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  1. Always wanted to. Then this cute chick B license holder started working where I do. That's all it took to finally get me to start.
  2. I'm flying down to Orlando in a week via Frontier Airlines for Jumpcation. It seems when people ask about whether or not they would be allowed take their rigs onboard as carry on, the general consensus was that the airlines did not have a problem with it. Frontier seems to explicitly state that rigs with an AAD installed can only be checked. It goes without saying that that is not the preferable route. Does anyone have first hand experience flying with Frontier?
  3. Ha! Thanks for all the replies. I think we're on the same page now. Like I said, he's a engineer in the Chemistry department, not physics. But he fancied himself savvy in the area therefore questioned the whole idea. But we're straight now.
  4. Thanks for the responses! I got just what I hoped for, I knew there had to be some smart types floating around here. I directed my brother to this thread, all seems to be understood now. In case anyone was curious, I uploaded said video after I created the thread. Just shows me taking off like a rocket, and when we got closer that was all her. Left the belly and took a more streamlined approach to catch up. The good news is that since that video was taken, I spent a few more weekends up at the Ranch and specifically sought out small jumpers who wanted to belly with me. By the end of those weekends, I was getting considerably better. Not perfect, but better. The second I took my focus off my body position though, I lost it and lost them in the process. I will be working in the tunnel a little bit on Long Island after I get back from Florida. Thanks again!
  5. Hi. So I went up to my folks' place for Christmas. This is the first time my entire family has been together since I picked up skydiving. While I was talking to my brother about it, I mentioned that because I'm a larger and heavier guy, I've been having a little trouble flying with other people because...well, most of you fuckers are small and I have some difficulty slowing down. Now, real quick. He comes from an scientific background. Chemistry, but that path included lots of courses from other areas of focus, including physics. He immediately goes off saying how that shouldn't be a problem, gravity effects everyone the same, fall rates should be equal, yadda yadda yadda you know the type. I'm not from a scientific background, let's put it at that. I like flying airplanes and as of recent, jumping out of them. I wasn't able to convince I pulled up a video of a recent jump with me an one other small chick. It shows us docked in a two way belly, and as soon as we separate, I take off like a rock. He's perplexed. I know of the concepts of air resistance and how I'm still new and my form isn't spot on, but I'm not smart enough to come up with an educated response....How do I explain to non-skydivers that us fattys have a hard time keeping up with lighter peeps?
  6. You and I are in the same boat! I got out a year ago and picked up skydiving as a means to try and reintegrate with people. I'm an inch taller and the same weight. Unfortunately, I'm in a seasonal area and I won't be able to continue practicing until Spring...
  7. I wanna jump my frog gear now too, but im sure some grizzly ol gunny will come out of the wood work and chew my ass out real good!
  8. Aviation Digital Data Service. It's what I use for weather inquiries when flying. METARs, TAFs, wind aloft, cloud coverage, radar, it's a one stop shop. You mentioned forecasts, so check it out their TAF section.
  9. Now...I'm new to the sport to begin with, not too much experience with full face helmets, and none in cold weather, but I ski a lot. I spit in my goggles to prevent them from fogging up on the slopes. Don't know if that trick crosses over or not.
  10. Thought this was going to be about how you are new and that you know people.
  11. Wendy. It's the same one. It was a long night...I saw the website URL, which was, and it was all over. But I like how that place sounds, only 3 hours away...hell, I go further than that when I want to go skiing. And I'd LOVE to take a vacation at some point and go somewhere warm. It all depends on my work and school schedule. I work my ass off to support expensive hobbies, and go to school like a boss because I already know I don't want to be doing it for 4 years. I'm already 5 years older than the average senior there. I have some family in Cali. Maybe I should pay them a visit over the winter...and accidentally get lost and spend the day in Perris. Who knows!
  12. Yep. I see that, and it is how I looked up websites to see if they are open in the winter, most of which do not specify. After a little creative Googling, I found Skydive Connecticut. Only a few hours away with some limited winter operations. That may be my ticket.
  13. Seen posts around here inquiring over dropzones that are open in the winter. Seems some folk around here assume everyone closes up around October, so when the somewhat sarcastic remarks show up to point out that a majority of the DZ's south of Nebraska are open, the OP looks silly. I will be a little more specific. What's the nearest DZ that anyone can think of to southern NY. I'm not particularly concerned about how far I have to drive, I'm just curious how far I would have to drive to get somewhere in case I start getting cabin fever sometime in January. Be it Pennsylvania or Maryland, I don't care. The websites I've visited don't specify. I'm an overnights guy, so I COULD make phone calls in the AM, but that would severely impede on my precious sleep time. Whatcha got.
  14. When I fly, I use my Samsung tablet for various in-flight navigation related purposes. The GPS that comes default isn't as accurate as I need it to be, especially when it comes to altitude. I bought a Dual GPS150, which is a small box like thingy that amplifies the GPS receiving capabilities of the tablet and makes it far more reliable and precise. I would think something like this would be beneficial in this capacity as well..