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  1. drdive

    West Plains???

    Yep - jumping there 4 or 5 days a week, heavy on weekends. I know Kara has had problems with her phone. Were you calling 509-838-JUMP?? I can get you her personal cell phone if you want. West Plains is a great little DZ, great vibe, nice folks, and with a Caravan most of the season. DZ phone # is 509-659-1500. Answered mostly on Fri-Sun.
  2. In the USOA IAD progression, most of what you need to do to get signed off for your "A" entails jumping with a coach or instructor. Do a jump or two by yourself for fun and to build confidence, then get to working on your skills with a coach or instructor. Then keep jumping, with others as much as possible, and work on your belly skills for another 50 or so jumps before adding new stuff (sit, etc) And after your "A", start working on your canopy requirements for your "B". My opinion FWIW
  3. gudammit Tall guy. This was 1 minute before midnight EST. I hope Sky Mama removes this post!!!
  4. drdive

    MCO to Invasion

    Accomodation's during during the invasion can be tight. The cheapest Motel close to the DZ is the Sandrift in, but it is a crummy run down place IMO.
  5. drdive

    Is this a Good Rig for a new jumper?

    I think you would rapidly get dissatisfied with that rig and want something better and smaller in just a few jumps. I wouldn't waste my money on it. I would suggest budgeting a little more and looking for a ZP canopy in the 190-210 range. That should suit you for several hundred or more jumps.
  6. Enjoy our plane, Big Bird. I miss her (sigh)
  7. drdive

    OK, Where should I GO?

    We throw lawyers and liberals out of our plane without their chutes - probably not good for you to come to Ritzville!!
  8. drdive


    Welcome to WA - great people there at K-Pow. Watch out for the Mitchells though - they are scary (Actually John and Valinda are 2 of the greatest people in the world). Come on over to the east side to West Plains (Ritzville) and visit us sometime. Ed
  9. drdive

    Lasik and contacts

    Uh - ask your eye Dr., not a bunch of skydivers!! If I remember before my Lasik, they wanted me out of contacts for 4 to 6 weeks. You want your eyes to have regained their natural shape before the final Lasik measurement so it gives you an accurate correction. Seriously, give your Lasik provider a call and ask him/her but I expect they will tell you to not wear the contacts.
  10. drdive

    CX 100 Wide Angle Lens Which one?

    For hand cam, you will probably want a 0.3 wide angle. Century, Opteka, Raynox are all good choices. I just ordered a Raynox from Adorama for $95.
  11. drdive

    Closing Sequence

    On Javelin's, sequence is Bottom-Top-Left-Right Easily remembered by Big-Titted-Ladies-Rock Doc
  12. drdive

    Drop zone close from Las Vegas

    Definitely Mesquite, and they have a caravan for the winter.
  13. drdive

    The 'fear' ...

    I was scared shitless for most of my first 70 or 80 jumps, but when I got to the door, I was fine. Still have some jitters an a jump that is new, bigger way, or after a layoff of more that a week or so. And still have a healthy respect for what can go wrong on each jump.
  14. drdive

    Michelle Barker No Turbines Boogie

    I have heard from a reliable sourse (Rex) that the no turbine boogie will have a turbine
  15. drdive

    West Plains Skydiving May 21st - 25th

    Hey, you left out "RW organizing by John and Valinda Mitchell" Doc