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  1. Going on the Award this weekend. thanks to Chris and Ann for their help. yo Tom Startz Skydive Plate 2019 v2.pdf
  2. I like this thread up!!! tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  3. I give you, Yo Scotty Carbone Us with the French Twenty way complete!!! tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  4. Thank You John, We named the team in Honor of our friend Scotty and absolutely lived up to the reputation. We will be including the names of the French team that we sat on the plane with all day and completed a twenty way on our last jump with. Which is what we were told won us the award. An Epic story should you run into any team member. Ten Way Ow!!! Love You Scotty😘 Yo tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  5. https://www.reddit.com/r/EARONS/comments/6ak7w9/researching_the_afc_missile_decal/ I just can’t remember how to do a clicky.. tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  6. Ahhhh Regan!!! Great job! Wish I was there to untie your shoe...😛😘 tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  7. Do the pocket. It works. I didn't like it either but fer sure Dint like the slammers... tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  8. What a great thread. Miss you Pat!!! And ALL, Scotty... Took me this long to get it. tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  9. Toe! Plain and simple. As in dipping one in the pond as you glide over it. At 57 years old it don't get much better than that!!!! Whether anyone is watching or not!!!! LT tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  10. Doesn't count one of the nine is not wearing a go-pro. Sorry, nice shot though... ;-) tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  11. It probably wouldn't do any good. After my discussion at Nationals it is what we thought, good ole boy politics. Good people are going to leave and we will be left with what we have... I hope Abbie runs next year or some other new blood or we will never see a change...WTF Rich and Sherri... lt tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  12. Hey, The website does not have any owners or staff listed. I find that strange as most skydive sites do. Who owns this place and who works there??? I am not coming to the boogie just curious... lt tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  13. My four way team is having Kirk in as a coach next week. I am sure my team will love me for asking but I will ask and report back on what I am able to learn from a conversation I will have had with a bod, little spelling on purpose, member... Anyone want to pm me good questions I will certainly ask... I understand about meetings being over and all that but... Maybe I won't get anything new or exciting but I will do my part and try, Yoda forgive me, to find out what I can or need to know. lt tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)
  14. Can you tell us who, of our representatives, are the ones acting in such a distasteful manner. Maybe, if people knew, maybe, just maybe, we could get mad and take some action like voting for someone different next time around or some other participation...I couldn't make it to the meeting, but appreciate that you did, and that you may be able to give the rest of us some better insight into exactly who feels what and who shows any disrespect for the members... Thanks, Tom tom #90 #54 #08 and now #5 with a Bronze :-)