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    Well I do have an advanced degree, but it's why it's good I cite reputable sources and show my working in maths right? Hey that's a bit extreme, I *have* graduated university, those lefty brainwashing factories right? And I restrict myself to mostly these topics. I don't really understand the long and complex history about Israel and what's happening there now. But tech and climate change I do understand, and it's going to affect me for quite a long time so I speak up when there's blatant misinformation going around.
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    And what would be so wrong with that???? Some would consider it an oilfield utility vehicle.
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    You know, it's becoming more plausible that you do drive a Mini-Cooper and live in your parents basement.
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    Some Trump supporters are dumb. Some are just evil assholes.
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    No wonder trump has so much fertile territory.
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    When you consider how dumb the average American is, half of them are dumber than that.
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    Looking down the stairs at a football game, a fan spots an open seat on the 50-yard line. He asks the man sitting next to it if the seat is taken. "No," he replies. "I used to take my wife to all the games, 30+ years of seasons tickets, but she passed away, so her seat is now empty." "Why don’t you invite a friend?" "I can’t. They’re all at the funeral."
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    *Whoop-de-doodle*, so has Brent. When will you start showing him some due? He's also spent 20 years in Special Forces, gave out toasters at a bank, has a black friend, is raising two kids (God help us all), taught youngun's how to skydive and live, and wrote the best seller Art of the Troll. Like it or not, (no, Lippy, it's not a poll) he does deserve some respect.
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    What about ActiveLook eyewear platform? It looks like they already did everything necessary. For example Engo 2 glasses are available and have connectivity to Garmin wearables/Android/iOs devices. Also ActiveLook provides open API to build specific applications, but for me it looks like we even don't need app development - just connect them to Garmin watches and setup what you want to see on the display (needs confirmation from those who have these glasses)
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    According to their VK page, Pro-flyers rate is 18 000 RUB (that's around 195 USD) https://vk.com/market-186941659?screen=group&w=product-186941659_7196687%2Fquery The tunnel is 5 meters in diameter If you think about paying them a visit I'd be really really careful - not only this is Russia, but Gudermes is only 40 km from Grozny - the capital of Chechen republic. A republic where even Russian authorities have little to none authority. Random Americans sometimes become pretty good hostages for future prisoner swaps. Just saying. If you just want to get the more information they left this phone number for enquirers: +7 995 811 55 77 though IDK if they speak English
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    You haven't been skydiving for very long have you? Stainless steel hardware is actually an option that most people choose over the standard cadmium plating. Used in many aerospace applications as well.
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