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  1. @the.Legend sorry for the late reply, I have Engo 2 Large with tinted lens and a clear visor on my helmet. They are visible pretty good in a bright daylight (and also brightness is adjustable)
  2. So I found a good Black Friday deal and decided to order Engo 2 glasses. They arrived pretty fast and I did short tests with them. I can say that they fit my Kiss helmet nearly perfectly. Also I've connected the glasses not only with phone, but also with Garmin Fenix 7 watches and they work good (it is somewhat non-user-friendly to setup data fields for garmin watches, but absolutely doable). So glasses can show up to 6 data fields on a single page/screen, which I find good enough for WS flying. It is also possible to add more pages/screens, but switching from one screen to another needs hand gestures in front of the glasses, so it is definitely not usable for WS. If you have any questions about the glasses, I can check and give you more details about it.
  3. What about ActiveLook eyewear platform? It looks like they already did everything necessary. For example Engo 2 glasses are available and have connectivity to Garmin wearables/Android/iOs devices. Also ActiveLook provides open API to build specific applications, but for me it looks like we even don't need app development - just connect them to Garmin watches and setup what you want to see on the display (needs confirmation from those who have these glasses)