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  1. Can't believe it's been 30 years! Watched the Challenger disaster from Central Florida. Clear and cold morning. Surrealistic sight.
  2. Headline in the local rag a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Innocent until proven guilty. I'm not sure that applies in either case until someone is arrested and charged with a crime. (Not sure it whether it applies in Germany at all.) As per our constitution, it does. This is DE, not KP Well, it probably applies everywhere on earth with varying degrees for "burden of proof" except in places where the accused must prove his innocence KP, SA or IRS.
  4. Innocent until proven guilty. I'm not sure that applies in either case until someone is arrested and charged with a crime. (Not sure it whether it applies in Germany at all.)
  5. "New Year's Eve Cologne attack 'left me scarred for life'." Axe or Hai Karate? Literal scar. Someone put a firecracker that exploded in her hoodie. Yeah, just commenting on the way the headline was written. Looks like they replaced the story anyway.
  6. "New Year's Eve Cologne attack 'left me scarred for life'." Axe or Hai Karate?
  7. muff528

    Tampa, Florida

    I've lived in Brandon for about 5 years now and Z-Hills is practically right up the road (just get on 301 and go north, or take 75 a few miles). Lake Wales is about an hour down 60 too. Deland is a couple hour drive too. I like the area, hence why I've stayed. Man, I miss the Brandon Ale House. Been meaning to go check that place out, it's only about 5 minutes from my house. Ha. Anything in Brandon is only 5 min few blocks away. FIFY. Sometimes it takes a half hour to drive those few blocks.
  8. [kicks dirt] [walks away] I think she was talking about Taylor.
  9. Besides toxicity, I'd be sure that whatever I used doesn't expand while curing after packing the hole with it.
  10. Dam! Wish I'd seen this a couple of weeks ago ...before my son's $1200 root canal (+ drugs).
  11. My guess is that, while you were in the 2-way, you both were working to match fall rates. When you let go, you both probably relaxed a bit and she floated while you dropped away.
  12. Imagine a guy with a given exit weight falling at a given speed. Simplistically, he is falling at his terminal velocity as determined by his weight and body configuration or surface area (disregarding aerodynamic shape, and other complicating factors). Now he deploys a round canopy. He is now falling at a new, much slower terminal velocity, also determined by a new surface area (even though the total weight is the same). As far as physics is concerned, he's still in "freefall" ...not freefall as we define it, but "freefall" nonetheless. Same physics at work, just different numbers plugged in. Skydivers in "skydiver freefall" adjust the numbers with jump suit design, addition of weights, and subtle changes in body configuration, eventually doing the latter subconsciously. Basically, you think you want to match fall rates or"go over there" and you just do it. Similar to the way a hockey player concentrates on playing the game and not on his skating.
  13. Buck up! ... One day Maryland will again be on top ...just like 1953 !!
  14. I've been forced to choke on it the last few years, but again, I also will say ....Roll Tide!
  15. EZ. Chicks B H8Rs. Just the way it is. My theory: We know P5 is a big C&W music fan. Taylor Swift started out in C&W, then did a "Reverse-Kenny-Rogers", i.e. transitioned to mainstream pop music. So to P5, that makes Taylor a traitor. You're trying to be too analytical about this. This will ALWAYS get you into trouble. Best thing to do is to sit quietly without comment, but "Just the way it is" may sum it up nicely with the least amount of blowback.
  16. im not a boomer and i got it instantly Steve Miller Band was 70/80, GenX is also privy to those decades It was not a Steve Miller song. Yay, Gerry Rafferty and Steelers Wheel! Steve Miller was to the right of Stealers Wheel. (the Everly Brothers were to the left.)
  17. Yep. Many years ago a strip club opened up here in central Florida. A local Baptist preacher showed up with his crowd in a nearby shopping center parking lot just about the same time every night. You could hear his ranting over his megaphone for a couple of hours every night for weeks. Sometimes, if conditions were right, you could here him legibly for a couple of miles. I wouldn't be surprised if the strip joint was paying him.
  18. In what way are they being treated differently? And what is it you want Mexico to do? Do you want them to keep him in a Mexican prison like Tahmooressi or do you want them to send him back immediately to face US justice? It seems like whichever one they do you're determined to be angry that they didn't do the other. Did a Mexican piss in your cornflakes this morning or what? Lessee..... Mexican Prison // US Justice, ... Mexican Prison // US Justice. What a terrible decision to have to make! I think it was US Justice that allowed Ethan Couch to remain (un)reasonably free after he killed 4 innocent people. He got off easy. He blew it. I think, diplomatically, as far as the US is concerned, the main difference with the gun possession issue between this guy and Tahmooressi is that Couch is an armed, convicted fugitive who crossed an international border to escape US Justice, and Tahmooressi was not violating any US law when he made that inadvertent wrong turn, unintentionally entering Mexico. Also, only Couch's case would really be an "extradition". As far as Mexico is concerned there is no difference. There's probably an under-the-table, "diplomatic" palm-greasing equally associated with either case. I suspect that if it were known that no "bonus money" could be made, they would ship him back to the US on top of the next chicken train passing through from Guatemala. IMO - we should cut his resources off and just leave him down there to face Mexican gun charges/consequences. Maybe send him a bill for our search/recovery efforts and close the books. Send his momma back too. Couch was probably lying about whose gun it was anyway. (I wonder how long the Mexican government will want to house and feed him before they start making him do stuff for his existence?) Finally... really? Puerto Vallarta? You're rich. You want to escape to Mexico to "get lost". ...and you choose Puerto Vallarta?
  19. What Bill said! The artifacts are part of you grandfather's story in the war. Personally, I would keep the items together with his other memorabilia for the time being until a little more can be found out about them and how they might fit into his story. May be nothing special since many WW2 servicemen acquired a lot of this stuff as souvenirs, etc., but maybe there is an interesting story behind them. Although your grandfather didn't say much about the war, with a little research there may still be a story to be put together. Another option would be to donate or sell to a reputable war museum. Even some holocaust-related museums may be interested. There also are serious private collectors who have historical interests in these items other than using them for "neo-nazi" purposes (which would be the least of my worries with this stuff if you do a little research.) I agree that there would really be nothing special about any particular items without some personal context and they may as well be sent to a collector or museum. My father brought back a small collection of Nazi military regalia which he acquired during the war. He gave most of the items to me when I was a kid in the 1950s and I actually sometimes used the little pennant-type flag while playing "war". Only when I was a little older did I question how an aircrew member (who had never set foot on the continent) had acquired this stuff. Turns out a crew member on their aircrew had a brother in the infantry who shipped a trunk full of this stuff to him. He was a bit jealous of the guy on the base who painted much of the nose art on the planes. That guy was the type of guy who was always finding a way to make money by wheeling and dealing, etc. (Every base had one of these guys and my dad's uncle was one of them at a fighter base during the war.) When the box of artifacts arrived, Dad's crewmate thought he had a money-making deal and he then sold most of the stuff to guys around the base, or as in my father's case, lost some of it in poker games, etc. After most of the items were gone, a letter followed instructing the brother to ship the stuff back home to the States. Too late! Now, my items are kept with Dad's other artifacts from his service along with the story. Not all that interesting to anyone else, I suppose, but it does offer a another personal glimpse of life during his time there.
  20. 3 black diamonds, 1 double black, and only a sole Blue Square down? Yeah, I think you made a wrong turn, lady. All those words look like English, but they're arranged in a way that some of us (down here in Florida) don't understand. (Thanks Google!)
  21. Well, I have so many brothers (regular and bumpy) that we have to give them all numbers. Asian ...they've given you a number and taken 'way your name.