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  1. At least one site says that EP was originally developed to compete with the LP format but they played at 45 rpm rather than 33 1/3 rpm. I really don't remember this about EPs since I only bought either 45 singles or LPs.
  2. Yeah. I was only pointing out in a back-handed sorta way that the number of songs didn't determine EP vs LP and at the same time providing a review for the youngsters who may have not heard (of) it.
  3. So Thick as a Brick is 1 song, 2 sides. Total time 43+ minutes. LP? (BTW- a great album to listen to at 4:20 while lying down on the carpet between the speakers. ...or so they tell me )
  4. P-51 (with invasion stripes) Bearcat ?? Skyraider (my final answer)
  5. P-51 (with invasion stripes) Bearcat ??
  6. P-38 Lightning F4U Corsair Got any hard ones?
  7. If interested here are a couple of shots of T-6s when they were fairly new. Look like at least one 1949 model and pics were taken in the 50s.
  8. I do understand the point you are trying to make. I just don't particularly agree with it. Let's look at the cases you cited. 1) Caylee Anthony - unusual circumstance - not necessary to point out the unusual circumstances in this one since it is hot news just now. 2) Natalee Holloway - unusual circumstance: The son of an influential Aruban family is ass-deep in the investigation and is the number 1 suspect. His father was to become a judge in Aruba. Investigation botched by the Aruban gov't. An international incident at a high level. 3) Jon Benet Ramsey - unusual circumstance: Originally thought to be a kidnapping with a 6-figure ransom demand which would have made national news for any kidnapped child regardless of race. The investigation shifted to focus on her family as suspects and according to wiki, "unusual evidence". Her mama liked dressing her up as an adult for beauty pageants. This one probably didn't deserve as much media attention as it has gotten but the sleazyness of it all drew readers in. 4) Chandra Levy - unusual circumstance: was involved in some capacity with US Rep. Gary Condit who, during the course of the investigation into her disappearance, was himself investigated. 5) mentioned earlier, Elizabeth Smart: although not known at the time of her disappearance, was kidnapped by a fundamentalist polygamist. This one also appealed to the sleazier interests of readers.
  9. Quit changing the rules! I am only trying to point out that this type of sensational news coverage is tied to the nature of the murders ...not the race of the victims/killers. Maybe the lack of sensationalism in coverage of these types of crimes or killings by non-whites is that they are a rarity and that is a positive statement for a given "race" or group. This type of publicity isn't very complimentary for white folks for those who keep score based on race. Maybe you could cite a couple of examples of these particularly heinous or unusual crimes that should have made national or global news that were committed by or against a minority. I would happily agree with the example if it rises above the more mundane, everyday killings that know no racial boundaries know, crimes of passion, murder for loot, etc. I'm sure that there are plenty of "pretty white girls" who are murdered that get very little press attention. The story is just not very interesting.
  10. Medger Evers, Emmett Till, Addie Mae Collins, Denise McNair, Carole Robertson, Cynthia Wesley. OK, I had to look up the girls' names but I won't remember Caylee Anthony's name in 40 50 (yikes!) years, either. Yeah, I confused Mr. Cent with Mr. Small. Sorry!
  11. But the Trenton Duckett case shouldn't have brought so much media attention, especially from the likes of Nancy Grace ...he was(?) Asian!
  12. Celebrities just off the top of my head: Tupac, Selena, 50-cent Biggie Small, but the Anthonys aren't (weren't) celebs. ...but my point is that the level of callous disregard by a mother is what brings global interest to this story, regardless of race, IMO. And, yes, I agree that the bottom line of news organizations is what motivates the news story selections. Edit to correct error. I don't think 50-cent is dead.
  13. I wondered how long it would take for a racially-skewed post like this to show up. But I have to admit that I was expecting an angle more like "only a pretty white girl accused of murdering her child makes global news but if it was in any other culture it would go unnoticed." Or "only an attractive white mom could get away with murdering her kid". I didn't consider that the race or "cuteness" of the victim would cause such a response. But I think this got world attention because this kid's trusted protector (who was accused of killing her whether by accident or intention) drove around with her baby's rotting body in her car. Then this callous, self-indulgent, self-destructive, sociopath (IMO) finally discarded her daughter's carcass in the woods to finish decomposing. And, while all this was happening she was partying her ass off while she wove an intricate and convoluted "story" to try to delay the discovery as long as possible and then, when found out, tried to implicate her parents in the death. I don't think the story would have gathered any less interest if their race was any different. Coreece also makes a good point that if they were of another ethnicity then the racialists would be complaining about negative press and the story being blown out of proportion. Can't win with you guys.
  14. My theory is similar except the chloroform. Too much trouble to make when "Zanny the Nanny"(Zanax) is readily available . Yeah, I can imagine her using that euphemism ..And then extending it into a lie about a supposed "actual" person as the web was getting more and more complex. In that case she would really believe her own story about "Zanny" taking the child after her unintended death. In her self-absorption she really believes that she is not guilty of killing Caylee since she really didn't mean to kill her.
  15. So one has asked the obvious question. Does this seagull have enough experience to be flying around with a GoPro? If not, did he consider the exposure to danger he's placing himself and the rest of his flock in through his cavalier negligence? (I'll bet he still wears a frap hat, too.)
  16. Here's my theory: Casey and her mother had a major argument/falling out about the time the baby disappeared. I'm thinking she wanted grandma to watch the baby so she could (once again) go party and grandma put her foot down. Casey then thought she would knock Caylee out with chloroform for a few hours while she went out. The baby died and she carried her around in the car for a few days until she started stinking. She then placed the duct tape and heart sticker over the baby's nose and mouth to keep the bugs out (like she did with her animals that previously died). She asked the neighbor for a shovel but decided that was too much trouble so she tossed her into the spot where she was discovered. There was plenty of evidence but mostly circumstantial. ...but Casey was the only person who was at the nexus for all of the evidence that did exist. This case was lost at the jury selection phase.
  17. I'm guessing she'll take up golf so she can begin her search for the real killer. You know, I've been searching for an OJ reference in this case that I can use on my day job as a radio guy. That line may actually be worth doing. Be my guest
  18. I'm guessing she'll take up golf so she can begin her search for the real killer.
  19. Because good ol' mom is either incapable or unwilling to cook a meal for the family. Sparky Mom works just as many hours as Dad, nowadays! Dad should be able to cook, too--Oh Wait, remember when Mom was the one doing the cooking? In my family (Italian immigrants) women in the kitchen was mandatory. I think there was some sort of ritualistic social interaction, gossiping, etc. associated with it. Not sure. Men in the kitchen? ...not unless you wanted to be threatened with a ladle, or worse. That also may have had something to do with the women's yakking sessions in the kitchen.
  20. Well ....that's the difference! This should provide a little insight.
  21. Yes! "Chicken" is an extremely extreme motorsport ...that and "Old-School-Bus Figure 8".
  22. "EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF!!" ...right at exit time.
  23. There's the history of the world in a nutshell. "What if there were no "borders". What if all of mankind cared about all of mankind. Imagine" from the Gospel of John. TT What if everyone in the world would just obey my orders?
  24. There's the history of the world in a nutshell.