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  1. I would definitely go with option #2. When I did my AFF I did 2-3 jumps per day, depending on weather. Makes you more comfortable and consistent. If you have to wait a week or more between jumps, you can loose your feel for it in the beginning. When my wife did her AFF she went to Eloy and while the tunnel was a benefit for her, she did feel like just a number, and that the instructors didn't care all that much, meaning they were way too relaxed and just from watching from the outside, I would have felt uncomfortable myself in the way they did her AFF. They just push em through, one after another, no personality, and the instructors just seemed like they didn't want to be there at all. I had a blast with my AFF and I had the same instructor for all of my 9 jumps, we reviewed video afterward (no extra charges) and it was very helpful. Still friends today. My wife, would have a hard time telling you the name of her 4 different instructors... you gotta be comfortable with the place, thats what it comes down too....also the advantage of a bigger place is usually bigger planes with bigger doors. a 182 on your first jump could be considered more tricky bc of the exiting process...
  2. awesome recommendations everyone. Going to make a list and do some googling. Didn't expect so many responses. Good stuff!
  3. Someone recently gave me a cool map that shows all the US drop zones and whether they are large or small DZ's. I am about ready for a move and I make my living decisions usually based largely on location. What are the most picturesque DZ's you've visited in the US? Maybe not so well known but mountain backdrops or something like that... I did my AFF at Pudding Hill (now closed) in south isl new zealand and it was amazing. Great views, cool little town and lots of jumping...looking to find something similar in the states... Thoughts? I have a tiny house so just need 'rv' parking available.
  4. Love this drop zone. Of the few DZs in my area, this is my favorite, even though its a bit more of a drive for me. There are always people here, always coaches on hand, and EVERYONE is really friendly. Very well organized DZ and great manifest. Big and FAST planes that get you up to alt. fast. They always go up to 13,500-14,000 which ive found to be more and more rare these days. Surely you wont be disappointed. Great for fun jumpers and tandems alike. Always a big mix of both which is what makes a good DZ. Lots of excitement around and lots of dirt diving going on.