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  1. In 2012, WY enacted an amendment to state constitution iin effort to thwart ACA, containing the text: "Each competent adult shall have the right to make his or her own health care decisions." And now a judge has blocked the new abortion ban, based on the principle that amendment means what it says: Vox: Thanks, Obama! The hilarious reason why a judge just blocked Wyoming’s abortion ban.
  2. Agreed. The appropriate way for McConnell to leave the Senate would be a vote of expulsion by his peers, (Article 1 - Section 5), for refusing to do his constitutionally-mandated job.
  3. And...Fox just dropped its retaliatory suit against her: Law & Crime: Fox News drops lawsuit seeking to gag Tucker Carlson producer suing them for discrimination
  4. ryoder


    Another Putin critic meets with an accident. Remarkably, no mention of windows, door-knobs, or tea, in the story: Newsweek: Russian Pop Star Who Criticized Putin Found Dead After Drowning
  5. Currently 1930 EDT in NY, and no indictment. As I suspected, just another broken Trump promise. :-(
  6. More lawsuits against Fox, this time by one of their own producers, accusing them of trying to make her a fall guy: NYT: Fox Producer Says She Was Set Up in Dominion Case A Fox News producer who has worked with the hosts Maria Bartiromo and Tucker Carlson filed lawsuits against the company in New York and Delaware on Monday, accusing Fox lawyers of coercing her into giving misleading testimony in the continuing legal battle around the network’s coverage of unfounded claims about election fraud. The producer, Abby Grossberg, said Fox lawyers had tried to position her and Ms. Bartiromo to take the blame for Fox’s repeated airing of conspiracy theories about Dominion Voting Systems and its supposed role in manipulating the results of the 2020 presidential election.
  7. You insensitive clod! Have you ever considered that rabbit hole might be his safe space?
  8. From Andy Borowitz today: 1. "Porn Star Accomplishes What Two impeachments Could Not" 2. "Trump's Lawyers Request That Perp Walk Not Involve a Ramp"
  9. Until we see this confirmed by someone other than Trump, I will assume this is just another grift to get more contributions to "fight the witch hunt".
  10. Then you didn't watch it until until the end. See the last 5 seconds.
  11. Remember the old joke about the not-so-bright pilot on final: "Damn that runway is short! But look how wide it is!!!" I was at one of Mike Mullins Helio Stallion boogies ($99 for all the jumps you can make). Winds were howling well above any reasonable jumping weather. But he was dumb enough to keep flying loads, and we were dumb enough to keep jumping. He stopped landing aligned with the runway, and started landing across it. I remember one particular landing where his roll out was about 3-6 feet.
  12. So Russia would like us to believe that propellor got bent all by its self.
  13. A useful feature would be that each time a post is made, the poster cannot make another post until after someone else posts in the same forum. That would make the image in Post #1 impossible to duplicate.
  14. What possible reason is there for allowing trolls to return when you know beyond a shadow of a doubt, exactly what they will do when they return???
  15. I was considering a compound bow with broadheads.
  16. And on this day we should remember the contributions of Edward J. Goodwin: Wikipedia: Indiana Pi Bill
  17. If it is troll season, then what is the bag limit?
  18. For the poorly educated here: Types of democracy
  19. HSBC to acquire UK branch of SVB for £1 (~$1.20 USD). https://www.londonstockexchange.com/news-article/HSBA/hsbc-acquires-silicon-valley-bank-uk/15871682
  20. Heather Cox Richardson has a good explanation of why the SVB failed: https://heathercoxrichardson.substack.com/p/march-12-2023 So, rather than balancing deposits with loans that fluctuate with interest rates and thus keep a bank on an even keel, SVB’s directors took a gamble that the Federal Reserve would not raise interest rates. They invested in long-term Treasury bonds that paid better interest rates than short-term securities. But when, in fact, interest rates went up, the value of those long-term bonds sank.
  21. But I don't think he would fit in there, now that we have just learned even the Fox talking heads aren't dumb enough to believe their own bullshit.
  22. Republican legislator arrested after he’s caught on video swearing at snowplow truck driver clearing road Jeffrey Greeson, of Wentworth, 51, was arrested Friday and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal threatening and simple assault, the New Hampshire State Police said in a statement. Greeson was released on personal recognizance and ordered back to the Plymouth District Court on May 18.
  23. Tennessee Lt. Gov. Randy McNally (R). This is the site that broke the story, but major sites are also carrying it: Anti-LGBTQ Tennessee Lt. Gov. McNally Comments On Racy Instagram Pics of Young Gay Male And he appeared on SNL last night to defend himself. ;-)
  24. ryoder


    Some news has come out that may explain why Russia claims to have destroyed more HIMARS systems than the US actually sent: AP: Inflatable tanks, missiles: Czech firm makes decoy armaments