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  1. Your kids did GREAT! It was nice to finally meet you and your kids. Attached is a pic I took of them after the award ceremony. Also, thanks for the Team Future bracelet!
  2. Awesome on your quick recovery! _________________________________________
  3. ATC "Around the World" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmkOclm1gK8&feature=related Daft Punk "Harder Faster Better Stronger" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bl6RJyZdBSU&feature=related _________________________________________
  4. Listening to a Chillin' DIDO tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6iUd3WNwAI _________________________________________
  5. RkyMtnHigh


    OMG! I'm ROTFLMAO!!!! Tonight's SNL skit of the recent debate is HILARIOUS!!! They are doing such a great job of imitating the mannerisms of both McCain and Obama _________________________________________
  6. Happy Belated Birthday Steve! Sorry for being a day late. I hope it was WONDERFUL!!
  7. How I diagnosed your condition 3 weeks ago? _________________________________________
  8. I dont think it's physical pain...I think it's all emotional. But...what do I know (pneumonia) _________________________________________
  9. Jailbait _________________________________________
  10. Nope. Last I heard he is a hair stylist and is doing really well in National Competitions. _________________________________________
  11. OMG! I about died laughing tonight when I got an email from my 13 yr old niece saying that she finally had her first kiss and that it SUCKED! She was expecting *stars* and ticklish feelings in her tummy but she wanted to run to the bathroom and throw up instead. I think back on my first kiss. It was with Anthony Snead at the rollerskating rink, our hang out back then. He called it "the Lesson". i recall the anticipation leading up to that "lesson" and when it was the time, we had the slow dance with the lights dimmed and the disco ball. Then he took me into a dark corner on a "mushroom" seat area and the metallic taste of his braces .......made me skate to the bathroom to *barf* Soo...I can totally relate to my niece's experience _________________________________________
  12. Cora (Ladyskydiver) will be on eventually and hopefully she'll have some good advice :) _________________________________________
  13. I think he's just working you for sympathy...based on the fact that the loud barking in the background when we talk...that dog is JUST FINE!!! When I don't hear the loud high pitched bark, only THEN I would be concerned _________________________________________
  14. Put a bisquit in front of him and watch him perk up _________________________________________
  15. Would you prefer that they just *whisper*? _________________________________________
  16. Yes, although "mist" is obviouly a very subjective word... and the taste when it drips down my throat is rather unpleasant... I'd much rather get a shot in the arm... I wonder if the efficacy of the mist is the same as a shot. _________________________________________
  17. Mist? Is it administered up your nose? _________________________________________
  18. I haven't ever gotten a flu shot, however I know a lot of people who feel its a necessary preventative measure. Pro or Con Thoughts? _________________________________________
  19. OMG!!!!! _________________________________________
  20. Which Zoup! soup do you like so much? _________________________________________
  21. So commonly referred to as "Aweful House". Loaded hash browns are just a "Big MI" (myocardial infarction) on a plate _________________________________________
  22. I forgot to mention Sonic. Last time I went to Sonic about 6 years ago, I had a corndog and onion rings- that was way too much grease *barf* _________________________________________