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  1. Driving a big rig is not just hopping in, starting the truck, and going from Point A to Point B. There is sooo much more to it. I didn't realize how stressful it would be. Weather conditions in one trip up I-75 that I made with GM bumpers was heavy rain in GA and TN, then thick fog in KY (couldn't see more than 10 feet in front of me), also a LOT of construction zones where the lanes are much smaller due to the cement baracades, then snow in OH, and blizzard and icy conditions when I got to my destination in MI. I thought that night driving (10pm-5am) would be better/easier than driving in the day with traffic, however my experience was that the weather conditions were worse at night, visibility was worse, more construction zones to deal with, and more exhausted drivers on the road that shouldn't be driving. Its heavy when you are informed that if a car changes lanes or is on the on ramp to the interstate and they hit you, that YOU still get the ticket because YOU are "the professional driver" and should have known better and been able to prevent the incident. There is a lot of liability that comes with being a truck driver and I didn't feel that the very little pay was worth the tradeoffs. As far as ladydyver's comment about me learning a lot through that part of my journey...yes, I did. I learned that I'm a lot tougher and stronger than I realized. It was an humbling experience as well. _________________________________________
  2. The company has called me twice a day to ask me to reconsider and reassure me that if I stay that I'll have two days off and only be gone two weeks at a time versus my recent 6 weeks; and that I could stay in the western 11 states...blah blah. With my own industry, I'll have my evenings and weekends back versus being chained to a truck in places that I don't want to be. I suppose the "shame" part is the guilt that I'm feeling for walking away so early on. But, I'm silently doing the **HAPPY DANCE** inside about the Marketing Manager position with an amazing group of people who know the real me and appreciate what I bring to the table. My lesson learned through all those hours behind the wheel is the realization that my quality of life and happiness is about the people I have in my life. Its about relationships in every aspect of my day; its about how we can choose to make a positive impact in the lives of others. _________________________________________
  3. Nah, its a doc who used to be my customer back in the early 90s...I was his fav rep....and now I can work for him and kick ASS!!!! Its a freestanding MRI/CT/Xray/mammo center....went from one center when I called on them as a customer to now 13 centers!! Its my niche...its where I really belong. _________________________________________
  4. I don't think its a walk of shame...because for the past 3 months I have successfully proven that I CAN drive a semi-truck...I can drive insane 11 hours and deal with whackadoos on the road, pee in a "I can't believe its not butter" Bucket in the middle of the night, move my tandems and make weigh station/DOT requirements, I can do pretrip inspections which includes 104 point inspection under the hood as well as tractor/trailer checkpoints, etc...Trucking is HARD! a Lot harder than I originally thought it would be...It's also stressful as far as weather conditions that you MUST drive thru because there might be a J.I.T. customer who will impose a $20K fine for being late....it's exhausting work...little REAL sleep because what sleep you DO get is like sleeping on a washing machine on spin cycle.... I have so much else I would like to share, but I'm too exhausted coming off of my recent 6 weeks 48 states....through all sorts of weather...All I can say is how RELIEVED I am to be HOME!!!Here in Colorado around my friends....and a recent job offer from a Doc/Customer to be his Marketing Manager....I'm so excited to be back in HEALTHCARE and OFF the "ROAD"!!! It is great to say I did it, but it's even better to say that I'm not doing it anymore. _________________________________________
  5. The foam was thick so my Rosetta design stayed there for a long time. The cafe' I go to has a great "Chill" vibe. _________________________________________
  6. Ooooops! it wasnt meant for YOU! _________________________________________
  7. I'm at a coffee shop in Boulder and they do Latte Art...it's really impressive http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDZs__m5iAI _________________________________________
  8. 2009 is already off to a much better start for me. 2008 is a distant blurrr. *whew!* So, how am I going to improve my life in 2009?...Just "Keep on Truckin'" and I mean that in more ways than one. _________________________________________
  9. Michael,to make a clicky, just click the "url" button on the bottom right before and after your link _________________________________________
  10. So whats the latest Chris? _________________________________________
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcNvoIOGihI&NR=1 _________________________________________
  12. RkyMtnHigh

    For LisaH

    "HOME OF THE COW PIE!" http://www.baraboocandy.com/ _________________________________________
  13. Hahahaha..I've been in an International (8gear), Freightliner (a 10 and 8 gear) and now a Volvo (10 gear)....and I'm a "Gear CRAMMER" Just when I get used to one, it's time to shift to another. Merry Christmas!...and I wish you a wonderful New Year as well
  14. That sounds like the Christmas spirit alright and a wonderful way to spend the day
  15. Hahahaha..I've been in an International (8gear), Freightliner (a 10 and 8 gear) and now a Volvo (10 gear)....and I'm a "Gear CRAMMER" Just when I get used to one, it's time to shift to another. Merry Christmas!...and I wish you a wonderful New Year as well
  16. Congrats! _________________________________________
  17. Makes sense why people are so cranky here Merry Christmas to you and Jean
  18. Oh, man, what the hell did you do to deserve that? I used to go up there to see someone who lived near Flint. GAWD, is that place depressing! I heard they were considering moving the prisoners from Gitmo to Flint, and they pleaded and begged until they dropped the idea. My coworker is on "home time" here visiting family. My only other option versus to stay here would be a 3 day bus trip back to Colorado, 2 days there, then 3 days bus trip back here. Yes it is depressing here. _________________________________________
  19. Too funny that the last three posters above (Yoder,Stitch, and BV) are the three that most like to jerk my chain..You guys are AWESOME! Im stuck in a no tell motel in Flint Michigan this Christmas...nature of the business to be away from home on holidays, I guess. Its been snowing the entire time I've been here, no melting, just accumulating. Driving from GA to MI was a bit nervewracking as I drove through rain, thick fog, then snow/ice. *Whew* glad to get that trip done All that talk in the piercing thread made me decide to get my nose piercing done again _________________________________________
  20. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYhrYHmUPn0 _________________________________________
  21. ***HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!*** Miss you bunches. _________________________________________
  22. A couple days ago I left CO with beer bottles from Coors to take to their location in Elkton VA. Today I drove thru MO, IL, IN, and now in KY and expect to arrive in VA around 3am EST tomorrow. Hopefully we wont get another load til afternoon so we can get some sleep I'm pretty sure they are keeping me on the East Coast thru January. Wish I could help ya out :) BTW Congrats on the new ride _________________________________________
  23. How about the Bama/Auburn rivalry? That was a massive blowout! Not sure I've EVER seen Bama beat Auburn leaving them with a goose egg!!! ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLL TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDDDDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! _________________________________________
  24. now THAT'S a visual I didn't need _________________________________________
  25. Nah! go ahead... there are plenty on here who are farsighted _________________________________________