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    Again, I do not want the executive branch involved in this, they need to run the country. The New York DA's office can deal with Trump and they are equally capable of tapping federal resources where needed.. We will very quickly put our country into a cycle of one administration investigating the last if Biden and his office and cabinet have anything to do with Trump. They absolutely do NOT need to be involved and therefore shouldn't. They DO need to lead the country and should.
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    Like what. If it's related to Trump then I'd prefer that our Executive Branch spend their time on better things. Trump wasted enough of our national capital on pissing matches and there are plenty of others to pursue valid legal issues.
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    I realize I'm 5 pages back (Been on Vacation) but this is worth replying to. The entire point is that cops should be able to do their work WITHOUT killing people who pose no threat to them.
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    Where I grew up, "going to shake hands with the wife's best friend" meant going to take a leak.
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    A velocity is squarer than a sabre2. There's more to this than just how oval the parachute is.
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    Yeah, I'm waiting for unemployment checks back from May. You can't get through on the phone lines, literally you're on hold from 9am to 5pm - I've tried it, and the email service says 'We'll get back to your question in 4 - 6 weeks'...
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    The Washington Sentinels. It was already used in "The Replacements."
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    Eric is making it up from this report...
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    Stop accepting this garbage.. these aren't all facts. A mix of conjecture and guessing. This isn't a valid argument. it is a bumper sticker. Ulis writes.. Facts:1) We know where the money was found.2) We know where the placard was found.3) We know where the fiberglass skirt was found.4) We know the altitude of the jet.5) We know the direction of the wind at various altitudes.6) We know the speed of the wind at various altitudes.7) We know that nothing has ever been found in the FBI search area after nearly 50 years. 1 yes 2 We don't know if the Placard was from Norjak. It was never confirmed. The FBI walked it back. 3 We don't know what part was found or where it came from,, 4 yes 5 We don't know the wind direction at the Placard location. Toledo closest, wind was from the S. FBI estimated the wind based on Portland and Salem.. far away. 6 We don't know the wind speed at the Placard location. 7 We don't know that nothing was found.. nothing has been reported confirmed.
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    Yo’s Yesterday I was asked to video a six way Hybrid. 3 way base with 3 hangers. I had the idea of having a hanger on me as the formation went into its hanging andddd it worked. I’ll post my video after I edit it. Unfortunately we did not get outside outside video so the only proof we have is our memories. But I was curious if this was the first time anyone thought to do this. I have never heard of it happening before. Some great fliers were with us so I believe we could duplicate it. Just sayin... Yo LT
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    Why do American Christians spout this crap? How hard is it to understand that separation of state and church is not even remotely suppression of church and belief? What you are really espousing is for Christianity to have a favoured place in American society. You are not even the least bit concerned about any other religions. You are not in favour of "religious freedom", you are interested in Christian dominance. And that is why the push back you get here is so vigorous. We can all see through the bullshit.
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    This is the original DB Cooper thread that was locked..
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    Oh come on. I’m not bothered to trawl through 100’s of posts. You’ve not done newbie here. Jesus we all know that Normiss is a left wing lunatic, Billvon is a tree hugger and I’m a religious hating bigot.
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    The "C" in CR+ stands for Colugo! See where I'm going with this? And YES I fly a RACE suit!
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    Thanks for the info guys. Will play it safe and get a size up.
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    No need to change the name...just the symbol.
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