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  1. http://www.stupidvideos.com/video/animals/Treadmill_Kittens/#152302 _________________________________________
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Stay warm _________________________________________
  3. Your writeup is beautiful! Such amazing memories captured. Thanks for sharing it. _________________________________________
  4. I love helicopters! _________________________________________
  5. I haven't *snort* laughed in FOREVER!...but seeing FRIAR TURTLE .... _________________________________________
  6. Did you get to do all of the fun outdoor activities that you planned while here?
  7. Is that a Renaissance theme? _________________________________________
  8. ********HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!********** _________________________________________
  9. Can you write her? Can you send care packages? If so, I'd get those lined up and sent on a regular basis. Make sure the packages are sent with lots of sweet messages that she can carry with her daily :) _________________________________________
  10. There's a large group of Florida girls heading to Vegas in a few weeks _________________________________________
  11. Someone's off the market _________________________________________
  12. I got a "page not found" message when attempting to open the link you provided. On topic, a high school friend of mine lost her 16 year old daughter last year due to text messaging and driving. She wrapped the car around a telephone pole and died instantly. Her passenger survived and is traumatized for life. _________________________________________
  13. http://www.team-future.net/videos/jump_rope.html Poor Mike! That looks like it was a lot of fun _________________________________________
  14. In Colorado, it'll be February. I know. But for Heroes tonight, the rabbit ears will work GREAT! _________________________________________
  15. I have rabbit ears on my 12" screen TV to get 3 channels (ABC,NBC,CBS) _________________________________________
  16. I don't have cable either. It's on NBC! _________________________________________
  17. 3 Hour Premiere tonight. YAY! _________________________________________
  18. Awwwwwwww....Samson is ADORABLE!!! Congrats!
  19. Great pics! _________________________________________
  20. Why do you have to tell them anything? You don't owe anyone an explanation if you need some time alone. Just don't answer the phone or door. If someone tries to stop you on your way to/from your car, you can give a polite wave and just keep walking. They should get the *hint* _________________________________________
  21. The way he articulates his experience is really visual and entertaining. That's great!
  22. You hit her in the knee with a bat so you could take the *Gold* medal from her, didn't you? _________________________________________
  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Py7NXAEuA5A _________________________________________
  24. Nice pics! Thanks for sharing them with us. Glad you like the sport and plan to continue. Welcome