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    Part 75 is here... https://vault.fbi.gov/D-B-Cooper /d.b.-cooper-part-75/view
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    You appear to believe Keir Starmer is going to become the President of America. I can assure you this is not the case.
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    I think that's pretty unlikely. Boris got close by catching Covid while there wasn't any vaccine yet, but historically it's not really a common occurrence. He's also a lot younger than Biden...
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    As a committed Tory voter I have to say, though through gritted teeth, that we DO need a change of Government. Much as I dislike Starmer and his deputy, I doubt that they could sell us down the river much further than we already are. The only problem could be -Starmer checks out unexpectedly while serving PM and we are left with the deputy in charge.....check out an interview she did with Andrew Neil - she makes Truss look like a seasoned interviewee pro.
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    After reading all the responses to my original question and reading all 484 posts in the thread above, my understanding of why the minimums were raised is that it was in response to nine fatalities over the previous ten years involving AAD activations and insufficient time for reserve deployment or two out situations. 1. It was known back in 2013 that PD had a TSO waiver for their Optimum reserves as in some cases they took more than the required time to deploy. 2. Iterative changes to reserve containers operating under TSOs that may no longer pass TSO requirements may have contributed to the reserve time to deployment. 3. AAD altitude sensors have varying accuracy due to pressure variance depending on jumper orientation. USPA BOD recognized their inability to force manufacturers to fix the problem while giving the equipment more time to deploy the reserve would have potentially solved the problem in the nine cases and in future cases. It was the simplest and quickest way to save lives. If anyone has any other take or if I’m misunderstanding, please chime in.
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    In all fairness, that is also true of many skydivers.
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    Oh, I think they know. But I think a lot of them just don't seem to care about the risk that their behavior may pose to other people.
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    And it didn't take long for the "why would I pay for other people" crowd to start screaming "we need money, send us money...help...help"
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    Bob Wright, with 15,734 jumps, may be known to some of you out there from having been on a bunch of the World Record RW formations, through to the Thailand 400 way. (Listed formally as Robert Wright in the record.) He was also a pioneer in Canadian skydiving instruction, being one of the first here to start students on ram-air parachutes (in 1982), and one of the first to do PFF instruction (like the US AFF). I'm sorry I don't know the precise details! He ran a small DZ for 40 years, specializing in PFF, with no tandems at all, and I think was always on as many of the PFF instructional jumps he could. That continued right through this year, at age 73, before his unexpected passing. Bob was my own first jump instructor back in '88. From his obit online:
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    I’m with Chuck. Also, what will most likely happen is a bunch of people will go out and get BASE gear just so they can dump low. Low pulls, and low pull contests, were one of the things that minimum opening altitudes were designed to stop. Jumpers haven’t gotten smarter; those guys are still out there. Let’s not lower the bar Wendy P.
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