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    A quick project for tracking basic data during flight. This is a garage project I made out of own curiosity. Not tested in flight yet, if you decide to do it you're doing it at your own risk. There are advanced solutions on the market like Dekunu One or Aon X2 and if you can afford them I encourage you to use professionally made equipment. You'd need: * Car GPS speedometer (I used this one because its shape and size are already almost snag-free: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000265066382.html * Powerbank (with least capacity and smallest size possible - in the prototype this one was used: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32945597181.html ) * 850 mAh battery (ideally 2000 mAh, but unlikely they'll fit inside the case) * Small switch Assembly is pretty straightforward: unsolder USB ports on both GPS and powerbank, solder switch and battery. Additionally I flipped the capacitor (it's under white tape on the first photo) - put it on the opposite site of the board to give some room for powerbank's charger. The device is mounted on a rig using velcro strap with a loop. So far I tested it on the ground on a bike and the speed is pretty accurate - +/- 1 km/h to what smartphone GPS shows Even with 850 mAh battery the device help up for around 8-10 hours (screen constantly on) which is quite impressed actually. Talking about the battery - attentive reader might notice that it got swollen - probably because powerbank's changer is for 2000 mAh, while battery is 850 mAh. That's a critical flaw because swollen battery has high risk of explosion as pressure changes during climb to the altitude. If I ever decide to use it for actual tests, the batteries will be replaced with non-chargeable lithium batteries just like in audibles (powerbank's module would still nicely convert that into a constant 5V supply). Meanwhile I'm doing some more research to find safe chargeable batteries. Now, what this thing can do: * Display current ground speed (both metric and those other, inferior units). Speed alarm can be set at as high as 200 km/h, so I'd assume device can measure at lease that much * Display one of 8 directions ( N/NE/E/SE and so on) - yeah, it's pretty basic, but better than nothing * Display distance covered, accuracy 100m * Display few other stats, but those are useless for WS flying * Oh, yeah, you can change colors Again, this is a garage project. I'm only sharing the fruits of my curiosity and taking no responsibility for what you might do with it.
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    Idiotic reasoning like this is why flat earthers are becoming more prevalent. Why anti-vaxxers are gaining traction. Just because somebody puts something somewhere doesn't mean it is worthy of discussion.
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    tunnel went very well. the coach said my heading and turns were very good and only recommendation was to be more aggressive in my moves since I tend to be slow and cautious. side slide needs a bit of work still. We played a game of tag at his suggestion. Turns out I was almost perfect doing that because I was relaxed and just flying and not overthinking everything. I was either having a bad day or the sensory and task overload got me. I am ready to go try again this weekend.
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    Herd mentality, of course, being a spot on description of Trumps base.
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    I think you are once again confusing science and medicine. Scientists have bias. All scientists want to discover things, and that can affect the outcome of their work. They, unlike laypeople, have a lot of training in how to overcome this - isolation from outside effects, accurate data collection, design-of-experiment and independent verification of results are among the many tools they have. They have this training because most of their work involves uncertainty. Doctors - and especially patients in trials - have bias. All doctors want to cure their patients, and all patients want to be cured. They do NOT have training in how to overcome this, since most doctors are not researchers; they are practitioners. Thus double blind studies are needed to help remove that bias. You didn't understand what Kallend said, and you didn't understand what Olof said if you think they are disagreeing.
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    No one "agrees" with it in the sense that that's not the laws purpose. It in actuality brings penalties for same-sex encounters into the same scope as they have been for straight ones - specifically whether the SO registration for life is mandatory or at discretion of the judge. In practical terms and as an example, say you have a 16 year old and an 18 year old dating, and they get busy (by choice). Under the previous laws, if they were straight it might be a smack on the wrist at most. If they were gay, the 18yo is now branded a sex offender for the rest of their life. The amended law addresses that imbalance. The judge can still apply the SO registration if the facts of the case warrant it, nothing has changed there. Ultimately, this has been the usual outrage bait that makes for wonderfully incendiary headlines but doesn't hold up when you look at the actual details.
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    Some interesting, if not fishy information here. That gear is from an estate sale? Well, that gear looks familiar to me, and the person I think it may belong to, as far as I know, is not dead. That gear may be stolen. (The name on the log book is not familiar to me.) Also, a 'first jump' in '02 is not consistent with licenses issued in '59-'61. Might be time for a couple phone calls...
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    Astra AAD is obselete - FXC wont or dont have any batteries to replace and on emailing them told me it was expired. So no value on that one.
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    In order: I think the pocket is part of the little flap that the data label is on. Not really. Many riggers will refuse to work on gear that is more than 20 years old. Some European countries have that as a rule, but not in the US. Life limits are a subject of lengthy debate on here. The guys who are long-time, well respected riggers can't even agree. Some say there's no real life limit, but many riggers still won't touch older stuff for a variety of reasons - liability, knowledge of the gear, ability to find all the documentation, and on and on. I doubt any jumpers would want to use those helmets. If you can find someone in another 'action sport' who wants them, great. Keep in mind that jump helmets are not impact rated. The procedure would be the same as for any other rig. The lack of packing data card is 'not good', but it doesn't make them unsellable. Have a rigger inspect it. If you are in the San Francisco area, I think the closest DZ is SkyDance. You could ship them, but it costs. You'd be better off taking a trip out there and visiting in person. Give a call to make sure there will be a rigger there when you show up. An "inspection & repack" (I&R) is usually between $75 - $100. To have a rigger open both main & reserve up and take a quick look shouldn't cost too much. A detailed 'pre sale' inspection would cost more, but I don't think you are looking for that now, you just want to see what's in there and look for any obvious issues. An experienced jumper could take a look, but they may or may not know what they are looking at. You may be able to find someone closer who would let you bring the gear to them. Yes. Obsolete and 24 years old. I can't remember if the Astra has a life limit, but every modern one does and they're all shorter than that. A quick look on the FXC site doesn't show it under 'legacy products' that they still maintain. It's just a sight. It shows the jumper where the center of the frame is. Yes. It's an audible (and apparently has a flashing light) to let you know when you reach a pre-set altitude (break off, pull, ect). The newest review is from a decade ago. I've never seen one in use. There are much better modern units. Bev & Tony are both still around. However, I'd think it unlikely that they would be able to tell you the measurements of the buyer(s). I've never seen a serial number on a suit. They might be able to tell you what areas to measure to get an idea of what size they are (inseam is the one that comes to mind). You'd just have to let people try them on to see if it fit. You could put them on some 'representative' people to get an idea of how short/tall, fat/skinny they fit.
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    Found this really interesting mini project on YT where each canopy line tension is measured during flight while performing different type of maneuvers. Wonder if this has already be done for skydiving canopies by some manufacturers? If not, you think it could be beneficial?
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    I feel like the righties we engage with here recognize his inability to care for others in any meaningful way. But they're not appalled by it, as we are, because they actually believe that self centeredness is the essential natural order. For them, our attention to it is simply confusing.
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    As someone who not only justified but applauded a right winger for shooting and murdering several innocent people recently you should reconsider the wisdom of getting on a high horse right now.
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