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  1. The history of crypto is littered with stories of fraud and crypto-exchanges disappearing and leaving the suck....errr...customers with nothing.
  2. I would assume they just transferred it to a govt-owned account, so it would have no effect on anyone but the crooks who lost it.
  3. First on CNN: US recovers millions in cryptocurrency paid to Colonial Pipeline ransomware hackers Sounds good. Now I'm really curious how they pulled it off.
  4. Rep. Mo Brooks served with lawsuit related to his role in Capitol insurrection Swalwell's legal team had had difficulty serving Brooks and hired a private investigator to give him the papers, according to court filings. Swalwell's attorney, Matthew Kaiser, told CNN Sunday that a private investigator had left the papers with Brooks' wife at their home in Alabama.
  5. You know the rules: The GOP is all about preserving life, right up to the moment of birth; After that it's every man for himself.
  6. I'm not ruling out the Russian education system in this case.
  7. ryoder


    Who knew that having a gaslighting fool in power during a pandemic could result in a bad outcome? South America Is the Only Continent Where COVID Is Still Getting Worse Thanks to Bolsonaro Shitshow
  8. ryoder


    Even a Wikipedia page on it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/One-drop_rule
  9. Oh, good gawd; Leave it to the clueless in corporate management to make it so easy for hackers, that they don't even need to earn the title "hackers": Hackers Breached Colonial Pipeline Using Compromised Password
  10. Not a legal action, but a financial action: JPMorgan freezes donations to Republicans who contested 2020 election
  11. Just the Russian word for "Russian" with the "bot" suffix added. I took a couple semesters of Russian in college.
  12. Maybe he sneaked into Mar-a-Lago and retrieved his balls when Trump wasn't looking.
  13. Meh. Another day, another fool/troll/русский-bot to add to the Ignore List.
  14. This seems like a reasonable way to show the neighbors that Trump supporters aren't as unreasonable as they believe. "Trump Man" Busted For Serial Pooping Spree
  15. According to the article you linked, the reimbursed donations happened at a company previously run by DeJoy. I don't see any mention of it happening at USPS.
  16. Arizonans get COVID-19 vaccines in exchange for free marijuana joints and edibles Poor headline; It is not an "exchange"; They are getting the vaccine, and the joints/edibles.
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    That just reminded me of this exchange:
  18. That is just one step short of an idea I read about a couple years ago, that I firmly support: All PD's in each state should be pulled into the state PD. As well as uniform policies and procedures, there would be economic advantages of economies of scale in procuring equipment and supplies.
  19. LOL! "Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!" Has anyone told Jakee we have a new one for him to fight with?
  20. Trump blog page shuts down for good
  21. Trump to Be Reinstated in August as President of Trump University
  22. Risk of dying from COVID-19: 1 in 50 CDC COVID Data Tracker Risk of side effects from COVID-19 vaccine: 1 in 6,800,000