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  1. Right! ...and when Ruben Studdard "won" ..didnt Clay Aiken end up with more record and play opps? What about last season? and the one before, etc? The top 3 usually end up OK! ;) _________________________________________
  2. I like Kris Allen! I like his voice, style, and humble demeanor. Im NOT a fan of Adam..I know! I know! he has "IT"..but I just dont like the black nails and GOTH look and when he screams..it's like nails on a chalkboard to me.. Even if Adam wins..I think Kris Allen has a GREAT FUTURE AHEAD! Thats my 2 pennies ;) _________________________________________
  3. I miss you and i don't get to see you on FB!
  4. how could you miss me? you see me on FB _________________________________________
  5. LOL..so I haven't missed much..same themes going on here Not much...just focusing on hiking and salsa dancing lately
  6. Bry...Why Oh Why Have you been So SPRY? Ahhh..shit...give me another day to come up with rhyming lyrics...I'll get it...eventually ;) LOVIN MY JAVA...!!!!! HUGS!!! MUAH!!!! :) _________________________________________
  7. So happy to be back "home" in Colorado and doing dayhikes and enjoying the outdoors. I've had a lot of fun on facebook reconnecting with classmates too..can you believe our 25 year class reunion is next JUNE?! GET OUT! I can't believe so much time has passed. Im feeling much healthier and vibrant..it's all good. Everything has fallen into place as it should ;) _________________________________________
  8. What did I miss on dz.com? Bulletpoints anyone ;) _________________________________________
  9. Wow..this was pulled out of the 2006 archive I hope you're all in your dream job by now. Life is short; Rock the Casbah! _________________________________________
  10. Your Cessna didnt have lights, therefore you couldnt fly at night..so i drove you back home..all the way to Gaucier... I miss you... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g3VrggQW7tk&eurl=http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home&feature=player_embedded _________________________________________
  11. _________________________________________
  12. RkyMtnHigh

    Thread ideas

    I think we should have a thread about all of PsychoBob's "looks" The platinum blonde, the oil slick black, and other color hair and "do's"...and various BRIGHT jumpsuits and costumes at boogies... If anyone has pics...POST UP! _________________________________________
  13. That mustn't have taken long _________________________________________
  14. OMG This is terrible news. Glyn was such a fun guy. He was also very helpful explaining skydiving concepts to my parents when they would stop by the dz. He'll be certainly missed _________________________________________
  15. Not I!!!!...said the blind man to his deaf brother _________________________________________
  16. It says it's 58 degrees in Colorado Springs right now! That beats the hell out of 30 degrees in Wisconsin! You can't believe that. It is just fiction to keep the tourists coming in. CO residents have special login-required websites to get the real weather reports. ...and the ice storms and blizzards...then all summer is hailstorms and tornados...*sigh!* yeah, really sucks here... so, Yo, did you go for a ride today? I enjoyed a dayhike out your way
  17. oh HEY YOU! ...CONGRATS BUGGAR! _________________________________________
  18. Meeee toooo! _________________________________________
  19. oh, um yeah, you're right. I haven't really kept up with the times. Blogs are too public though....I like the idea of keeping something private for myself that no one else knows about. Oh! ..well...if that is what you mean by "diary" is private...NO! I wouldn't put it in writing for it to be found by anyone at anytime. _________________________________________
  20. Diary is what it was called when I was in high school...then it became a Journal..and now its called a Blog! _________________________________________
  21. ...but look how LIMBER he is! I'm impressed! _________________________________________
  22. I hope you're having a WONDERFUL SuperBowl Sunday/Birthday!!!!
  23. Diesel isnt exactly the dominant odor at truck stops _________________________________________
  24. Exactly! Agreed! _________________________________________