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    So as long as there are minority miscreants, then "good people like you" don't have to do anything, is that it? Bullshit. If we're seeing an increase in hate crimes, then maybe we should look at that, and not focus first on whether every.single.potential.victim is as pure as the driven snow. And, again, saying that boat people dying makes up for it is also bullshit. It's like saying that gun fatalities are more justifiable than car fatalities, because guns are a right, and cars are a privilege. It's complete and utter bullshit. Wendy P.
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    We are. The CHIPS act incentivizes US foundries, and we are no longer exporting small-geometry lithography tech to China.
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    I smoked my last bowl over 45 years ago. I think it took maybe a week before I realized how impossibly boring hard stoners can be. It's not complete and utter bullshit, it's complete and utter brain fog.
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    Exactly. No one is going to put a seal on it as airworthy and usable. But he could unpack it, photograph it, and confirm that it is what it is suspected to be. And he could repack it so that returns to a displayable condition. True, but it's still a tangible curiosity. As I once said to Blevins, if his plane was on fire and losing a wing, I bet he'd be willing to change his mind. Ha!
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    Then you didn't watch it until until the end. See the last 5 seconds.
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    Several years ago doing my biennial flight review, the instructor asked for a short field landing. There was a lot of wind blowing straight down the runway. I was flying a 1959 Cessna 172. I dragged it in with power and touched down on the edge of the pavement and stood on the brakes and stopped before the numbers less than 100 feet. I asked the instructor if that was short enough and he just laughed.
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    Remember the old joke about the not-so-bright pilot on final: "Damn that runway is short! But look how wide it is!!!" I was at one of Mike Mullins Helio Stallion boogies ($99 for all the jumps you can make). Winds were howling well above any reasonable jumping weather. But he was dumb enough to keep flying loads, and we were dumb enough to keep jumping. He stopped landing aligned with the runway, and started landing across it. I remember one particular landing where his roll out was about 3-6 feet.
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    But it's understandable, right? After all, their parents were taught that hiding under a school desk was useful during a nuclear attack. To your larger point, the problem is the illusion that these things are manageable as a matter of societal policy that promotes more personal protection over mitigating the risk. We do not need bullet proof school back packs or school bus windows, we need bullet proof policies that promote an ethos that guns are the problem. We do not need to vilify guns; we need to not glorify guns. Perhaps, following the lead of cigarettes advertising, the box should have pictures of shooting victims not smiling hunters. True or not, we've allowed ourselves to be trained that cars aren't the problem, speeding in school zones is the problem. As far as I know there is no mention of either in the Constitution but we've worked that out reasonably. We can do the same with guns if the never give an inch crowd could just see giving an inch before it's their kid.
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    That's funny, the ONLY people I hear using 'woke' these days are the alt-right idiots, using it as a pejorative. And no, I don't take them at all seriously.
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    There is no reason to get pissed off, generally, the sane understand the problem: the glorification of guns in America. Guy's like Brent with his silly non-points, like posting a picture of AR-15's and Ammo and observing that they don't auto load and kill kids, are the problem. The Second Amendment isn't the problem, either. Again, it's where we are at culturally. The First Amendment is not perfectly worded either but no one is claiming that screaming fire in a theater is protected speech. No. Our American gun problem is caused by our media, mostly, which preys on some people's selfishness and ignorance. If you believe the world is inherently dangerous then you likely think being armed is critical to survival. If you think the world is mostly a decent place to live if you just avoid some dangerous spots then you probably think it's dumb to carry a gun. In either case, you ought to scrutinize why you think the world is as you believe it is when so many others see it differently. And then honestly test your view.
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    I’ve been a fan of The Sheepdogs since 2013: I liked their sound and the fact that they were a bunch of Saskatchewan farm boys. Since their early days, they’ve refined their sound a lot and I can’t overstate how much I dig these guys. They’ve made a lot of great albums and some awesome videos over the years and ‘Keep On Loving You’ isn’t the most representative of their music in general, but the video is one of my favorites. I actually had it in my head to ask the band if I ever had a chance to talk to them, was this a video they made around a song, or was the song written around the idea for the video. I ran into Shamus at a concert of theirs a few months ago and just ended up fan-boying out on him and forgot to ask.
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    Awwww, look at Mr. Tough Guy hiding behind an anonymous account and trash-talking. I was wondering the other day why I don't run into more assholes in the sport; I guess I found one. (And yeah, if it's troll shit posting, it's still assholish...) Shame you're not brave enough to announce who you are though. Since that's the case, we can pretty easily ignore you. Have fun running around trying to upset people.
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