here? Are there new ones? _________________________________________
  5. very sad news. Jack was so positive and encouraging when I jumped at SDA. _________________________________________
  6. Katee!!! We thought you had gone extinct! We hadn't seen or heard anything of you for ages! Welcome back! Im not "back"...just window shopping _________________________________________
  7. REALLY??!! _________________________________________
  8. Nice video _________________________________________
  9. This news breaks my heart :( Eternal blue skies Chris.......*sigh* :( _________________________________________
  10. I met Barb during the 2007 CRW 100 way qualification camps ....she was on the 100 way Record in November 2007. This is a tremendous loss for the CRW family _________________________________________
  11. Some of these bug me too. I made a page to point people to when they make errors, but so many people make so many errors that if I did that, I would soon be known as the grammar Nazi or something. Now see, you've made me invoke Godwin's Law. Thread's over! http://www.skydivestlouisarea.com/misused.htm Peak, I mean Peek... That is a good compilation of words that are often misused. _________________________________________
  12. Bugs me that so many STILL dont get this. grrr. _________________________________________
  13. HUGS of comfort, prayers, and a speedy recovery for you Jack...you're the BEST! Miss you!... K _________________________________________
  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) _________________________________________
  15. ***HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!!*** Glad you had fun at the dz! BTW, you could have had the best crabclaws too.. right down the road from SDA..at the FISH PEDDLER. Theirs are the BEST! _________________________________________
  16. You always have a way with words, Kevin. Thanks _________________________________________
  17. Thanks for all of the nice Birthday Wishes!
  18. Hey DSE...you know where I am and who I am..I have wheels, will travel. If you or Linda need anything...I'll find a way to head that way..I'm only one state over. Hang in there...Exercise Patience as I know you're a goal oriented and driven guy! In the meantime...HUGS of Comfort from Colorado. Katee _________________________________________
  19. If she wants to go, then be independent and provide her own transportation and pay for her own beer and enjoy the company. However if she feels uneasy and feels like the guy has a motive, then she can elect to not go. Simple as that. _________________________________________
  20. I love the smell of RAIN and FRESH CUT GRASS _________________________________________
  21. ECSC just wont be the same when I come home and jump there again :( I'll never forget the time when he told me he didnt have lights on his Cessna and he asked me to drive him back to Gaucier, MS...I did because it wasnt too much further than Mobile...he had EVERY issue of Parachutist Magazine thats ever been published all stacked in his living room...we had lots of laughs..my parents remember Glyn too and how he put their mind at ease about me being in the sport...*sigh* this sucks....:( _________________________________________
  22. I agree...Kris/Adam Finale... I hope Kris wins, however..even if Adam wins the popular vote..who the heck cares!...Kris still has a great future!!! _________________________________________