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  1. another.. _________________________________________
  2. Striped Icebergs like only nature can do _________________________________________
  3. So you're into pain, eh? Well, when you're in the States again, you'll have to stop by a Wendy's and get french fries (hot, salty, crispy) and dip them into a chocolate Frosty (icy, cold milkshake)...salty, sweet and hot, cold combo...mmmmm _________________________________________
  4. Do you think that stating a level of education beyond high school makes you exempt from being challenged in SC forum? We have doctors and attorneys on here who speak their opinion often and they don't seem to exploit their level of education as if it translates into credibility. _________________________________________
  5. Have you ever craved food from the places above, yet after eating it, you really wished you didn't?...the fatigue and heaviness? _________________________________________
  6. RkyMtnHigh


    Tonight's SNL is so hilarious!!! The skit of Biden and Palin's VP debate just cracked me up. _________________________________________
  7. Do you still have the lightning bolt pic? That was cool! _________________________________________
  8. How did it go today?? _________________________________________
  9. It was obvious to me that by her asking if she could call him Joe was so she could use her funny line "Say it ain't so, Joe" and refer to Joe 6 pack later. Once he said "sure" then all she had to do is find a place to plug in the phrases. _________________________________________
  10. I think Palin did a great job of diffusing Biden's attacks. Biden surprised me with how he kept his cool. It was amicable. Overall, I think the debate was politically neutral and won't significantly impact either side. _________________________________________
  11. Biden obviously has the *hots* for Palin _________________________________________
  12. Look at Biden's grin when Palin speaks...he has the *hots* for her _________________________________________
  13. What a relief! Thanks for the update. _________________________________________
  14. Tomorrow is the "big day"! Are you ready?
  15. I too can appreciate a man of confidence, however if its overboard it can be a bit overwhelming. There is merit in a man who is confident yet humble. Just my two pennies (the cool copper ones) _________________________________________
  16. Another great video clip of Delta: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1lF4muY4xdU&feature=related Another version of "in this life" which I posted originally: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzUNOvj8EVE&NR=1 _________________________________________
  17. Please tell me that I'm just hypoxic being at a Mile Hi and am just IMAGINING that I just opened that pic _________________________________________
  18. Same hi/lo temps here in Denver, with exception of the humidity The aspen leaves are changing already and its beautiful!
  19. Glad it made you laugh _________________________________________
  20. This is my Halloween costume selection
  21. Divot took that pic at 6 am and sent it to me with a text saying "isn't he sweeeeeeeeeeet when he sleeps" _________________________________________
  22. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=3236975;search_string=siphoned%20fuel;#3236975 I dealt with my fuel being siphoned earlier this summer, however the jerk jacked up the fuel access door and paint on the side of my car with a screwdriver. I tried to get a locking gas cap but none fit my Toyota Camry. Furthermore, the dealership maintenance department strongly advised against them for Toyota's due to air pressure. It sucks that times have gotten to this point again, like back in the 70s. But, I'd take my car being jacked up and fuel being siphoned over what my cousins recently experienced after Hurricane Ike. They were held at gunpoint in the middle of the night by someone randomly going door to door and asking for gas money. He shot out the stained glass in their front door to demonstrate that he was serious about shooting them if they didnt give him money. _________________________________________
  23. Do you still have the pic of him "sleeping sweetly"? _________________________________________
  24. It was 1929 and only a couple guys actually did it. Don't worry...if they did it now, they are all equiped with Golden Parachutes _________________________________________
  25. _________________________________________